Need some advice! Blepharitis :(

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Hi guys, Im looking for some advice from fellow blepharitis victims! I was diagnosed last year after having a chalazion cyst investigated at an eye clinic, they chose not to remove the cyat themselves and said it would go away but to keep using hot water compress and baby shampoo. One year on the cyst finally disappeared! However only a couple of months after and it has returned sad my eyelid is really puffy and noticeably red where the cyst is. What other things can I try guys I'm currently using a hot compress flannel and baby shampoo to wash the eyes out. 

Many thanks,


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    Hi Stuart, you are doing the best thing for Blepharitis but, have you been back to your Ophthalmologist?  It sounds as though they need to re-assess you.
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      Hi there, thanks for the reply. I haven't been back since they discharged me and the original issue went away. It's only come back this past week so I'll get in touch with them and try to get an appointment. Thanks 
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      Let me know how you get on.
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    Hi Stuart,

    I chose not to have my Chalazion removed after seeing the op on Youtube (eugh!) and reading about people's experiences on various forums.  My worst one lasted almost 2 years - kept getting bigger, smaller, bigger, smaller and my eye lid was puffy.  I read that even after the op, there would be a lump of scar tissue so took my chances with leaving it to nature and a few cleansing routines.  Finally, I've noticed that my eye is less swollen and the puffy redness has lessened.  My routine is now :

    Daily 1000mg Sea Buckthorn (should take more (6000 recommended) but can't afford!)

    Low sugar/carb diet

    Wash face with baby wash, not shampoo as too drying

    Use clean flannel to wipe around face/eye-lid margins after washing, with unchlorinated, boiled water

    Hot compresses when I have time!!  Massage downwards with small circular motion on chalazion towards eye lashes (top lid chalazion) when warm

    Optrex Multi-Action Eye Wash on cotton buds - wipe round eye morning and evening from outside to inside on upper and lower lids at root of eye lashes.

    I really think the improvement started with the introduction of the Optrex.  My eyes feel much better and even seem more lubricated despite the fact that I constantly forget to use any lubricating drops.  My eyeballs are also noticably less bloodshot.  Very occasional itching but only if I use hair shampoo other than baby shampoo.  I then do eye bath of Optrex and this clears.

    Hope this helps :-)



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      thanks for the info ,is the optrex prouduct the eye bath prouduct in the blue bottle? Is it available in the uk?and dose it contain preservatives?

      what dose the Sea Buckhorn do?

      instead of useing the hot compresses have you heard any feed back on the Blepasteam goggels?



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      Hi Vanessa,

      The Optrex is sold in Boots, Superdrug etc...  It's the blue box with a green strip saying that it's for irritated eyes, I think.  Weirdly enough, although other products with preservative (eye drops etc...) cause allergic reactions on my eyes, this one hasn't SO FAR, but it DOES contain a preservative.  I know that I may become allergic at any point but my eyes have been so much better that I hope it isn't any time soon.

      Sea buckthorne is from chemists or health food shops - I got my latest batch from Nature's Best online because it's high strength but cheaper than on the high street.  Tests have shown that Flaxseed oil and others containing Omegas, relubricate the eyes/mucous membranes/skin when taken ORALLY over a long period of time.  SB is the same kind of thing - most people with bleph also have dry eyes - the eyes don't provide enough/the right kind of tears to cleanse germs out of eyes.  I recently read that the best combination was 1000 cod liver oil with 3000 flaxseed oil but had been taking the flaxseed for over a year so thought I'd give the SB a go.  I suppose it was the power of marketing that made me try SB instead of Flaxseed -  Linda Lusardi was on the advertising for the SB with her eyes sparkling and saying how fabulous they are!!  I did also read up on them and "ordinary" people said they were really pleased with the results.

      As for the goggles - I don't know anyone who has them.  I read about them with interests but the good reviews were equal to the bad ones so I decided that the £200 price tag couldn't be justified for me at the moment.  If you google Blephastream Goggles, you'll see a positive review in a well-known paper, think it may be Daily Mail??  You'll also find a forum discussing them in a less positive light.

      :-) xx

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    Hi Stuart,

    The other very important advice I was given was to avoid touching your eyes during the day with your fingers.  Unless fingers are scrupulously clean, they must stay away from your eyes.


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    A cyst results from some obstruction to a excretory duct or gland.

    In other words -

    A cyst usually forms at the end of some kind of tube.

    When the cyst clears up, you still have the tube left.

    This is why they can come back quickly.

    The tube is still draining/carring liquid inside it.

    You need to keep the tube open, by applying heat, then pressing gently on the tube and stroke towards the open end, so the fluid inside it is moved out.

    This helps keep cysts from reforming after the first cyst drains.

    If you keep this up until it is completely healed, it is very unlikely to come back.

    I advise you applying heat, then pressing on the tube so the fluid inside it is forced out the end, for 4 days after you think it is entirely healed.

    If you use eyedrops for allergies, this can cause the tube's end to shrink down or close, another way these show up.

    The same thing can happen if you use an astringent on your face to close your pores.

    Aftershave is an astringent, as is alcohol and witch hazel.

    Pimples reoccur due to this as well.

    The astringent causes the sweat gland to chemically close or reduce in size.

    You can use the heat and pressing routine for all of these.

    When the drops wear off, or the astringent dries, heat and press, so the end is kept opened.

    This shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes, at most, to do.

    *** You don’t want to press so hard you harm or stretch your skin. ***

    You apply heat to dilate/open the end of the tube/tract and directed pressure will start the fluid moving outwards again.

    This kept me from having pimples and cysts during junior high school onwards.

    I had a lot of facial cysts, eye cysts and the like.

    When a female doctor told me about this, it was wonderful.

    They went away and stayed away.

    *** If you need to apply heat in more than one spot on your face, you can steam the ends open.  Wash your hands well, then fill your sink with VERY hot water. Leaning over the sink and drape a towel over your head and the entire sink, to keep the steam inside. Let your face steam for 10 minutes. Blot dry and press. ***

    *** Added benefits - You can breathe in the hot steam to: unblock noses and sinuses and to help break up congestion in the lungs. Great for kids in pain and cheap. ***

    I really hope this helps you, as it did me, to avoid the pain of recurring cysts.

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    The Wet Ones have been a niracle cure for me.  Hope they ehlp you too.
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    Hi .

    I finally FOUND A SOLUTION TO Blepharitis.

    You know all the doctors say "hot compressions" with a cloth ? Well I found simply "steaming" them every day works wonders. I'm flake free now for 9 days. 

    1'st thing out of bed. Rince your face with water. Use this facial steamer (can get it from Argos UK or Ire) simply search for "steam health" you will find this, Visiq Facial Steamer. 

    Takes 30 secs to heat up. Simple place your face (mainly eyes) over the steam for about 5/6 mins. Then use the water build up on the cup, (as its 100% germ free and its clean) use a cotton bud and gently clean your eye lids. 

    After years of tying baby shampoo, gels etc etc. This is by far the most effective and simplest solution I have found yet. But do IT EVERY MORNING. (and night if needed).

    Hope this helps.


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      Hi there I am really interested in your post. I have had blepharitis for a number of years now and trying the facial steaming route and really pleased it's worked for you! When you clean your eyelids do you just do the rim and eye lashes or the actual inside and underneath of the eye lid?

      Many thanks!!

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    saw your remedy for blepharitis using steam machine. Just started Are you using drops Thealoz Duo How long before you get any relief. Lins

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