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Hi, i'm new to this but i was just wondering if anyone else has been getting the following symptoms in regards to a C5 Cervical Prolapse, for over a year and a half now ive been getting on going symptoms from where i woke up one morning and couldnt move my neck properly for 6 weeks, it was at first presented as torticollis by my GP. where then i had 6 weeks of physio and the pain however then settled, but i was left with stiffness, tightness and niggles over the course of the next year as with me experiencing  pressure in my face mostly the nose  and my eyelids would puff up more than usual in the morning, for this i was put on months of antibiotics and steroid nasal sprays as it came across as a sinus infection but the treatment was to no affect, i was then referred to have a ENT scope put into my nose to check for polyps etc but this was all clear, however the consultant noticed that  my neck was stiff when carrying out this procedure and decided to send me for a MRI to which came back to me having a Cervical Disc Prolapse at C5 root, i experience nerve tinglings up and down, on and off in the left side of my arm right down to the finger tips like a vibration, its like i have a dead arm on occasions, i also find weakness in both of my arms when washing my hair in the shower and anything really that puts pressure on using my arms, but nothing to the stage where i cant lift anything it just feels heavier iand i have to use more effort to maneuver things, i also have mild numbness to the left of my face not major also but slightly duller than the right side, i get tinnitus in my ears when walking and when my head is held in a certain position while sitting, my tongue will feel tired from chewing through a main meal and at times when i talk it feels like my muscles are tightening across my scull and this makes my eyes feels tired and sleepy even though i've had a good nights sleep, i have bouts of vertigo daily and feel very slight nausea sensations to this, electric shock pulses are felt in behind my left ear that comes and goes as with duller hearing in both ears at times,  also on some occasions i feel slightly light on my feet but it is in very short bursts not continuous throughout the day, it just feels like inside my head it doesn't feel right kind of groggy and as i'm sat here now typing my left side of my neck is sore, stiff and i'm getting a burning sensation behind my shoulder blades, i have had a consultation where as because of the slight numbness in my face and in my arm and the slight tongue sensations i have to go for a BRAIN MRI, which concerns me to be honest as there maybe damage further up into my scull, however i was reassured that the prolapse was minimal so the first protocol for treatment for me!! would be a nerve root epidural but i cannot receive this before my brain MRI, so its still ongoing , i was just wondering if anyone had any advice or has the same symptoms so my mind wont worry as much , thanks :-)

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    the worrying symptoms i have are numbness to the face, arm, and tongue which needs a further investigation to the final treatment the symptoms i have daily are......

    >pressure in the nose

    >puffy eyelids

    >dead arms more to the left side

    > pins and needles, tingling from the shoulder to the finger tips

    >sharp shooting pains behind my left ear


    >vertigo, with dizziness, and slight nausea

    >numbness on left side of the face slightly

    >tongue gets tired if chewing on food too much

    >nasal drip at the back of the throat

    >neck tightness, stiffness

    >blurry vision occasionally in the left eye, and eyes will bloodshot

    >upper body weakness

    >burning sensation between the shoulder blades


    >earaches and tinnitus

    >legs occasionally feel light when walking

    >mind lapses literally for a second, like brain fog

    >fumbling cant grip 100% with my hands

    >sensitive to light and smells


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      Hi Sharon, I'm 56 weeks on from when I first hurt my back.  Three discs at the bottom three at the top.  As far as your symptoms go, my top three discs are apparently making a nerve unhappy and this in turn causes many of the symptoms you describe.  I also have fibromyalgia which accounts for many of the others.  It's easier for me to lust what I don't have:

      Legs feel light

      the rest I get.  I've also had two MRI scans including my skull.  Think they found a small much under utilised brain but nothing else smile

      strangly, unless they are pointed out I don't think much about them until the fibro hits, then everything and I mean everything hurts.  I'm typing this with one finger as today is a hurt day.  

      The he other symptom I have is while talking my throat will close and I choak - apparently all part of it.

      hope this helps and you can read some of it as I'm also typing without my glasses due to a headache lol


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      hi minnie, 

       thanks for the reply :-) i get that odd symptom at times with my throat i never thought about it as a disc problem but it makes sense as its all connected in the neck area, so maybe thats why it affects my tongue , good job really as i can type this instead of me being a chatterbox and definately makes talking hurt less lol swallowing for me seems as if there

      is something blocking in my pipe,  theres alot of unwanted weird symptoms that present with a disc prolapse, 

      you have 3 prolapsed? well i was told mine was C5-6 and that is bad enough for me especially nerve wise and with the vertigo and not forgetting constant stiffness daily, but i also have better days and like you today is a pain day im quite restricted stiffness wise here, and i got some pressure in my face, nose with it :-( 

      what treatment are you currently on, or expected to have for your discs?

      as like you they are doing a brain mri but dont think they will find much there hahahaha , well hopefully not as i dont want more to go through

      i've currently been off work for 3 months as im finding it hard to coordinate and its flaring my neck up working around the vertigo isnt nice to work in a enviroment were you have to be accurate as im in a pharmacy and my head in always in a downward flexion so thats how i antipated my whole injury started off in the first place to be honest with my neck held in a downward positon for hours at a time throught the week

      im not that good of typer myself as my left arm keeps getting nerve sensations which is annoying but its want ive neen used to for so long now its normal to me, but yes!! headaches too are the worst it feels like a axe in the head when they start off and continue for hours, 

      i hope you get some pain relief with your symptoms and injury soon so fingers crossed for myself and you :-)

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      Hi Sharon

      im on gabapentin, zapain and omeprazol.....excuse th spelling.  On top of that I have hay fever tablets to help with the congested blocked up feeling and then muscle relaxing cream to rub in.  I also stay away from caffeine as that can make me feel soooo much worse.  One really bad thing is once you have learned to ignore the symptoms you forget that you can't feel the side of one foot so you crouch down but are t able to push back up so only pushing from one leg means you end up falling over lol.

      peppermint for headaches and stomach aches is fab too

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      Hi Minnie, 

       yes!! i have been told about Gabapentin, and Pregabalin but i also get stomach problems and am taking ranitadine but the consultant has recommended the nerve root epidural once the mri brain scan has been done and comes back ok, i dont have so much weakness in my legs just sometimes off balance but nothing major, its more upper body especially when washing my hair and carrying objects like a saucepan etc etc, 

      i dont drink caffeineated drinks anyhow as it dehydrates me and to be honest i dont drink enough lol 

      hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel soon as it really is draining on your mind and body, its is literally a right pain in the neck :-/

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