Neck tension, Neck pain and off balance

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Hi ladies, I would like as many ladies as possible to let me know if they are or have experienced neck pain, tension, stiffness and feel they could fall over when standing up, worse when standing still or bending down

I'm getting really frustrated with doctors, nurses and other women I know in peri/Meno saying these symptoms are unrelated to the menopause

I'd like to hear from anyone who's having a similar experience

Thanks xx

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    Hi Brenda

    I am suffering with neck and shoulder pain for the past 5 years!! Only 6 months ago I have seen some improvement instead everyday I get it during an after my period ...I had scans done they wanted me to go to a pain clinics, instead left it alone taking vitamins and watching my diet got better..

    How long are you suffering with this?

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      Hi Maria I've been like this for about two years. I used to get a sore neck in the past but nothing like this

      It started with light dizziness and the doctors are convinced that I have caused the problem to become chronic because of my anxiety. I was scared to move my neck fully because it made me dizzy so don't know if I've caused my own grief

      Also I've had a lot of very stressful situations over the past couple of years one being the death of my mum

      I felt for a while I was a bit better but things have became worse again. My balance is terrible, I'm ok while sitting with my neck cushion or while I'm in bed but when I'm vertical or bending down I could fall over

      It's a nightmare, too scared to go back to physio as they couldn't help me before as I was very anxious

      Thanks for replying and I hope you continue to feel better


      P.S had CT scan in 2015 which was normal

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      I think they were right about anxiety can be the cause. I do the same thing when I'm anxious and that's when starts to bothering me. Also I had sore throats that stopped now but I do have that drip in the back of my throat and I have to keep cough to clear it..and again this happens when I'm anxious! My husband knows by now he will ask me what I'm nervous about this timesmile

      It's all anxiety related. I walk everyday that helps me so much.

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    Hi brendababy

    I have neck and throat problems ... it's just a nightmare - i've actually grown an adam's apple!!!  I feel like im swallowing a golf ball on a daily basis, they have run test after test on hormones and tons of other stuff - all fine ... CT scan on neck - fine, throat scopes x 2 ... the list goes on ... fed up, will be 52 in Nov.  Waiting to see if i can see an NHS endo at my local hospital ... really hope so :-(  i get dizzyness when i turn my neck sometimes ... 

    I'm sure it's related to perimenopause and hormone chaos at this time; estrogen stimulates cartilage growth but the endo said that because my testosterone is fine it's not that ...  I feel like a medical deteceive googling stuff to try and get some answers myself cos no answers coming from anybody else .... two years this has been going on with one thing or another ...

    Sleep fine, no hot flushes, slight breathlessness and increased flatulence as well ... oh, and left rib bulge!  The joys!!!  Not!!! :-(


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      Oh Susan I agree it's a bloomin nightmare.

      Doctors have no answeres to these crazy symptoms. I'm 53, don't suffer from hit flushes sometimes get really cold, I'm slim and diet quite good so don't know what to do to help

      Hope you get some relief soon, take care xx

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      Along with neck tension, I seem to be choking a lot. I choke on food, on water, while talking... my throat just constricts and I can't even force words out. 

      I sure wish that over the last 2000 years, someone woulda thought to ivestigate women's health issues. 

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      Hi Amy

      Oh dear, I have a similar thing kind of ... throat tightness and my voice seems to get tired easily and isnt as strong as it used to be either ...  i seem to ... not so much choke but my throat feels like it's swollen on the inside, and as I said in previous post I have got this bony thyroid cartilage area at the front of my neck now ... it's been there since about aug 2015 - it just kinda crept up on me - still waiting for my endo appt - seeing doc next week to see if she can hurry it up as the waiting list is 3-4 months long here in Falkirk, Scotland.

      Are you under an endo or anything?  Are you in the UK?


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    Hi Brenda. I started with the dizzy spells a few years ago, probably start of peri but I didn't realise it. I couldn't lie back or bend over or my head would spin. It would wake me in the night if I turned over. I discovered I was low on iron at the time and that may have had something to do with it.  I then got neck pain and shoulder discomfort maybe from tensing and holding my head in a funny postition to stop the dizziness. I had physio which helped a little but what helped most was a chiropractor which I had to pay for. I still go once a month as a preventative. I also go to a Pilates class, for older ladies, which helps with posture and reminds me to align my spine.

    I also use a cross body handbag, no shoulder bags as this makes me lift my shoulder and affects my neck.

    Hope you find some relief from this soon, it is very debilitating xx

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      Hi Maisie, thanks for responding to my post. Can I ask you what the chiropractor done to help you?

      I went for physio a couple of years ago when this started and I was too anxious to carry on with it, I was terrified it would make me more dizzy. I've developed a really bad health anxiety, terrified of everything xx

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      Hi Brenda, sorry for delay in reply. Busy weekend.

      I was sceptical of the chiropractor but went on my husbands insistance after he had success with treatment for a lower back disc/nerve problem.

      After the initial consultation where he discussed in detail all my problems he told me what he could do to help and how I could help myself with an exercise band and stretches. 

      He 'adjusts' the spine with gentle movements, (they don't like the word manipulate) and there are some popping sounds which sounds like a crack but I'm assured this is the spine aligning/adjusting.

      You are expected to lie flat but if you explained about the dizziness then I'm sure they would be sympathetic and treat you accordingly.

      I too didn't much like the physio and lost confidence in that treatment.

      It may be worth you having the initial consultation, then you can decide if you want to take it further. take care xx

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      Thanks Maisie my balance has been really bad since yesterday, think it's the hormones, haven't had a period for 7 months feel really shaky and dizzy. Been on tibolone for over a year but don't think it's helping much. I'll defo consider speaking to a specialist about my neck whenever I can

      Thanks for taking the time to get back to me

      Wish you all the best xx

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      Just seeing this ... Neck and shoulder pain. The nevk is the SCM muscles. Which is where the dizziness or off balance and even full vertigo come from. The SCM connects to middle ear. Supposedly have vestibular migraine.

      Sweet a functional doctor who gave compounded hormone..just got that and said to do blue zones diet as my crp was crazy high...

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