Need advice for dealing with gastro problems (excessive burping, early satiety, nausea, bloating)

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- 22, male

- Had bloating, early satiety, nausea (no vomiting), frequent burping everyday for the past 3 weeks

- No abdominal pain (just discomfort due to bloating) or abnormal stools

- Some days better than others, but feeling tired/weak due to lack of nutrition

- Waiting for insurance coverage to start to see a doctor

(Please see questions below)

I'm 22, recently graduated from college. I started feeling nauseated midway through some meals during my final year, but thought nothing of it since it usually went away within an hour. This only happened occasionally (once every few weeks).

Three weeks ago, I started eating less and less because I didn't feel hungry. If I tried to eat something, I would feel full very quickly, or the nausea would kick in soon after. Every day since then, I've had decreased appetite/early satiety, frequent burping during and after meals, and bloating (especially during the first week), and mild nausea (I have never actually vomited, but burping usually allieviates the discomfort a little).

First week: No appetite, frequent bloating and nausea after every meal.

Second week: Could eat a little (around 1/4 of my regular sized portions). The bloating went away towards the end of the week and nausea increaesd.

Third week: Mostly same as second week.

Other than that, I have had no abdominal pain (though sometimes I can feel and hear my left and right-side intestines gurgling), bloody/abnormal stools, vomiting, or serious symptoms.

The only exception was yesterday morning, where I felt perfectly normal. I was able to eat lunch (I opted for a bit less since I didn't want to overeat) and even felt a difference in burping - burps felt "lighter", while during the three weeks they felt "heavier" and "trapped".

Yesterday night, I ate two squares of tofu (didn't realize it was a "gassy" food at the time) and then suddenly felt much more nauseated after dinner. This morning, the bloating and nausea seems to have returned, putting me back to square one.

I haven't seen a doctor yet because I currently have no health insurance and am waiting for my coverage to begin, but that will take about a month's time. I will see one as soon as I am able, but in the mean time, I need some advice.


1) I have been keeping my foods bland and eating smaller portions throughout the day. Are there any other lifestyle or diet changes I should make to reduce my symptoms?

2) What foods should I be eating or avoiding (gassy foods)? Should I be incorporating more fiber or less fiber in my diet? Are fruits okay? Yogurt?

3) Is it better to sit down and rest, or would exercise help me feel better?

4) Are my symptoms serious enough / lasted long enough that I should see my doctor anyway, even without insurance and can't afford the tests?

Thank you for any helpful responses.

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    Hi - I only had my Gastroscopy last Thursday where I was diagnosed with a large Hiatus Hernia and severe gastritis and am waiting for biopsy/CT scan results so may be not the best person to advise you. I am taking Omeprazole to ease the burping/reduce acid.

    I am terribly tired all the time as have trouble sleeping.

    I sometimes am so hungry and other times have no appetite at all. I often retch and feel nauseous throughout the day.

    The only advice I was given so far is:

    a. Eat small meals throughout the day rather than breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    b. Eat something before you go to bed. Having an evening meal and then waiting until the morning for breakfast is not good as acid builds up during the night.

    c. Alternate between high fibre and low fibre foods.

    d. Try to avoid acidic, spicy or fried foods. Also fizzy drinks should be avoided.

    e. Don't lay completely flat in bed - use an extra pillow.

    f. I have cut out coffee and drink peppermint tea.

    g. I find yoghurt/Yoghurt drinks/smoothies good.

    I find it is trial and error as to what food suits me.

    I find bending down makes me retch. A good walk is a good source of exercise.

    I think you should definitely see you doctor and seek their advice/see a specialist.

    Good luck - I hope this is helpful.

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      Thank you! Any advice is helpful. I think (b) is an interesting one, because I've read on multiple sites that you should NOT go to bed after eating a meal... I suppose mostly for reflux problems, but still, interesting. I will try some of these points to see how they affect me. Good luck on your side, too!
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      l started with bouts of nausea 2yr ago, from waking till bedtime, worse on exertion, loss of appetite, lived off tea and biscuits, lost weight, did get bloating and belching, tiredness and napped more in daytime, but that also to escape symptoms for short time, got down with it, but after a few week it would ease off, but weeks later returned, on and off for l8month, then became constant, l,d noticed l got full very easily for quite a while before it, had a rare night out and drank about 5 drinks and felt ill for days after. Finally scope and diagnoses of gastritus, put on omprazole, didnt seem to help, but did settle after a few week, but also took probiotics, milk thistle, used ginger either in tea, or just as it came. l still eat little day time, sometimes small wholemeal sandwich or toast, but doesnt bother me to do without,  drink more spring water, use lactose free milk, either coconut or almond,  l also eat my main or only real meal in evening, pots, baked fries, broccoli, carrots, most veg, not salad, but  chicken or fish, can eat noodles, rice, with veg chicken mixed in, even eat a few cherry toms, buy lactose free cream cheese, can eat a bit of chocolate, but have natural aversion to many previous foods, dont eat anything processed or from tins, no ready meals, spring or filter water, but it is  trial and error, and we all seem a bit different in tolerance,  but grateful its settled a bit, hoping it stays that way. But a scope will show if youve gastritis or that stomach bug that can go with it. Ask to see g.i.

      good luck

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    Sorry to hear about all your problems. Reading your post it felt like I was reading about my own problems.

    I've got my diet to a point where my stomach is settled mostly all the time, and to do this I have cut out Gluten and Lactose (definitely no Gluten, but can have minimal Lactose). I have also had to cut out fruit as that seems to aggrevate my symptoms, and I just rely on vegetables to get as much nutrition as I can.

    Eat little and often, and keep sticking to the bland, boring foods. I have cut out all hot drinks, even found peppermint tea caused me problems, all I drink now is water, and lots of it. No alcohol at all.

    I found that exercise is a great help, whenever I feel the discomfort coming on from one of my bloating / burping episodes, I do some physical activity and that seems to dislodge the wind. A good walk for me usually helps the symptoms, but we are all different, whats good for one may not be so good for another.

    I was really worried when I started getting all my problems, thinking I had allsorts wrong with me, I'm still none the wiser as to why I'm going through this, but all the treatment and tests (including colonoscopy and endoscopy) I've had done have revealed no problems or causes for my symptoms. But being Gluten free has improved my health significantly and I only get very mild, sporadic pains now.

    I do think that you should see a doctor as soon as you can, there are so many things likely to cause digestive problems, and this can make the process of investigation a long one.

    Hope all goes well for you and get well soon.

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    I know this was a while ago, but I'm wondering if you ever found a solution to these symptoms. I'm a 25-year-old male with no history of health problems and I'm experiencing something similar.


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    Hello kdashi i know its been a year ago

    May i ask your diagnosis?

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