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Hello there,

I would like some advice please.

I had my urine checked before and there was blood in my urine,I took a course of antibiotics and had my urine checked again and all was fine.

My problem was if I drank anything I would need to urinate straight away and I would need to go every 5 mins after that,it feels like it goes in one end and won't stop untill every drop of fluid has come out the other end.I thought after the antibiotics this would have stopped but two months later this problem still exists.Also at the bottom of my chest/top of my abdominals I have started feeling pain which has now started to travel into the pit of my stomach.Also when I bend over I feel,what feels like a muscle that wants to pop out.What concerns me is if this is a tumor and/or an ulcer.I feel that this lump,stomach pain and my weak bladder are all connected and what I would like to know is what would be the best form of test to get to check out my internal organs,just so I can get piece of mind.

I know you can have an ultrasound but this could miss certain things so I was thinking some form of xray,what do you people think would give you a more accurate prognosis.

Thanks in advance

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    Hello, I've had problems with my bladder and kidneys for years so i might be able to offer some help. 

    First off don't worry too much, I've had problems that worry me but the worrying is almost always the worst bit. Second, don't jump to conclusions, I've had times when I could swear i've had tumours or something stuff inside, and it's turned out to be a part of my urinary tract that's inflamed. 

    If you go to the doctors they'll do a quick urine test, which will tell them if there's inflamation or infection, and if there are traces of blood. If they find nothing they would probably want to do further investigation, and that would usually be an ultrasound or a CT scan. The first is preferable as the CT for urinary issues requires a contrast and at my hospital at least the procedure isn't nice. 

    My best advice is to just see your GP as they'll be able to discuss with you your concerns and can best advise to help. But it is best to be persistant with them. 

    The likely plan of action would be...

    GP - Urine and blood test, if no diagnosis a referral to a urologist.

    Urologist - CT Scan and/or Ultrasound 

    That shows 95% of problems. Sadly i'm in the 5% and I'm in the unlucky "Try this drug see if it helps" stage. But follow the process, they'll sort you in the end. 

    Good luck smile

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      Thanks for the reply.

      I went and seen doctor yesterday and she just done the same tests as the last doctor and everything seems to be good,but I am not convinced,my blood and urine may be good but there are numerous small lumps on the wall of my abs,that just don't feel right to me.They feel like small lumps on my stomach muscles,They feel out of place.The doctor yesterday was pushing down hard on my stomach but the problem is on the wall of my stomach,could the lining on my stomach be damaged and this is the reason  why I can feel all those small lumps.I am going to make an appointment for an ultrasound but would that pick up small lumps on the wall of my stomach or does that just look deeper at your internal organs,which I want to get looked at also as I have weak bladder anyway so will do no harm to have my kidneys etc looked at.

      Thanks again.


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      I, too have had Bladder and Kidney problems  stemming from birth. I agree with your reply to 'ljubly'. The probable process of tests you suggest should help with a true medical diagnosis but, as you rightly say, you must be persistant.

      Depending on initial results, a Urologist will be able to request any furthe more detailed tests. Although not always pleasant (and  have undergone many degrees of tests and procedures) the fear is usually worse than the actual. As well as the Urologist, there are now specially trained Urology Nurses who have proved themselves to be of great worth, knowledge, understanding and sensitvity, making any 'procedure' as comfortable as possible.

      Good Luck


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    When you say you are going to 'book' an ultrasound, I was unaware that a patient could take this initiative. Should you indeed need to return to your GP for such a request, I think you should, at first, try to focus on the area giving most concern. To the best of my knowledge any ultrasound request usually focuses on one rather than several areas and needs to be clearly defined by your GP. Alternatively, depending on what your GP thinks/agrees, a CT Scan for more than one area at a time can be requested and, indeed, give more clear and detailed information. This, in turn, can often lead to a much quicker and more accurate 'diagnosis'. Minimsing suffering, trauma and stress to all parties concerned, should return to the fore. A 'CT Scan' may cost more initially but can lead to treatment/medication begnning sooner rather than later, inevitably also more 'cost-effectve'.   Depending on the area, contrast dye may or may not be used. I do agree wth alex regarding, jumping to conclusions and worrying unnecessarily. Push for the investigations but try not to fear the worst. I would also say (and stress) however, that you need to insist upon further investigations when your body is clearly 'telling you' that something is wrong. Even if you or your GP cannot 'pinpoint' the problem(s), further investigations/referrals may well be required - a 'stitch in time' is a hard lesson which I have learnt over many years of poor health. Treating many a condition/illness in its early stages is preferable to 'too little too late'. Believe me, not only would the patient suffer less, but the cost to the N.H.S. would be less. Afterall 'cost' (wrongly) has sadly become the big Issue regarding one's health and well-being. I will stop there. I hope you do find answers and solutions to your health problems/concerns. Remember also, that everyone is entitled to a 'second opinion' be it from a GP, Consultant and/or Physician. Good Luck.


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