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Hi everyone.... been out of forum for a while busy and running all the time. NEED encouragment going for biopsy at 2h45 today. Hade one 3years ago but now doing for a suspect lesion ( white thiker spot next to perinea) and also checking hyperpigmentation ( post inflamatory) ouf .... i need hugs....

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    Hi Brigitte,

    Best of luck for today. I am sure it will be nothing to worry about, and think how relieved and more relaxed you will feel once you have that info.


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      Guppy !!! thankyou so much... its done !!! im so relieved and nowi will take one thing at the time and deal with issues if it occurs. I think doctor was in a bit of a hurry cause i felt the punch a little bit . he took it in labia minora were i have a darker pigmentation. outch!!! thankyou i realy needed you guys today for this intervention. You girls are precious . hugs xx brigitte

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    Oh, Brigitte! hugs and hugs.... all of this is scary - so we often get in the worry mode about cancer. Please let yourself drop that worry, and breathe it out, okay honey. That's my hug. Now... for a bit of reference: I have a friend who 20 years ago cured herself of Breast cancer with taking what was then considered a lot - 2,000 mg of Vitamin D3, plus Cat's Claw (Unicaria). I told my sister about the research on Cat's Claw at about the same time, and after radiation (breast lumpectomy) she is healthy as a horse with still taking Cat's Claw and using acupuncture and a functional preventative medicine approach to life.

    Please just go into that biopsy appt. with a relaxed atmosphere, that no matter what it says, you will be FINE! Complementary medicine studies things that our disease-based western typical training doesn't. Of course we are grateful for both tyes of research in medicine. Blessings

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    good luck hun

    hope it goes well

    i know its not pleasant sending you a hug xx

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    i had that same kind of white thick spot on my perineum too. 30 years ago it was called cervical dysplasia- squamous cell carcinoma. they just cut the piece out ( wide area excision) then did laser on the margins and had to get colposcopy ( they our acetic acid aka vinegar, on the area every 4 months and if there are any areas that their special light shows a color reaction to the vinegar) they biopsy punch it to make sure its still the pre-cancer cells.

    Fast forward to this year and I could feel

    the same thing in the same area. so

    they biopsy yes same cells again. got it surgically removed and its a stage 3 squamous cell carcinoma now. Stage is just the size area. AND FINALLY they say lichen Sclerosis. That where I joined this forum searching for info.

    so i now see oncology gynecology every 3 months to let them look with the light and vinegar.

    The Dr. should biopsy the white part because thats the abnormal cells.

    For years I had no clue.

    if i had just ignored it it could have gotten worse. I used to just trust they would explain but unless you research and come armed with questions, info gets muddled. So i

    write my concerns like a to do list and my Dr appreciate it because they get busy too. So my Drs also have a sheet that is a preprinted page that tells what all you need to do. Even has other clinic phone numbers listed and if you need stat or later stuff like mammograms or flu shot. That way you got everything you know needs to get done. Aging, miscommunication, hectic schedule, all add to easily missed info.

    Anyway the main thing is to keep check on your results and follow up.

    i lived 30 years before my growth came back and hopefully another 30 goes by with no regrowth. even if it does they just remove it.

    So take heart you can get past it! i lived with this for 30 years not even knowing the real name lichen sclerosis.

    After reading what so many go through I feel fortunate I Have mild symptoms.


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      Thankyou so much for this detailed message. Its very weird he actualy decided to biopsy another area where my pigments where darker on my labia minora. Im so anxious to see what the verdict is. Im wondering about something though..... in the biopsy ( the whole) its all white flesh. ? its not bloody or pink . it looks like fat??

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      Joanne ... you had the thick white spot ....and you never had hyperpigmentation on labia minora . cause for me i thought i was going in for the white spot but they took biopsy in hyperpigmented ( dark spot) section.... ? i wonder why . And also did you have any discomfort symptoms on your spot ?

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    They told me its white because ( think of a pearl onion like a cocktail onion) the blood supply to that piece of skin is compromised. If you ever held your hand up in the air until it turned white like actresses do that before hand close ups so all the blood drains away from the hand its going to stay white for a bit and the veins do not show so much. The area around that white place will look darker in comparison.

    it was a really scary time for me 30 years ago & now with it coming back it was scarier at my age.

    its limited to skin though. They call it in situ which means just in that site. While any kind of cancer is scary it will stay in that place & if it comes back, like mine did its in the same spot. They just take it off again. Thankfully there is now a seperate category and its not considered a StD any more. I knew a woman whose husband divorced her because 30 years ago it was mislabeled as you were promiscuous even if you only had been with your spouse and no telling how many women were not believed.

    I was not promiscuous & could not understand until they said then your husband is cheating on you & gave it to you.

    So much shame & humiliation. One of you was to blame.

    Well guess what no its not an StD. You can inherit this from your parents too.

    So I'm sending you my prayers that the biopsy comes back free of cancer.

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    Just another couple of tips. If the area hurts later get some lidocaine at the store and dab a little bit with a cotton swab on the spot the punched the skin from.

    They gave me a tube to use for if it burned when i urinated because of where the biopsy was you cannot avoid getting urine on your hoo hah.

    if you ever have to get any thing done in your area ask them for the gel. They can give you some to put on before the procedures to numb you without needing a numbing shot which hurts more than the biopsy.

    Tattoo places also carry the numbing gels.

    Think of a tattoo needle poke and the gel numbs the sensitive areas. lol people get tattoos in that place so yes its got to hurt!!!

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