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Hi all. 

So so this is where I am at now. After numerous weekly visits to my dr, she has now decided I just have some un-diagnosable thing. She hasn't been much help. The consultant said I have IBS. When I questioned the weightloss, undigested food, loose stool of large volume, pain after eating on my left side under my ribs and I to my back. She still said IBS. I asked for more tests. She said no. She has prescribed amtitruptline which she wants me to take for 4 months then she will see me back. 

My endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy were all clear. So that ruled out IBD, inflammation, cancer, and h-pylori. 

Ive had another recent round of bloods my ALP is still up by 1 but everything else is normal. 

My my scans are all normal (MRI,MRCP, ultrasound) 

my recent pain progression is pain on my left side under my ribs, almost constantly. Hundred times worse after eating which spreads round into my back. This pain is now worse than the pain on my right side under my ribs. My stools are still loose but are of normal colour. I did have one stool recently that was white and another that was yellow. I have no oil in my stool. 

My fecal elastase is 480 which is normal. 

I have ace asked for testing for fructose and bike malaborbstion also for fat malaborbstion in a fecal fat test. My requests have been declined. 

Another Dr I have seen thinks I have a nervous stomach cause by anxiety so out me back on omperazole. This has not helped so far. I am also taking peppermint oil capsules. 

Can anyone please help me with what could be causing this!? 

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    Sorry my phone played up. 

    I do do not have gastris and I have no ulcers or hernias. 

    Thank you for reading! 


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      It sounds like gallstones! Have you had a scan on your gallbladder, kidneys and liver? Out of ten (ten

      Being worse) what's your pain?

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    Hi Gem I have exactly the same problem no help from docs the pain is unbearable
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    I would try for a couple of weeks nexium. Its sold over the counter.  20mgs 1 morning and 1 at night....and see how you feel. I have been on it for a couple of years and cant stpo taking it even though all my test were OK like yours... I believe they might be some small ulcers hard to detect and the nexium or any pill of that group acts with a protective cover that creates relieve...

    ... Also wait until the recomended pills kikt in and watch what you eat, check the footmat diet. Hope this help!

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    Sorry to hear u are suffering. Sometimes it may be necessary to go on a strict gluten fee, dairy fee and sugar free eating plan to figure out a problem. Keep a diary. It's not easy but can solve a problem
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    lve simular problems, re pain pelvic area up to waist in recent times, tiredness fatigue sleepiness-abnormally, bouts of nausea loss of appetite and lost weight. Had 2 scans, scope, blood tests, urine samples, shows a bit of gastritus but not enough to explain severe symptoms, put on omprazole but not helped, have started taking 5mg low dose amitrip, helps with sleep, but thats all, l dont think it can help my mental state, and l am bored, frustrated, depressed, but feel too rough physically for it to overcome that.  But it seems phycalogical and ibs given as common reasons for symptoms, l,m begginning to think youve to collapse before its taken seriously, as for affect on lifestyle re to an existance, seems of no consequence to them, l,m sure it would be if a women of status, re gp, judge, mp, Scuse my cynicicm, how l feel today, but sorry l cant offer you much help, l guess youve been checked for gall bladder and tried gaviscon, l think ginger tea or ginger bits can help a bit,  or have you tried heat pads on pain area.  l,d give the amitrip a go, but in low does, l0mg or less, more than that and youll be sedated. Seems so many with simular problems and responses, and left to it. l hope we all find solutions soon. 
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    My husband had the same issues, so he did the elimination diet until he discovered it was frutoce malabsorption. Google it and try it. Sometimes we have to take matters in our hown hands. 
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      l have to say that l and most with severe health problems have tried all manner of alternative,s, elimation diets, therapies, l dont know of anyone with chronic long term pain or health probs that hasnt gone to endless lengths in taking matters into their own hands, and still left with same symptoms.  lve also known people whove endured and taken matters into their own hands and much later been diagnosed with serious or life theatening illness,s.  So its good for you and your husband he,s found the cause of his problems, but its not as simple for everyone, though the pc if it works for me it can for you response. 
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      My advice was because this person asked for the malabsorption test and was denied. So, they could "take matters into their own hands" by trying the elimination diet. My reply wasn't directed toward people who have tried everything, and I'm hardly aiming to be "pc." 
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      Sorry if l offended, just having a very bad day with pain and fatigue which has been getting worse over 2yrs, recently disabling,  and having tried everything as alternatives, your reply just touched a nerve.  as l thought it was generaly pc advice,  Scuse me for being touchy, ignore,  end of tether day. Keep giving advice as l,m sure its appreciated, l,ll go away till l feel better.  
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      l think lve a problem with things due to 12ys of pain and ill health put down to gyny, then hormoneal, finally phycalogical, with all relavent treatments, including hysterectomy, symptoms remained, finally referral to right ologist resulting in cystascope, diagnoses intersticial cystitus, inflammation of bladder, deep seated infection, scarring, luckily treatment did reduce symptoms by 90 percent, but had lost 12yrs to poor health and severe pain affecting partner and family also, young kids. So know there are some gps who are incompatent and make bad mistakes through misdiagnoses or even just referring you for right test or to specialist, left me cynical, but do understand and accept that some symptoms can be improved through self help, and l do appreciate advice seen on mbs myself, any info tips worthwhile  Just me being overtouchy today through feeling beep beep, thanks for advicing others and response. 
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    Hi Gem.  I'm 73 and I finally figured out that most people my age have problems, but it still irritates me that I've had pain like you described for over 2 1/2 years with seven different diagnoses.  Several different doctors, many different tests, diets, meds, etc.  I have a very high inflamation rate but they can't pin it down to any cause.  I have heard that it's not uncommon to have undiagnosed pains.  This probably doesn't help you much but just know that you're not alone.
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      I went to A and E 2. times they examined me done bloods and examined my  tummy x ray said all my bloods were good and said I could have constipation . bowel movements have been loose still in a lot of pain for 3 nearly weeks now .I take oramorph parecetomol for back problems and the doc put me on fentanyll patches 2 weeks ago still no releief
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    Is it just me, or does IBS just seem like doctor short hand for I Bloody don't know what's causing your Symptoms?!

    I agree with xmaryx. I had loads of random symptoms, lots of gastro things along with a very painful facial rash. This went on for almost a year and basically got to the end of the road with the GPs. I felt so helpless and like they just didn't care that I was feeling so awful. I genuinely felt like I was dying. But I read around and thought that a lot of my problems were similar to the symptoms of coeliacs. Since the doctors weren't helping anymore, I decided to try cut out gluten for 6 weeks just to see if it helped and all my symptoms improved significantly- my rash completely disapeared. I then went back to the GP with this info and asked to be referred to gastro. I waited 7 months for my gastro appointment and in this time I've done a full elimination diet and have found that I have an extreme reaction to gluten and some gastro problems when I eat dairy. When I cut out gluten and dairy, after about 2 weeks, I feel amazing and have no gastro problems whatsoever and no rash. I wouldn't have got to this had I not taken matters into my own hands.

    I'm now about to get fully tested for crohns, lactose intollerace, coeliacs but no matter what the outcome is, I know I'm not going to be eating gluten once this is over.

    I do respect the medical profession however, I think they are limited in what they (as a community) know so far, the medicines they have to treat and the procedures to test. You are the expert of your own body and I think we sometimes have to really study what's going on for us and try figure it out ourselves. This isn't easy though- for me, there isn't an instant reaction to what I eat- with gluten, there's a mild stomach cramp at first but the real reactions don't kick in until about 8-12 hours later and last for about 4 days, but with dairy, it's about 24 hours later. If I wasn't keeping a detailed diary, I don't think I would've made the links- and hadn't done for 36 years. There were so many clues to what was going on for me but it took a while for me to see it and join the dots.

    My advice is to do a detailed, systematic emilination diet to find out if anything  is triggering your symptoms. You need to eliminate foods until your symptom free and then introduce a food group one day at a time, leaving about 3-4 days inbetween each test. It will take you a few months but it's most definitely worth it. 

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