Need guidance before I lose my mind... completely.

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I'm new to medical discussion forums so I'll try not to ramble. Basically, I had an infection in my neck last year that needed to be removed surgically, but no one knows what it was. I was also 17 at the time. About two months after my boyfriend said I didn't really seem like myself but I ignored him. Starting in december 2014 (by then I was 18), I began noticing I was tired all the time and was beginning to be less motivated about working out and school. I was always a straight A student and worked out every day and ate extremely healthy because I loved to feel and look good (however, it was always hard for me to lose weight). The spring semester of college was not as good as I usually do in school but by the time spring break came along I was a mess. I didn't care about school, I skipped class constantly, and I was not working out or eating as well as normal. Now, it is summertime and i'm home for school and my symptoms are out of control. I am always sad, can't lose weight, extremly unmotivated and easily distrated if I have to do something I don't want to do, usually all I want to do now is lay in bed, I don't want to do anything, and my whole family is always asking what's wrong. I was just diagnoised with hypothyroidism a couple weeks ago and have been on 25mcg of Synthroid for 10 days. Now.... my symptoms' intensity has DOUBLED. I'm now so tired all the time (as soon as I wake up I feel tired), I'm extremely depressed, I feel so foggy in my brain like I don't care about anything even things I love. I think about death a lot (not mine or anyone in my family specificly, just death or tragic/sudden death in general....which really really freaks me out), I am so clingy to my boyfriend and hate when he leaves me to be with his friends. This usually would never bother me and I know it shouldn't but I seriously hate being alone now for some reason. I'm so snappy and easily irritated. Also, simple questions are tough to answer for some reason? My boyfriend just asked me if I was tired and I had no idea how to answer that... I said I was and then said I wasn't. I said I feel tired but probably couldn't sleep and then I realized I was rambling and was wondering why it was so hard to answer such a simple question.... The worst thing now is random panic attacks and crying spells for absolutely no reaosn. I so badly want to work out and eat healthy but I am not motivated to and feel like I can't. I know I'm meaner and aggrivated over stupid things but can't help myself from feeling upset or angry. I used to be the happiest most energetic and motivated girl who was always up for a challange and up to do whatever. Now, I'm shutting people out of my life and bailing on plans because I would rather lay in bed and do nothing. I feel so bad for those I'm  hurting and I don't know what's going on with me at all. I know it's bad but I've tried one of my friend's add meds and it made me feel normal for a little bit. It didn't give me a crazy amount of energy like a lot of people say it does, it just took me out of my horrible mood and foggy thinking but other than that one time it's just been the synthroid my doc prescribed. He put me on an antidepresant (lexapro) a week before my blood test came back, but I only took it a few times because I hate the way it made me feel....  The synthroid hasn't helped at all, if anything it's made it worse. All I know is I need some good advice or to know I'm not alone. 

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    Dear  FSU:

    I am an RN-Nurse.  It sounds like you have Hypothyroidism and you say you are on synthroid.  Synthroid is just one of the many meds they have for low thyroid.  you have all the symptoms of it.  Have you been on it for 2 months?

    They have different meds and if you are still suffereing after 6 to 8 weeks or about 2 months, please call your doctor and tell him this.  Someof us can take synthroid (LEVOTHYROXINE), and it does take the body a while to adjust to it.

    In most people the symptoms go down.  Also see if you are low on VIT D a special blood test is done, and most of us are low on it.  Have your doctor do a mineral panel (blood work) if you are low on iron or magnesium you may have a hard time getting the thyroid med to work.

    You are not alone!  Many of us have it, myself included.  You can live a good life but you will need to get your TSH and T3 & T4 levels in proper balance.  Our thyroid gland can be damaged by disease or Epstein-Barr virus or another serious infection.

    Some antidepressents can cause sleepiness.  Maybe that is contributing to it.  Since everyone is different ask you GP if you need it.  They have other antidepressents on the market too.

    Feel free to ask any questions you have.

    I hope this helps.  Be well, Shelly

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      Thanks so much! I am not taking the antidepressants anymore. However, I've only been on generic Synthroid for 10 days. The first couple days I noticed a little bit better mood and a difference in motivation but now at the 9th and 10th days I've been having panic attacks and crying spells and feel very dead inside. My doctor said to wait, as you said, 6-8 weeks but I was wondering if you suggest talking to him about my worsening symptoms or if I should just let the meds run their course for the 6 weeks. Thank you!
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      I'm replying so that you know there are other people who know how it feels and who care enough to help you feel, and get, better.

      The first thing i would advise, is to go and get a printout of you blood test results and post them on this site. Also ask your doctor to test your levels of B12, other B vitamins and Ferritin (as well as those shelley mentioned).

      Many, if not all, of the symptoms you describe are of depression and anxiety, both of which are symptoms of hypothyroidism. In other words when you are on the correct level of levothyroxine, they will improve, or go away completely!

      A deficiency in any vitamins and minerals can also cause depression. If you have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) you won't be properly metabolising the nutrition from the food you are eating, so it is possible you are deficient in some of these.

      In the meantime, things you can do...

      Look up 'spoon theory'. This will help you get the most out of your depleted levels of energy and motivation.

      Eat porridge. Make it with skimmed milk and best not to add sugar. If you must have sugar go for 'raw cane demerara' as it has a lower glycaemic index and will release energy more gradually instead of high peak followed by deep trough.

      Make an appointment to get a blood test at 6 weeks after the last one. Also an appointment to see your doctor a few days afterwards (for when the blood test results are back).

      Do some gentle exercise e.g. go for a short walk - it may be the last thing you want to do, but it will make you feel better.

      Have a hot bath. This will kickstart your metabolism. Before it wears off, go for a walk or do some other activity/exercise.

      Hang in there! It is likely at 6 weeks your doctor will increase your dose. In the meantime try and eat healthily. Cut out sweets, biscuits, cakes, chocolate etc. Although they make you feel better for a short while, it wears off then makes you feel worse - and the extra weight will be difficult to shift. Snack on raw carrot (if they taste like soap, go to a different shop!)

      One last thing, it is normal to feel worse before you feel better. Your thyroid is deteriorating and it is difficult for the blood tests to keep up, as there is a time lag before a blood test correctly reflects the levels in your body.

      Good luck!

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      Hello Staypositive: 

      It can take a while to build a proper level, and you will need some blood draws to see how it is doing. 

      Yes, having panic attacks and crying spells is part of having low thyroid. and as you build a level you should see the symptoms lesson.  If you do not need the antidepressents, you may feel better.  Of course please talk to your doctor about the need for the antidepressents and if symptoms worsen.  As you can see, we all have been through this and you have to take the Synthroid for a while until it builds a proper level.  Sadly it can take up to several months.  Hang in there!

      XO Shelly

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      Thank you... I'm just scared because I feel so much hatred toward mysel. It's day three of crying spells and I've been crying on and off for an hour or two. My bf wants to go to the gym and I so badly want to want to go but I feel like it's impossible... Should I go see an actual endocrinologist bc right now it's just my physician.
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    Sounds identical to what I experienced in December 2013. i was recently diagnosed with Hypo and multinodular goitre. I am waiting to see an endo surgeon. Others on this Forum are much more experienced and knowledgeable than I about medications for hypo as I have not yet strted on any. I just thought I would write to you to give you hope as I have been given by others on the Forum that there are reasons for feeling like this and also for the apparent worsening of signs and symptoms since  starting on your medication. I feel sure that others will respond very quickly as they did to help me.

    Kind regards



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