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So after having red eyelids for as long as I can remember (probably when I started taking notice in my appearance, I'm only 19) I finally got a test on the eyes and turns out I have blepharitis. Im very lucky tho as I don't have anything as bad as some you guys have, which sounds horrible, which is why I've been getting really on top of my blepharitis so it doesn't develop into anything worse, but right now I hate my red eyelids, in saying all this tho I am grateful I don't have anything worse, my eyelids just really bugs me.

My eyelids are really, really red always and I absolute hate it, people ask if I'm sick all the time or if I'm on drugs, and I just hate it so much, I've become really self conscious about it, hate getting photos as it reminds me of my eyelids. I just want eyelids that aren't red.

Anyway so I've been to 2 different optometrists and both were huge douches, they didn't help at all just told me 95% of people don't put in the effort to fix it and I won't so they'll see me in 5 years when my blepharitis makes my eyelashes grow into my eyes and that I'll never completely cure it, but I can manage it better.

My questions are is it actually possible for me to make my eyelids less red? They've been red for that long I just assumed that's the colour of my eyelids, I can't actually picture my eyelids ever not being red. So if I put in the effort, could that ever happen? Right now I'm hot compressing in morning followed by baby shampooing the eyes in morning and at night, is there anything better I could be doing? Or any information would be much appreciated.

My other question is what your opinions on prescription free glasses, Like I just want my red eyelids to be less noticeable, I would spend money on glasses like that so I can wear them to work and uni and not have to be questioned about my eyes.

I know the glasses probably wouldn't have a huge help as you could see straight through the lenses, but I do have to wear glasses just for reading and it makes me feel bit more comfortable with my eyes. I'm also curious if someone would be easily able to tell that I'm wearing fake glasses, like I've never taken notice to see if someone is wearing fake glasses or not.

Cheers for the help smile

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    Wearing spectacles just with plain glass/plastic in - no one will know.  Also wearing glasses can help protect the eyes from the wind and debrie blowing around, so there is less aggreviation on the eyes and that can help with dryness.  However, how to stop/improve red eye lids,  I haven't found a solution as yet.

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    Hi! So sorry to hear you have this awful Blepharitis. I've had a lot of the other symptoms and slightly red eyebrows on and off.  I found coconut oil helped a little. Just rubbed a little on. Not too much as the warmth of the skin makes it a bit runny once on and would run into the eyes. 

    I've been going to an Opthalmologiest rather than an Optrometrist. I'm sorry to hear how unsympathetic they've been. My Opthalmologist has been most kind. Although he has also recommended the baby shampoo treatment he put me onto a course of drops to get the inflamation under control and then to hopefully maintain it. Early days yet.

    I did find the coconut oil soothing and use it at night on my face (not too much) as it became so dry and because of the blepharitis am not able to use my usual face cream.

    I am also taking Omega 3 tablets and flaxseed oil powder in my cereal as this helps long term.

    I think with all of us it's a bit of trial and error, but I feel it helps to be determined to find the thing that works best for you.

    Maybe try a little bit of coconut oil. 

    Hope you 

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    Glasses are a great idea. It will protect your eyes from environmental triggers and may give you more confidence. Over the counter glasses with a low magnification will not look fake.

    Like me, you may have contact dermatitis or Ecezma on your lids and around your eyes. It often goes along with Blepharitis. I use fragrance free dermatologist recommended cream for sensitive skin on my lids and around my eyes. Just a small drop applied to wet skin to lock in moisture keeping it out of my eyes and away from my lash lines. 

    Apply  it after you do your eye washing routine and leave it on. Once in the morning and once at night before bed. It really helped me and I hope it helps you as well. Try Aveeno or Cetaphil for delicate skin.

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    Hi Jay, I've had Bleph for two and a half years and only recently have it under control. I do the heat mask morning and night after shampooing my eyes with Johnsons baby shampoo. After heat treatment I wipe each eye with a separate facial wipe before putting in eye drops for dry eyes. Check out the benefits of tea tree oil. Some folk find it helpful though I haven't used it myself.

    now for the glasses...I've recently bought new varifocals which have drive safe anti glare coating and react to light too. Since having them I am much more comfortable. Good luck with your Bleph. I'm sure you will win through.all the best. Pam

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    I am in the same boat.  The edge of my eyelids are always red, AND because my optometrist never noticed ANYTHING, my lid rims thickened and actually show beneath my lashes.  When I complained that I was losing lashes and that my eyes looked FUNNY, he prescribe LIlash to grow lashes instead of trying to diagnose the problem.  I went to an opthamologist who saw the problem in 10 seconds.  But the thickened eyelids from backed up glands will not go away.  I do the compresses with little results once per day.  I stopped the shampoo and went to Wet Ones morning and night to cleanse my eyes.  That has helped a little.  I stopped wearing contacts and went to glasses which do help disguise the problem.  I use Azasite drops and an antibotic ointment each night.  That helps too.  Nothing makes it go away.  We will all keep looking.  Good luck!


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      My solution is to rub some liquid soap into the EYEBROWS then wash in warm water. Works for me every time and lasts for ages . I think eyebrows must have dandruff which falls into the eyes
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    Hi! I agree about washing the eyebrows.  Mine used to itch terribly. I wash them with the water, baby shampoo and drop or two of Tea tree oil solution that I use on my eyes. I just dip a cotton pad in the water, squeeze out a little and then rub over well. Also the bridge of my nose and a little below the sides of my eyebrows, areas that used to itch as well.  The itching has stopped.


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    I have blepharitis and are eyelids are always red according to my eye surgeon who is not an optomotrist, they just prescribe glasses, they are not like the surgeons docto has me on the miracle drug Avenova to clean the eyelids the baby shampoo and wipes did nothing for me. Go to there web page. its a miracle drug and no one has copied or made a generic for it.
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      I have to agree with you. It was prescription Avenova that helped me get control of my symptoms. I used it for 3 months and then I was able to use OcuSoft Plus to maintain. However, I have a bottle of Avenova on hand just incase I should have a flare. 


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    Hi Jay.

    Glasses are only covering up the problem. If your vision is good don't get glasses.

    I have red eyelids since I was. Well forever. Went thru some very hard times in life. You sound like me 20 years ago.

    Try eat healthily. Some fruit and most, most, most importantly get exercise. It's great for the mind and body.

    Keep your eye lids clean every day. I have tried everything. Use a face cloth with very warm water, and compress for 30 seconds, to remove flakes and sleep. I use boiled kettle water and mix with a little bit of cold, don't burn yourself. Then Try this, find getting a small container, say 50ml. And mix 40 ml water, about 4 tea tree oil drops, 5 drops of Johnsons baby shampoo. Mix it up.make sure keeping the 50 ml container sterilised ( easy, just use boiling water to clean it each week). never use tea tree oil direct, it will burn you. It's strong stuff.

    Hooe this helps.there is no permanent cure. But this helps a lot. My eyes, eyelids are not as red. I have accepted they will never be clear as normal eye lids. Such is life. Could be so much worse. Millions have blepharitis. so don't dispare.

    Best of luck. And let us know how you get on. Try the above for 7 days. You should see results.

    Also try an allergic test to food types, ask your doctor.


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      Sry. Use a cotton bud / qtip, and dip in the solution you made, and gently rub one eye at a time. For about 15 seconds.then rinse with water. Then repeat for other eye.
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    Thank you for your advice.  I will look into the Avenova.  I have never heard of that one.  Tea Tree oil is from a health food store, I presume.
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      Yes. Tree tea oil, readability available at drug stores of in some super markets.
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    Cheers for all the replies guys, you're all legends and it actually means a lot. So much information and new things to try.

    I've been cleaning them everyday and I have noticed a difference already or maybe I'm just feeling more confident that I'm actually doing something. I still do have bad days, like when I work in aircon my eyes become the actual worse, but I guess I just have to accept and take it on and try fix it. Thanks heaps everyone 😄

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      Hi Jay, thanks for your positive feedback and glad to hear you are feeling more confident with your efforts to control your condition. I've just returned from a cruise holiday and I had been very worried about being able to do my eye heat routine in the cabin.  Also dealing with lights around the boat and particularly watching the shows. As it turned out all went well with all my concerns and my eyes were very well behaved lol. Whether it was being in cleaner air at sea and in Baltic countries where the pollution and allergens seemed less, I don't know. Best not to analyse really. Dont let your condition spoil your enjoyment of life or erode your confidence or self esteem. All the best X

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