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July 17th I was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis for 4 days my blood levels were 12000 first time I ever had any problem. Now it's week 9 I am trying low fat diet but continue to have shooting pains, and some nausea and my stools are crazy to say the least. I have had 2 ct scans the last showed mild irration but family doc said looked good . Should I be healed up by now or is this somewhat normal, just a bit worried could Ct scans miss something?

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    Hey, so I'm currently going through the exact same thing. Diagnosed in may with acute pancreatitis and still experiencing problems. From my understanding, this is something that just takes time. Any time it starts to hurt, switch to clear liquids immediately!!! Don't try to keep eating, don't do shakes, just do clear liquids and work your way back up. Do low fat, but eat minimally throughout the day. If you can't hold it in the palms of your hands, it's too much.

    My latest CT showed no irritation even though my lipase levels were around 10000. I think this is just one of those things you can't tough out and push through, you have to take every step in the healing process, no mater how small.

    Best of luck!! Hopefully we both get past this

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      Thanks ottozone last night very bad d after eating never had it that bad .and hurt in left upper abdomen . Just can't figure this one out I was seemly doing better but then back down . Getting frustrated and afraid I will lose my job .

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    Jimmy, there is some good in all this bad......the Docs said you had Acute Pancreatitis which hurts like hell and usually requires a trip to the Hospital to rest the pancreas and recieve fluids and morphine or didlaudid pain meds.

    The Good in this is that you don't have Chronic Pancreatitis, you may know but just in case the Doc's didnt explain it well........Acute hurts very bad but goes away usually after a week or so and the trip to the hospital. If you used to drink alcohol you must completely quit, stay away from greasy foods, try to do a low fat diet.........You may have a few other attacks, just depends on the damage......,,

    Chronic pancreatitis is a almost daily pain and usually has to be managed by a pain Dr, opoid pain meds daily just to function. I know, I have had it for years, as well as the Acute. Jimmy, you don't want to let it get to Chronic, it's a very bad disease to have........I hurt every day, sometimes I will go 3-4 days without eating, the pain runs from my front all the way into the back.....only releif is getting in our hot tub and taking the opoids........

    My Panreatitis started in 2010, due to drinking, not a hard liquor just a guy that would have a few beers watching a football game or out on the golf course. I drank about the same as everyone I knew. But bam, first was the Acute, the GI Doc thought it was the gall bladder, took it out, didnt help, fought the Acute pancreatitis for a few years, then since I didnt know what I went chronic........

    In 2014, I had had enough and got a Dr that diagnosed my pain as Chronic Pancreatitis, they ran tests and found out I did not have pancreatic  cancer but the head of my pancreas was calcified, and hard as rock. They tried stints to open the ducts, no go, too only 1 option....

    In April 2014, after meeting a transplant surgeon named Dr Duffy at Nazi Zuhdi Transplant Center in OKC, he said I needed the Whipple Procedure, a 10 hour surgery, Dr Duffy told me it was the 2nd hardest surgery he does only behind a heart-lung transplant. I was 48 yrs at the time in decent health except the pancreatitis and I didn't have cancer....most people that have the Whipple don't survive, usually because the have cancer and its too late, but it is a very rough surgery and recovery.......last night while visiting my mom in the hospital, my mom told her nurse that I had the Whipple done, she wanted to see the big upside down smiley face scar on my belly.....she was a ICU nurse and said she had never seen any one survive that had it.

    The Whipple is basically a Re-Plumbing Job of your digestive system since the are cutting the head of the pancreas off.......they have to leave the rest of the pancreas to produce insulin, without the pancreas you will be a full blown diabetic for life.... So, the surgeon cuts off the bottom of your stomach, bottom of the liver, removes the head of the pancreas and take out part of the small intestine. Then they take the piece of intestine and connect it to the stomach, liver and back to the small intestine bypassing the pancreas since they have just removed the head. Bingo, 10 hours later its done. It took about 6 months to recover to where I felt decent and a year to be normal. That was 2014.....

    In 2015, I started hurting again, just as before,so the drs gave me 2 options, 1-Take out the rest of the pancreas or 2-Take pain meds and manage it the best I can, the Docs said they would choose option 2......

    Sorry, too be long winded, the moral of the story is don't let it get too bad, and have to live like I do. I think if in 2010 Iknew I had Acute Pancreatitis, I would have been able to,prevent it from going to Chronic....that's really what  I wanted  to let you know......

    Good luck-Rick


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      Rick thanks for the advise , my acute attack was now 9 weeks ago but I still am getting pain around left side upper and belt line , nausea , stool is crazy from thin to d with cramping . I guess I wonder should it take me this long to recover from an acute attack ? I don't drink never did no drugs, gallbladder has polyp but nothing definite to say it caused all this . Just wondering about healing time Dr has done couple ct scans says there is no cancer or damage shown. So why is this stuff still making life suck. Anyway I know you have it much worse than me and will be praying for you any additional advise is welcome as you seem to have a lot of experience . Thanks


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