Nausea & pain all the time! please help

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for the past two years I've been struggling with chronic nausea. im young and not sexually active, so no im not pregnant. when it first started happening, it lasted for abour 5 months and i felt nauseous all day every day, along with feeling as if i drank gallons of water. i lost a ton of weight and could barely force myself to eat. during that summer, i was starting a new school and about a week after school started my tummy issues disappeared. that year i was tested for lactose & gluten allergies which both came up negative. then, my mom wasnt too concerned, just thought it was constipation or something. last year i was mostly ok, i had a few times where my stomach hurt for a couple days but it could've just been something i ate. recently though, it has gotten much worse and debilitating. i went to the normal family doctor and was told to stop eating gluten because that's what she said it was. I stopped eating gluten and three weeks later, i still didn't feel any better, if not worse. my mom took me to the ER. i got an ultrasound, blood test, urine samples, xrays, etc and was told to see my gastroenterologist in a few weeks. they prescribed zofran for the nausea but that barely works. i was in so much pain and couldnt wait any longer so we fought to get an earlier appointment and recently i just had upper and lower endoscopies. the biopsies havent come back yet but im very scared they wont find the problem. its been leaving me more depressed than ever! i cant go to school, i force myself to eat, i cant leave the house bc car rides seem to make my belly worse. also, i have a huge fear of throwing up, i havent yet at all but my anxiety gets the best of me and i always freak myself out. if anybody has any advice please respond. thank you

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    I honestly have the same.issue! I really don't know what the get it sorted.soon, once you know please let. me. know, message me. privately if you wish about.thissad


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    Have you had any stool test ? For things like H pylori and other bugs ? Perhaps a endo scope would benefit you ? Gastritis and such thing would be found these sort of thing are horrid to have at a young age you should able to have fun and enjoy because once you age they will come wether you want them to or not. Have you tried keeping a food diary other rrhh to consider could be allergic to other products like hair care and such 

    good luckm

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      the GI specialist said results would show for any bacteria like that from my colonoscopy. I'm hoping they will find out whats wrong since the pain is too much. and yes, we've tried being clear of hair care, makeup, and things like that would make me sicker. no luck. thank you
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    Please let us know about your results. I am in my 50's and don't like feeling nauseous.I have been in the same boat as you for the past year.

    I've learned to live with it but I have so many limitations when I go out. I can't work cause I am unpredictable on my days. I also started coughing on and off. I saw an allergist was told I have post nasal drip? I am not convinced... I see an ENT dr and my GI dr this week. I am going to ask for a colonoscopy and a endoscopy to be done same time. Did you have yours same day how was it a little nervous.Your GI has no idea did he see anything odd. Yes being younger is really hard... try to hang in there. Keep us updated smile

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      Im so sorry you have these problems too! i have never had symptoms of coughing and nasal problems, i hope they figure out whats wrong! yes i had the endoscopy and colonoscopy at the same time. i dont even remember getting the procedures done. I started seeing a special nutritionist yesterday, and wow i must say my parents were surprised with the results

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    Hi, I am also so sorry you're going through this, at such a young age. I am having very similar problems. The nausea is really doing a number on me. It usually starts in the morning , and by mid day it seems to get better. I also have a weird pain a few inches from my naval. Had a ultrasound, cat scan, endoscopy, having the colonoscopy done next week. Everything is coming back ok, and any abnormalities that are showing, the doctors are telling me it has nothing to do with my symptoms. Since this started back in June, I have developed night sweats, loss of appetite,slight discomforted on the right side of my abdomen and weight loss. I feel as if no one, not even the doctors believe me, since nothing major is showing up. It's coming to the point that I am feeling maybe its my nerves, but once it starts up, I know  its not from nerves, please, if you get any answers, please post. I am a middle age woman. I truly can't believe how many people have the same exact symptoms, with NO diagnose to what it can be, this is very frustrating!!  I hope you start to feel better soon.
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      hi, it's very unfortune that so mang people have these problems. I'm super frustrated with the doctors. if i could be any help, look at my other discussion i started it might be of help to you. its special nutritional muscle testing. when I started, i felt better for a few days but it got worse again as of yesterday. even tho my symptoms are horrible, the doctor has found out whats wrong with me and is helping me in any way faster than any gastro could!!!

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