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I was involved in an accident around 3 days ago which resulted in a severe graze and small but deep laceration on my foot. I visited a local doctor to have the foot cleaned and bandaged and was told to keep the bandage on for 3 days. I removed the bandage today and the wound isn't showing much sign of healing and is still painful. The foot is still a bit swollen and red compared to the other foot and the wound itself is still moist.

The doctor cleaned with iodine and covered in antiseptic/antibiotic cream before dressing. I have cleaned with sodium chloride solution, applied anti septic cream and redressed with a sterile bandage today. It's still wet enough to push through the dressing.

My major concern is whether it's infected or not, as well as this I'm wondering if I need to allow the wound time to dry out in open air without a dressing? Any help here would be appreciated, as I'm in Indonesia it's very difficult to consult a doctor without paying an expensive bill. I have photos of the wound but I'm not sure if it's possible to post them here.

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    Hi jdavies; I feel that you should keep wound covered until weepage stops, and signs of healing start to appear.   As for what is weeping (what is coming out?   clear serous fluid/serous fluid mixed with blood/ a denser yellow to coloured pus type fluid.....will depend too on what you should do)??     If clear to clear with blood seepage this is good.....and just needs continual changing of dressing/s.....if fluid becomes denser and ? looks like turning to a pus, then you need to get some anti-biotics?

    ?Another idea would be to keep foot elevated as much as possible to help the swelling go down (for 1st few days):  then "assisting drainage" by hanging foot down after that.   Another thing to watch is that your "laceration" heals from the "inside to outside" is important, so that you don't end up with  a sinus (I am assuming here that it was more of a puncture wound, more than a long you did not mention sutures).  If foot was sutured, then as soon as the weepage stops, then sutures are best left open to dry out.....but only After seepage stops. The important thing is to keep it clean and dry (so changing dressings is important at this stage, as moisture is a Good breeding ground for germs)

    ?Good luck...............Bron

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      very good advice. would you recommend Bronwyn change dressing every day? Seems that three days would make for more bacteria. 
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    Sores ooze, is it ozzing yellow green or clear or white?  If it is colored in any way, this sounds like a serious medical concern. are you taking antibiotics? i would definitely see a doc and get a look see if it is colored.  i don't know if soaking in ebsom salts yet is a good idea or not.  I would probably do it and keep it exposed and clean, the salt will burn. Drinking and applying aloe juice may help too. but make sure it is very clean. 

    I hope you can see a doc, i know it is not easy. keep us posted please.

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    Thank you everyone that's been great help. Unfortunately the foot has swollen up more over the past two days and after another visit to the doctor it turns out that the wound is infected.

    I've been prescribed some cefadroxil antibiotics for the next 5 days and an antibiotic cream. The foot has swollen massively and is very painful now, slightly worrying but hopefully I've caught it soon enough.

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      Bummer!  Can you soak yet? or is that not recommended? I was thinking ebson salts to drw out the infection. i don't know, so don't try it unless you talk to the doc

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      I've been soaking it in salt water purely to remove the dressing as it's always sticking to the scab and really making it difficult to heal. I've just been using this water to clean the wound at the same time. It's not made much progress as far as healing goes and is still very painful at times.

      I have another two days worth of antibiotics so if no improvement I may have to pay the fee and revisit the doctor.

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      im not a medical prefessional. i just hate going to doctors.  this is what I would do for myself. it might not be good advise, so don't listen to me


      i'd keep that bandage off, soak it twice a day in ebs. salts. keep it exposed to air and keep it clean (rubbing alcohol, iodine or peroxide), and dry until it closes and heals. if it is oozing anything with color, go to the doc, if you see a line running up your leg, go see the doc.  otherwise, i'd save my $$$ and see what i caould do from home.  

      i had a friend shoot her toe off with a gun, feet take a while to heal.  just watch for infection. take this time to be lazy, read a good book, get someone to spoil you.  keep that foot elevated!  I will ask the Powers that Be to heal that foot likidy split!  hang in there!

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