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Hi all,

I have joined to ask for help. I know what I am doing is dangerous and harmful, please dont judge me. I have been taking a lot of cocodamol, nurofen plus and tramadol for maybe 3/4 years now. I take about 10 of each a day. I don't even know where to start coming off them. 😓

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    Why don't you go to your doctors..explain what you are doing...and ask for help ..I'm sure they will...

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    Hi Kiltchick,

    No judgement here,we are all in the same boat and wanting to get out. The easiest way is to taper. I.e. minus 1 or 2 of each day or couple of days. You are on quite a cocktail so cold turkey may be too risky for you. Others have been prescribed other stuff to help them with their addiction withdrawals but IMO it is replacing one with another,but that is just me.

    I was on approx 40 N+ daily first time around when I tapered. And found it easy enough with no side effects, i.e. frequent trips to the bathroom, restless legs,stomach pain,sweats etc.

    2nd time I thought I was far worse off as I was taking N+, mersyndol night and panadeine extra at the same time for my chronic back pain. I ran out of of N+ ,then mersyndol and was left with only panadeine extra but discovered that I could come off that with no issue at all.

    Everybody is different and everyones pain is personal.

    Another thing suggested to me was doing a detox to clean your system out faster.


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    Hey. Please don't worry, nobody here will judge you. We all understand. Firstly, you have done a great thing already, you have joined our chat... Here you will find lots of people who have had or are having similar experiences. Take some time to read the posts... you are among friends. How is your health? Do you experience stomach problems? have you ever discussed your addiction with your doctor or family members? The starting point is to assess things so you can make a plan xx Drew

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      Hey Drew,

      Your reply to Kiltchick is really a super post. I'm on day 10.9 off N+. I just wanted to add to the substitution issue ie coming off N+ but (in my case) prescribed Subutex. I too wondered, what if I come off these and hit the bottle again (which was what started me on N+ in the first instance); must I always need something to be addicted too?

      From my experience, I found the root behind every substance misuse of mine - depression. I tried Citralapram, Sertraline Prozac. All had absolutely zero effect; as an afterthought, my GP prescribed only 15mg of mirtazipine and I have never known anything like how it makes me feel like me again.

      I don't mind admitting, I cried with relief; music sounds better, food is fantastic. but then, what fills the gaping hole left when you're finally clean?

      Until my depression diagnosis, it always had to be something, but depression is the darkest thunderous monster of inactivity - and I'm a guitarist with 5 of them staring at me from the walls where they are hung saying 'play me, play me!'

      So, from the substitute point of view, mine is 64N+ down to zero N+ running alongside that was Subutex, starting at 6mg, (no OTC whatsoever) now 2mg daily. The hole that's left? Composing and playing, eating and spending as much time as I can with my adult children. Being as 'normal' as my eccentric self has always been - no comparison I was a zombie, monged on too much valium.

      My personal opinion and totally right as you said, we are all different, 2mg Subs V's 64N+; milk only V's ravenous appetite (I am aware that a monterous appetite aint too good for some but I'm 6"1, and was down to less than 10 stone).

      My next conquest is tobacco - I had a major heart attack 3 years ago (30 Jan 2014), caused by smoking; so Tobacco V's and e-cig? I've quit booze and please may I just enjoy a nicotine hit?!!!!

      All the best to you,


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      Hey Rich. Good to hear from you and well done. I am a smoker too and it's easy to forget how damaging that is. I wish you luck. Your reply to Kittchick was great too. Take care Drew xxx

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    Dear Kiltchick,

    You will nver be judged on this forum. I was, until 10.8 days ago taking 32 N+ per day. When I had 64 N+ in two successive days, my GP referred me to hospital, immediately, bypassing A&E and straight to the emergency clinical ward where I was fully checked out. I was ok; miraculous as I had built up this tolerance over 3 years.

    Here are my recommendations. First and utterly MOST importantly, go and see your GP and tell him that 'you are addicted to over the counter OTC) painkillers.'

    He will do one of 3 things:

    1, he won't understand, in which case, educate him. My first doctor just laughed and said 'you can't get addicted to caffeine!' I told him it was codeine. He then said 'just stop', again with a cynical sneer. I saw another GP, because if you try and stop cold turkey, it is utter hell.

    2. He may prescribe codeine phosphate as a tapering down process. In my case, I tried this but for some reason, and many here will echo this, they just do not have the same effect as N+ or co-co's. What else is in them I wonder? I tried and tried and failed, always topping up with N+.

    3. He may refer you to a drugs advisory clinic, where you will be assessed and prescribed either methodone (I'm not kidding, codeine metamorphosises in the liver turning it to morphine, which in effect is heroin). OR, subutex (buprenorphine).

    I chose subutex. They are tablets that come in 400 microgrammes, 2mg, 6 and I believe 7mg. You take these subligually, under the tongue as swallowing, they are less than 50% effective. I started on 6mg per day, they will probably at first be administered at the pharmacy under supervision. You will see your key worker who will test your urine for traces of codeine; like me with the odd 'last 32 box' thrown in, they will test you, and if you test +ve they simply will not trust you and you will stay daily and supervised. 

    I learn quick - it is a pain having to do this. I'm single, so I don't have any explaining to spouses, though my grown up kids know - and love me. I didn't love myself. Eventually, I was allowed to take them at home.

    I was pretty much a drug monster, did 2 weeks, daily of supervised 6mg subutex (buprenorphine). Every 2 weeks, all being well, they will reduce your doseage by 400 microgrammes every fortnight to (5.6mg) daily, until you eventually stop.

    I am now at the stage of taking 2mg subute daily, and pick up on a Monday and on a Friday. Yes, I've made mistakes with these, like running out and kidding yourself that you will be ok until the next script. Please don't. I have, or rather used to, but one sunday, I would find myself at Sainsbury's at 6am, mistakingly believing that the pharmacy would be open at 6am. No, it's open at 10am, but either way, I couldn't wait until 9:45 whereupon I would drive to the chemist hoping that I would be served (I've been denied on many occasion), buy, and neck 32 N+. By rights, I should be dead - I suffered a heart attack aged 52, 3 years ago and needed two stents.

    I survived on milk only. I lost tonnes of weight (I'm 6'1) and less than 10 stone, and my stools had bright red blood accompanying them. Another 32, it's not cancer, it's N+, so begins a very warped and dangerous viewpoint on your very own mortality.

    The Subutex work by blasting any codeine off your receptors and blocking any thing else that comes it's way. They totally take any craving whatsoever for OTC drugs. There is a ceiling to them - they do cross the blood / brain barrier, but only to the extent where you can feel 'you' again.

    Then ask yourself why you began taking them in the first place. FYI, mine was massive depression, and ironically, the same GP tht laughed in my face prescribed mirtazapine. I'm on the lowest dose (15mg), the side effects being they make you sleep soundly and eat like a horse! No problem for me personally in either department!

    I hope this goes someway to helping you. Talk to your partner (if you can), because any support youreceive is invaluable.

    Best wishes and don't hesitate to ask anything. I will do my best to help you from my personal experience.


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    Hi guys

    Thanks so much for the replies. My stomach is ok but I do get some pains occasionally. I am also on gabapentin and anti depressants. I have a really bad back. I have been to the doctor and all he done was give me a weekly script instead of 100 at a time. I'm actually scared to go to the doctor. I absolutely don't want to take methadone. The other drugs mentioned

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      Find doctor that will listen to you and your needs instead of doing whatever he feels like. Do you know what is causing your back pain? Has it been investigated? Back pain can be very debilitating. Having ruptured and bulged discs and gone through 2 surgeries I know where you are coming from, and I have tried just about everything which is what landed me in the N+ mess
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      Hi Lynda

      You are playing a dangerous game if you jave stopped taking Gaba and anti depressants cold turkey. The dont recommend it especially gabapentin veing an anti seizure medication. Anti depressants you need to wean off as qell as co codamol. The side effects of the latter are bad enough on their own

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