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Hi, well here goes... im a 21 year old female. I might aswell tell the full story to get to the point, apologies i know its a long one....

About 2 months ago i started getting severe abdominal pain on my upper right side which landed me in hospital a few times... i saw many doctors/surgeons and had many tests/scans all to which were clear nothing was found, they tried me on several types of medication/pain relief for different things to rule things out. i was then refferd for an endoscopy upper GI a couple of weeks ago which was also clear they took 9 random biopsys which im now waiting for those results.. stumach pain is still present at the moment.. a few weeks after getting the tummy pain i started to become really poorly being sick , extremely light headed, bad headaches and eye pain, no appetite, very weak and numb in places. Couldnt move for days.. Thought it may be a side affect to a strong medication my doc started me on pregabalin as docs thought may be something to do with nerves.. or just a bug my appetite then started to come back a week after all that, but it left me with a foggy head, weaknesses and strange eye site almost if i was constantly in a daze. Which i am still having now 2 months later.. now that brings me to now still with a foggy head, weaknesses, light headed.. i started to develop a severe intense burning sensation at the back of my head didnt really act upon it at first until it started to become regular. However they are now really bad and intense and moving to the right side of my head, which now and again goes to the other side for a tiny while but mainly stays on the right feels like burning /tightness sensation and numbness, i get really bad pain above and behind my eye, feels like somethings going to burst.. my eyes are more red than usual and feel strained side of my face goes numb i also have a sore neck and jaw from this nothing relieves them i have to sit through them a feel like im going to collapse every time they start soooo intense! ive started getting few of these attacks a day they start a couple of hours after i wake and can last from half an hour to a few hours, pain relif does not help at all had this now for another 2-3 weeks.. of course my doctor is up-to-date with all this he's baffled himself, but since this i cannot stop my self from worrying i mean its acssesive worrying!! I get so worked up and cant stop crying im constantly stressed and depressed from it, its ruined me i haven't been able to work for 2 months! Im not the same person anymore i cant go out and do normal things or have fun even through i do try. Its a nightmare! Im beyond frightened somethings wrong in my head because of this pain i know worrying etc is making things worse but i cant seem to relax at all! I have been reffered for an MRI scan which is on the 13th of sept next week.. im worried what its going to show.. i have been told my cholesterol is high also from a recent blood test which il be seeing the nurse about on the 21st.. can anyone shed any light on this or has anyone experienced the same or similar things to this? Any advide on similar goings on or any advise in general will be much appreciated!!! As im terrified. Thankyou!

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    Also i ended up being in A+E with thr numbess on my side few weeks ago they told me medication reaction was the cause of some of it but my doc says its not because im still experiancing it now.. my eyes have been tested also as ive always worn glasses nothing was seen...
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    Hi Nikki,

    It is hard not to worry when you have sensations you don't understand, i appreciate this but, try not to as it's a catch 22. Have you ever tried relaxation? I was terribly sceptical but, it can help with this the pain as well as the stress.

    I have a condition called cfs/me. It has many of the symptoms you describe and i too have had many blood tests, nerve conduction study, colonoscopy, mri full body and head-with nothing showing. I am not saying you have this condition but, that i understand your frustration at all the symptoms. What i don't have is your stomach pain. Numbness, the eye pain you describe, jaw pain, only tending to be on one side and spreads to my ear. In honesty, mine comes on through over exertion i believe. My symptoms are not all the time but sometimes i can have them for days. I have the mind fog too.

    Why i am telling you this is to try to help you to feel less worried. I have had mine for some time (doesn't mean that you will ) and i am still ok. Absolutely nothing has shown up on any tests. Please look at trying a relaxation cd or on the internet to see if this helps. Also, take someone with you for any tests as they in themselves can feel stressfull! I have had 4/5 (can't remember!) mri's all together and would recommend listening to the music and concentrating on that. Think of something good you can do afterwards. It will help you feel calmer and the time go quicker.

    Truly hope that helps.


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    Sorry to hear your so down, everything wears away at you when in pain.

    Don't know if this helps but here's my experience.

    It came on gradually, the pain at the back of my head. Usually associated with physical activity. It gradually got worse and required less and less exertion. Finally I couldn't even walk up a few stairs and it would hit me. The pain was always at the back of my head, really deep, pounding pain. I had to stay very still, doing nothing then after a few minutes it had gone. I wondered what would happen if I didn't stop but carried on, it was sickening agony which actually pushed me down onto the floor and was intense for several minutes before easing off.

    After an mri and tests it was found my chlorestarol level was 11.5, dangerously high. After several diet changes which made no difference I was put on statins and the result was amazing. No further problems.

    Hope you get sorted.


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    Hi You are going through it ! especially for a 21yr old girl. Im sorry im not of any assistance, I just hope they get toy sorted & its not life threatening.

    best wishes Carol

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    Okay this may sound slightly crazy but I saw a GI specialist last month (after 2 years of pain and other GI issues) initially the pain was half way between under the centre of the right ribs and the sternum, all tests came back negative too, over the years its become more centralised to under my sternum, it also eases slightly when I bend forward..there is a simple test to see if its the T9 nerve being over stimulated (like it was with me).. You lay down flat and get someone to press where it is most painful, if its the T9 you won't be able to sit up or barely move in that direction, then get them to press a little bit lower and you should be able to get up no problem.. Worth a try , I can't remember what the name of the test was but I'm currently waiting for a nerve block to solve it (hopefully)

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