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I need advice.. I have acid reflux.. when I belch I bring up food and liquid.. its leaving a pressure or numb feeling in back of my throat just behind my tonsils.. anyone got any ideas.. Please. . I'm on domerid 10mg

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    Domerid that is a new drug for me. I read

    u have to be careful this med has side effects( cardiac). Have u had a EGD(Endoscopy) Your symptoms could

    be a fungal infection in the esophagus

    you could have GERD. With your symptoms they need to rule out

    hpylori it is the bacteria that causes ulcer

    u mite also have a stricture in your esophagus. If ur having any problems swallowing or the food gets caught and

    u cough it back up u need a dilitation of the esophagus. I would try some OTC PPI like omeprazole Nexium or Prevacid. If u have

    these attacks at meal time then take Zantac or Pepcid 30-60 mins before meals or follow the directions when ur suppose to take Domerid. Watch the fatty foods caffeine Candy spicey foods. Did u have this problem before u started Domerid.

    Chewing gum helps indigestion heartburn it really works. U need a gi dr if your family

    dr is blowing u off. Ask your dr to refer u to a gi dr. They have to if u get no relief.

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      Yes I had this problem before domerid.. I don't want to be awake if a tube is going down my neck gi girl.. I have a terrible phobia of that. I don't eat fatty foods etc.. I had bread and banana and later I had carrots potatoes and fish.. I'm b12 Def and pre menopause
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      I just remembered I ate home made rubbarb pie.. and low fat custard.. I bet it was rubbarb that done it.. I was fine up to that
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      They sedate you before they do the EGD/endoscopy

      You will be on your left side they spray your throat with a numbing spray they usually give you a drug called Versed

      it sedated you causes temporary amnesia so u do not

      remember the procedure. The dr guides the scope down your

      throat it is like swallowing a piece of meat then they blow air

      into your esophagus and stomach the air opens up the esophagus and stomach they look at it on a video screen.

      The test takes about 5 to 10 mins. They may do a biopsy

      depending on what they find. It is very easy. Bananas are very hard to swallow but they are not suppose to cause acid reflux

      watermelon is ok. Any citrus fruit is acidic not a good choice

      Chew your food until it is completely grounded in your mouth

      then swallow. Eat slowly small frequent meals like 5 to 6 per day not 3 large meals.

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      Rhubarb can make people sick.

      I do not know what the association

      between rhubarb and acid reflux

      but it is acetic.

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      Did you have it done.. do you remember anything.. is it scary.. do you get sick.. can't the just X ray or Mri or scan..
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      Yes I have had it done 3 times. It does not hurt it is like swallowing

      food once it gets past the gag reflex all u feel is air. There is no pain. U can breath fine. I had it done once

      without sedation it just felt weird but

      if u take deep breaths u do not gag

      I do not remember the other two.

      You just have to make it clear u do not want to remember. Find out ahead if time if the dr is a good sedated. It is a piece of cake. The colonoscopy is a pain in the but u have to take a prep clean yourself out u have to drink a jug of stuff to poop your brains out u have to be clean

      so the dr can see the colon wall it can take 30 to 40 mins. I have had 3

      colonoscopies I have polyps. ur suppose to get one by the age of 50.

      They can do a upper GI it is an X-ray but u have to drink this crap so your

      esophagus stomach shows up on X-ray. I would rather have the EGD.

      People get so anxious about the EGD. U may get a sore throat for a couple of days mostly scratchy.

      It is simple.

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    I already write to u. U need to see a gi dr or ear nose and throat, U could get a upper gi or barium swallow they are X-rays u drink

    a prep they take pictures am EGD would be best. Tell your dr if the medication isn't working he can switch u to something else.

    Good luck

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    Hi I am exactly like you about the endoscopy - terrified! But I have several friends who have undergone it and they say it is not half as bad as you expect. You don't even remember the procedure if you are sedated. 

    I have had these problems for about four months now, I tested positive for helicobacter pylori and had a course of 2 antibiotics which did not help...sometimes a further course is needed so I am seeing my GP this week about that. If that does not work I will have to think about endoscopy. I take 30 mg Lanzoprazole twice a day before meals and Gaviscon Advance after meals but don't get much relief from the sensation of the lump in throat. I find organic yoghurt like Onken or Yeo helps a little though. Good luck!

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      Hi Jennifer I have b12 Def

      I'm pre menopause

      Acid reflux..

      It is scary.. I'm on domerid 10mg twice a day for acid reflux..The strength is not very high but I can take 8 in a day the leaflet said..

      I'm on b12 injections every 8 weeks..

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      Hi Jennifer

      I was a GI nurse/Endoscopy nurse for 20 years I assisted thousands

      of procedures. An EGD (upper endoscopy) They do not hurt. They lay u on your left side they spray your throat with a numbing spray so u do not gag they sedate you with Versed

      it sedated u it also caused amnesia so I don't remember. U have to remove any dentures. They place a bite block in your mouth the gi dr lubed up the scope then with 2 fingers he guides the scope to back of throat he tells u to swallow u can

      still swallow even after sedation but u don't remembe. It is like eating food once u swallow the food u do not feel it anymore they blow in air to open up esophagus and stomach look at it on

      a video screen it takes 5 to 10 mins.

      Do u gag when u brush your teeth. Everyone who comes in afraid say is that it. The colonoscopy is longer u have to be on clear liquid and take a prep almost a jug so u can poop your brains out. U get sedated, U go to recovery for an hour then ur done, u mite have a scratchy throat for a few days. U can breath very easily. the test is a piece of cake. I have had 3



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