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Hello. I have been experiencing hypo symptoms for the last 4-5 years (excessive fatigue, fogginess, mood swings, anxiety, dry skin). My doctor initially only checked my TSH and said it was normal but my Vitamin D was slightly low and had me taking supplements. Nothing changed. Shortly thereafter, I became pregnant and have been feeling worse for the past 3.5 years but my doctor's kept attributing it to PPD.

I finally advocated for myself and got lab results done. Could use some help understanding these:

TSH: 1.35

T4 Free: .85

T3: 99 ng/ml

Thyroid Ab: .6 IU/ml

*All of these are shown to be in the normal level. 

Only number that was drastically out of the normal level is again, Vitamin D

VItamind D: 19 ng/ml (standard range of 35-100)

Appreciate any insight. So sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

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    Based on these results you are not hypothyroid, but if you can get to see an endocrinologist that might be the smart thing to do. You obviously need to supplement your vitamin D more because that could very well be the problem. Are you still taking it  or did you stop?
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      Still taking it (sometimes I forget) but it is a huge dosage of 5000 IUI. Surprised to see that low of a number.

      Also, my RDW was 11.6% with a normal range of 11.7% to 14.4%. So maybe slight anemia? I don't know.

      I read somewhere that the optimal Free T4 for healthy adults is above 1 (I was .85) and optimal T3 is above 100 (I was 99). So could this mean that I am slightly off for my numbers? 

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      Hi Kerry, your situation is typical. I just want to say OMG! Seriously, PPD? For three years? And before you were pregnant!!!! Sorry you’re getting this sort if response from docs.

      I suggest you read through the many thyroid posts to get an understanding of what thyroid patients deal with as far as diagnosis and treatment. Its pretty much a disaster at every step.

      I might add tgat low thyroud is known to cause miscarriages, so I would think your docs woukd have tested your thyroid regularly while pregnant.

      Your TSH is well below 2. This indicates healthy thyroid. You should retest in 3-6 months, and possibly repeat if your symptoms persist  because thyroid disease doesn't always show out of range blood tests.

      Your vitamin D is WAY low! This could cause problems for you and could indicate malabsorption and other deficiencies. Many thyroid patients have low vitamin D.

      Ok, so here it is, thyroid patients often have nutritional deficiencies along with a bunch of other nonspecific symptoms and health problems. If you’re deficient in one thing, you’re likely deficient in others, maybe due to gut problems which often accompany thyroid disease. Protein deficiency can also cause hypothyroid symptoms.

       So we wind up spinning in circles trying to figure out what the root cause is.

      Easier to add in some good quality vitamin  and mineral supplements to your routine than to test for every deficiency. I’m not sure how effective vitamin D supplements are. I’m always deficient and the vitamin D supplements didn’t seem to help. 

      While you were pregnant and  taking pregnancy supplements, did these help your symptoms? 

      In the end, you know your body and you know something’s up. I find it annoying that docs want to put your symptoms on PPD. Docs rarely tell men there’s no readon for their symptoms. 

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      VERY frustrating. I have been on PPD meds for 3 years now with zero relief and I just feel like I'm going crazy and everyone just tells me I am depressed. But I know my body and I know something isn't right.

      I didn't notice any improvement during pregnancy. Still so tired (napping every day), foggy, memory problems, etc.

      2 years after having the girls and no relief from depression medication, I asked them to check my thyroid. All they check was my TSH and the number was .87 (range of .34 - 5.6). 

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      So it was .87 in 2017 and now 1.35 for TSH. Unfortunately, he only checked TSH and nothing else so I don't have the ability to compare the other numbers. 

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      Kerry, I don’t know if tge fluctuations in your TSH are normal or not. TSH less than 1 seems a bit low. Try to get a consult with an endocrinologist.

      You need to look at the side effects of your medications. I’m  wondering why you’re taking antidepressants (all of which have side effects) that don’t offer any sort of relief.

      I would also caution you that many medications are very physically addictive and need to be researched well when going off them.

      I’d start looking at gut issues. A large % of seratonin is produced in the gut. You know you have nutritional deficiencies- which can be due to gut problems.

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    These are questions to ask an endocrinologist. Good luck!
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    Hi Kerry, just checked the T3 and T4 ranges. Yes, your numbers are near the bottom of the ranges.

    Yes, you likely have hypothyroid disease, and it is probably advanced. I found with my thyroid dusease, that the TSH only spiked mildly (2.5) in the early stages following chemical exposure. 

    Later on, the TSH didn't show as spiked.

    You need to get a thyroid ultrasound to check for cysts or goiter, this is an alternative method for diagnosis.

    You need to see a REALLY good endocrinologist.

    Here’s the main problem you’ll encounter even with a diagnosis: Your TSH IS NOT ELEVATED. Thyroid medications will suppress TSH, which further suppresses your own thyroxin production. So intervening by thyroxin replacement may not have good results for you. Thyroxin replacement, especially the synthetic meds have a lot of side effects. So think twice, even though you’re desperate, about trying the meds. They can actually worsen your symptoms, cause other problems and worsen brainfog. 

    I can tell you I've been through thyroid hell on the meds and they only made things worse. When I was finally able to get my head together, I was able to do my own research and found that essential amino acids were incredibly helpful. Seriously, they worked way better than the meds! 

    Back to your D vitamin deficuency that doesn't respond to the supplements you’re taking.  If you’re degicuent in one, you’re deficient in other nutrients. Thyroid disease is often accompanied by gut problems that result in malnutrition. Try the essential smino acid complex, you’ll have to try different doses to see what works. If it works for you, your body will start healing all the way around.

    You’ll have to troubleshoot your health one step at a time. You’ll beed to look at causes of thyroid disease, chemical toxicity, radiation, exposure to muctobial contaminants, immune system dysfunction, autoimmube disease.

    Hope that gives you some insight and some options.

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