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I have been diagnosed with severe grade 3 gerd. And when I get a flare up its come on only a few minutes after I finish eating. I mostly feel like something is in my thoat and chest and painful swallowing. I also experience a "tight" pain in the stomach that feels almost bloated and kind of hurts if I take my hand and push on it or lay on my stomach.I have also experienced that when I wake up in the morning my reflux doesnt feel like anything but once awake (even if I dont get up right away).

I ate everything I wasnt suppose to yesterday band my acid reflux was fine. I feel it the slightest bit now that I am up, but even if I ate perfect the day before itll still bother me only after some minutes of waking up in the morning.

I also hsve anxiety disorder which just recently have it under control.

I am going to the doctor today and I just want to know if my acid reflux is caused by too much or too little stomach acid. Im afraid she is going to just shove it off as an over production of acid which I know lots of people have it from not enough acid.

Just need some advice. I understand no one here knows my medical history or is a medical professional. I understsnd i would need to talk to my doctor. I just would like to know what others are going through.

Thanks!! smile

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    I go through the Exact Same thing It gets better However I Wanted to Suggest to you that I was taking the Omeprazole and Everytime I would take it I got worse I am guessing I have to much acid ... I take Gavison when it gets really Bad and that pain you are feeling Might be a hernia  which is causing the acid to push up and be worse. I also take zantac and Dont eat a whole lot at a time I hope this helps and By the way I never eat spicy foods or foods I cant have like red meats and I seem to have it under control ... But not everybody is the same
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      Hi there brandy 1053 - I have just read your entry and was in a way pleasantly surprised -

      Recently 5 weeks ago after an endescope which showed I have borderline barrats esophogus I was given omeprzole 40 mg for 4 weeks then on 20mg as a stabilising dosage - however before that I was on Zantac for 5 years  I at night and top up in the day if needed, I had no problems but after having a major upset and my stress levels went thro the roof and I developed a burning sensation in my mouth along with some sort of metallic taste in my my my GI consultant thought the stress had caused me have silent reflux as I was coughing the white foamy mucus, lots of throat clearing and sore throat.

      My point being that after taking the Imeprazol, I kinds felt worse and I was nervousness of taking it as it carries alopecia as a low risk side effect , as I have experience that recently due to other medication for high BP my hair just back to normal after 2 years I didn't want to risk it again

      i stopped taking the Imeprazol last Thursday and actually feel better for it, I'm interested in what you said about Gaviscone that's seems much simpler to take a not so aggressive medication. I like you watch what I eat.

      thanks Brandy I feel better now knowing someone else stopped the emsoprazel as it didn't help too much 


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      Thanks brandy for the advice. I know I had a hiatal hernia back in 2009 and in the chest xray... 2014....I had said there was no sign of one but that doesnt mean there isnt one. I brought my test to the doctor and she didnt even want to see it. I was shocked I dont knoe the cause so how can I fix it?
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      I meant to say I Don't have enough Acid, I take the Zantac every morning .... Gavison I usually only take at night and it does help , However propping my head up at night is a must.... Sad as it is we have to Fix ourselves seems lIke my family Dr Wanted to Know Everything I knew about silent Reflux because she has never heard of it. Scary huh?? And just some Quick advice When you are having that White bubbling Foamy Mucus Don't drink much at a time it causes it to be worse..... I got that really bad AFTER i took the omeperzole... I am not saying it doesn't help some people but It only made me worse. I went to urgent care because I couldnt even get that stuff out of my throat she listened to the front of my throat and said sounded like a ACID WAR in there and looked like foamy spiderwebs all in my throat.. She did give me some allergy pills to dry that up and they have worked so much ... I have it under control right now , I don't eat spicy foods or red meat but i can eat thank you Jesus... Ohhh and I was drinking 2 spoonfulls of Apple cider vingear with 1 cup of water it helped me a lot ....  I had to learn the hard way how to fix this, My throat got so swollen I could not even swallow and I had a Dr tell me Its just your nodes pissed off.... NO its Called Silent Gerd smile
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    Start by getting scoped by a gastro specialist to confirm that you have GERD and whether or not you have a hiatal hernia.  Get on Nexium but view it as a short term solution only.....while you search for a real solution.
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      I have thats how I know I have grade 3 gerd. I cant get a nexium perscriprion only samples I have another starts with a p. And im on here asking because my doctor didn even know that gerd can be caused by too little acid or weakened LES. I was shocked. How am I suppose to help myself if I dont know the cause.
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      Hi, I have been on omeprazole 40mg for over a year now, had endoscopy, food pipe and duadinam are very sore indeed.

      I too have had the horrible foamy stuff and constant coughing.

      Sometimes trapped at the sink for 20 mins or so, very uncomfortable indeed.

      Had to fast for days at a time to get a kind of break.

      lost about a stone and a half.

      Dr has noot ben to helpfull to be honest.

      However I stopped the omeprazole this morning and today at work has been pretty good, I even came home and had a lamb cassarole and vegatables and as yet all is fine.

      Insides have been a bit sore all day but only one or two coughs but no mucus, brilliant so far.

      Looking forward to going to bed tonight to see if I can sleep for a change without waking up coughing.

      Still using Gaviscon.

      Shall look back here in a day or so with the outcome.

      Feeling positive to be honest


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