Need advise for my chronic gastritis

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Hello all

I've been suffering gastritis several times during the last 3 years. I've first been diagnosed with H.pylori and so did the second time. Both were treated successfully until 6 months ago.

It started suddenly during my summer internship in London. I felt hungry very fast and if I dont eat i would feel like my stomach is crying for food. It does not necessarily got worst but it is very annoying. I've been going to different doctors, having 2 endoscopy and they found out I have mild atrophic gastritis with:

no intestinal metaplasia

no auto-immune antibodies ( auto-immune gastritis ruled out)

no H.pylori

The doctor told me I just have a very sensitive stomach however I will have a slight burning and crawling pain if i dont continue to eat every 3-4 hours. The symptoms gone away like 80-95% of the time after food so I was wondering what would be wrong with me.

My thyroids hormoes is abit abnormal with the first test however the second test shown that it is all in-range. 

Im desperate and needing advises to help me overcome this illness

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    My gastritis symtoms are exactly the same as yours and iv had the illness for 4 years. 6 months in those four years iv been symtom free but the rest have been hell. Me personally i have tried DGL liquorice and carrot juice. Admittedly i need to sort out my diet and iv stopped smoking. Iv also been on lansoprazole for the last year which used to work but has now lost its effectiveness. I hate gastritis so much i feel a crippled man being just at the age of 23.

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      Same here buddy. I am 21. University student with so much future plans and now I have to avoid networking events, feeling tired all the time. I donteven know what is causing it, i did all all kind of tests doctor just say I have hyper sensitivr stomach! Do u know what is causing yours
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      Im at university aswel im a second year student how about yourself ? I also avoid everything, do you get a burning sensation in your stomach ? And at the moment i have no clue to whats causing it. Yourself ?
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      Im in final year university? . I get a burning sensation in the stomah yes I keep telling the doc, they found that i have mild atrophic gastritis but nothing is there to cause it. I will book an appointment with my thyroid doctor to let him take a look of my blood.

      I really want this stuff to go away so I can enjoy my student life before it is gone forever. But it makes me feel better knowing im not alone?. i hope one day medical will be advanced enough so they can fix this stuff easily

      Do you have burning sensation too? Improved after eating?

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      No im in the second year of university are you in the final year? It must be stressful. I had a endoscopy 4 months ago which showed mild gastritis i was a smoker and smoked for gaes but iv quit now. I figured it was the root of my stomach problem but still no luck.

      Yes i get a burning/gwaning sensation in my back and stomach which has gotten better through eating. I also get hunger pangs. I feel your pain believe me i do, i know sometimes it feel no one understands you but i get it. Its a hard conditon to treat but it can be cured, the key is to heal the stomach lining and their are many people on this website who are going through the same thing you are.

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      sorry yes Im final year university student. Just got a master offer but so stressed out with this gastritis since I started University. I feel your pain too. You are right alot of people like us are also suffering I just hope all the best to turn out for us and them.

      how are your diet like?. Do you eat often?. 

      Lately i only eat plain food cause food with too much seasoning will hurt my stomach.

      im waitimg for my mom to send me some herbal medicines that is said to heal my stomach. I dont know it woudl even help but i will keep excercise, stay healthy and keep my hope up.

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      Congratulations!! What are you studyinh if you dont mind me asking?. My diet hasnt been good during the january exams i junked out alot and had alot of redbull which more or less ruined my stomach. Im trying to eat healthy now. I eat maybe 3 times a day. Yourself ? Herbal medicine is way foward? Do you take any medication such as lansoprazole and have you had a endoscopy done ?
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      I am doing Ba Hons Corporate Finance at University of Greenwich and soon to study msc. Investment Management at Cass Business School. If all go well. Are u in the UK too?

      i eat 3 times a day but i feel like i need to eat 4 to cope with the burning sensation. Even though its a mild case but i heard people with gastritis shud spread their meals into smaller one.

      I tame 40mg of. Nexium per day. 2 pills of curcumjn extracts. Antacid when i feel burning and still waiting for the herbal medicine to come ( from another country lol ).

      i have two endoscopy in less than 1 month ( yess im paranoid about my stomach ). They found mild atrophic gastritis but nothing more serious than that. I am thinking because I drank cider rougly 5 months ago during my internship with some clients that caused the flair up, along with some spicy kebabs ( i know i shudve took care of myself better ). 

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      Yes im in the UK im from Birmingham and study at birmingham city university doing a degree in construction management. The burning sensation really gets to me at night time in the day i can cope.

      When you had your endoscopy did they find inflammation? With mine they found mild inflammation but i didnt know something so mild can cause this much pain. I dont drink my issue was fizzy drinks mainly redbull you know how stresful exams can be. Do you have whatsapp? If you do private message me your number and il keep in touch.

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