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I need help and I can't find any.  I saw my VRT therapist yesterday and we did increasing gaze stabilization exercises and by the time I got home I started feeling very off balance and sensation of falling forward.  I could barely get thru dinner, this hard gone on for 2 hours so I finally had to take 1/2 a xanax and lay down.  I don't know why but when I first started VRT I had awful falling sensations, now with this moving my head faster its happening again.  I need to know is this normal and should it gone on for hours like it did last night?  Can someone please answer this.  I am having some residual feeling this morning and trying my best not to anxious about it, because my anxiety takes over with this dizziness stuff.

Why does it get worse with the increases in head movement?  Shouldn't it stop when you stop the exercise?  I read somewhere that VRT causes it to be worse for a few days, but I've been doing this for  about 2 weeks, is it normal for it to get worse with each increase?  Please help me, this is worrying me.


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    Sorry ,say this but that was what happened with me.,they told me to,keep,going which i did, but i only ever experienced negative reactions, (Or,paradoxically, nothing with some of the exercises)the following days as well, never positive. So i dont do them anymore., i,push on with  life  and keep,active, but the more  'bobbing about',I do the worse it is.

    One physio did say though, to be fair, dont overdo it. as soon you feel a reaction, stop! And  i am surprised your physio didnt say this! You should,only progress ,to,the next gaze stabilisation exercises after doing the first ones for a while, and fewer repetions, until,you feel,okay to move,forward, so have a word at your next appointment and tell her, or,him,exactly what  happened and how you felt okay?

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      Thank you so much for your reply.  I was doing them slower for last 2 weeks and at first it was bad but got better.  Last night tho after I did one with the therapist and she had me going side to side with my head, but I don't think she realized how long it was and when I stopped I felt ok, but after I got home it really go bad.  Did you have it for hours afterward, not just during the exercise, but after you where done?  And did you find you felt off for a couple of days?

      I'm going to keep going with them, but I will slow it down some.  I don't feel the need to be dizzier every day.  I have enough without help.

      Thanks for your answers.


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    Yes i always feel worse the day after,and days,,after I have been extra active.So,i,have to,plan my week,,one active ,,the next day I do nothing very much.  I am not sure  why it,gets worse with extra head movement,,amd no specialist seems able,to tell me,either.  I Always think,of,it,like,one of those snow globes, whatever it is gets all,shook up,and takes time to settle!!

    I,wouldnt let it worry you per se, as that will   make you more anxious and that's,a viscious cycle. ,but then again  if the exercises are making you feel,worse on a permanent basis the. I'd stop them, and wait,till you see the  physio again. When are you due back? Remember it's your body,your life and any treatment that makes you feel,worse,,for too long, isnt good.!

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      I'm hoping it will settle again but I'm doing them slower and if it takes longer then it does, I don't see any reason to feel worse. The therapist did say if it bothers you to slow down.

      I would be nice if they could tell us what's going on. The more I read the more I see people being told one thing then something else. This dizzy thing tho has a mind of its own, the symptoms are never exact from day to day or even hour to hour. One minute you think yay I'm feeling more normal them the next your in the couch waiting for the boat to stop rocking. At least that's how feel. Like I'm on a boat, no matter wether I'm sitting, standing, walking around I feel like I'm rocking and swaying on a boat.

      How does yours feel? Do you have any other symptoms? I have a list of them.

      I appreciate who talking with me, it's so hard to go through this alone. Thank you

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      Ii'm a bit like you with the boat feeling., but as i have had it longer my body has  adjusted a bit. The part that bothers me now is that my head doesnt feel any better.and it is worse at might like now, but i'm in bed on tablet with head rammed up tight against pillows. I Gave up the laptop a year or,so ago as i used to get bad neck and shoulder pain. and the screen would me me feel nauseous. Not sayng too much screen even on ipad is,good, but it's better. 

      I get all sorts of knock in symptoms, the tiredness is the worst. I feel breathless. Mostly later in the day when. I'm getting worn out feeling.  I get travel,sick in buses (Imdon't drive), so I always have a bottle of coke which is good for that.  also I carry a cool stick, the kind use for headaches, the smell seems to keep the nausea down.  I'm fine once off the bus!  I feel weird when i raise  my arms above my head, especially if i'm shaking mats and throws (I Have a dog!). I am  Worse looking downwards, so doing dishes at the sink isnt great! Or any chore that involves bending forwards.

      There are probably more but i need to,sleep now, which Patty you need to do as I find a good sleep helps. IF possible,have an afternoon nap!

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