need advice about my disorder and medication

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I have been diagnosed with GAD and due to such high anxiety levels many things have came with that... Depersonalization, de realisation, feeling detached, depression, panic, ocd a lot of things going on.

I am no longer on any medication, I was on citalopram for 3 months which didn't give me the benefits I was looking for it made my anxiety worse. Since coming off the tablets my disorder obviously has got stronger and the doctor suggested another to try 'venlafaxine'. I am so unsure whether to start them, I have started therapy with the NHS, relaxation classes, meditation classes, holistic therapy but it still seems like I need extra help. I just don't know, the worry of the tablets and that it can make me worse etc is killing me. I'm living inside my head at the moment and it's so scary the thought of going back on the tablets but I have a disorder and it's so hard to handle.

can anyone help discuss this with me? It's like my anxiety is winning by not even trying and allowing me to think about it so much that I refuse to try them. Just so scared

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    Hi Mitchell, 

    I too suffer Really bad with Depersonalization & De-Realization. Yesterday i started "Escitalopram" not sure what the difference is than what you had, but yeah Ive had it for almost 1 year now. 

    If you want to give me a private message I will discuss this crappy condition with you smile 

    My Derealization is the main symptom - I always feel dazed, confused, drunk, sleepy, like my eyes are shut even when they are fully open, Numb senses and emotions, and a general feeling of just "Spaced out". 

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      Hi Alex,

      it always concerns me that one persons negative experience  with a certain med, might affect the decision of another individual when it comes to the same meds. That they lose faith before their journey has even begun with prescription drugs

      Meds are prescribed by the GP after taking everything into consideration where his patient is concerned. He prescribes accordingly

      We are all individual human beings. We absorb/react to meds differently.



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    First thing to realise is - medication is NOT essential.  Theres a huge misunderstanding about the role of medication for anxiety in particular.  There are some conditions for which medication is needed, and for those people a discussion will usually take place with a dr and this will be made clear.  This is a minority of sufferers. For the rest medication CAN be taken to help with anxiety effects while other work is going on to deal with the cause of the anxiety, typically this is some form of therapy.  A theraputic approach is still the preferred option in most cases (not all as ive said, before others start to say they couldnt live without their meds.  This may be true but again - those are a minority) as only therapy can help you address thre route cause. If you dont address that the anxiety will never stop, and will probably worsen.  So its up to you, if you dont want meds - then dont take them, simple as that.  Therapy is important though.  The trouble is there any many different types of psychotherapy and finding the right one can take a while.  Usually a GP will start people with CBT - this isnt really therapy, its a cheap and quick to deliver approach, which does work for some, which is why they start with it first.  Its no failing if it doesnt work, it just means you look for a better option.  Therapy in itself has ups and downs, it takes time, commitment and hard work. It also takes honesty, if you feel it isnt working then speak to your therapist and explain why you think it isnt and they should adapt it to suit or arrange a different kind.  Remember a GP will typically always reach for meds first, its what they understand - they are not trained therapists and actually arent trained to diagnose mental health disorders, that should only be done by a psyhcotherapist or psychiatrist.  It may not seem important, but an incorrect diagnosis can lead to years of going round in circles with meds and treatments which dont and probably never will work, as you are finding out
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    You can think to much and when we do this we become more deprssed and Anxiety and Panic can cause you some real problems.

    They have pulled out the stops for you as far as the course offerings you have had, do you not feel better with this knowledge they have shared with you ?

    Some medication may be recommended again so it would seem you may get some form of benefit from this.

    Whatever you decide it is all up to you to get better, you have been given the tools to use and when push comes to shove it is up to you to look for a way out of the problems that have put you there in this condition you suffer from.

    The use of medications can be very complex and your GP has taken in all your worries  and any other problems you may have. All I can say you are in a partnership with your GP and if He feels a medication will help you have that decision and you need to run with that and become well again.

    We all are different as are our bodies, it has its own needs, to get well again you give your body medicine to get better, you take advice from someone who understands your concerns, that is what your GP has done, Gave advice.

    We are always around


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    Hello there

    I understand and empathise with your fears

    I was prescribed sertraline 50mg and can honestly say the first 3 months were dreadful with an increase in anxiety

    I stuck it out in desperation.

    I'm glad I did

    Please do not fear meds. Your GP is trying to help. Yes, there might be initial side-effects, but you feel bad anyway, worse since coming off them

    I am not advocating that you take meds.

    That is your decision and yours alone

    I just don't want you to add more fear nor fear trying something else.

    You have to do what is best for you. Talking helps. Especially with someone whose symptoms are the same as yours. An offer has been made here. Think it over!

    I truly wish you all the best.


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