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Sorry for the long post...

Ok so about three weeks ago, maybe almost four, I was at work and everything was normal. Randomly, I got a sharp pain in my upper abdomin which lasted a very brief but extremely painful two seconds. After the pain went away I felt  ok and proceeded with the rest of my day, no problem. The next day I woke up feeling very bloated and crampy. The cramping was on both sides of my stomach( pretty much like the cramping you get before having diarrhea.) I went to work and tried my best to get through the day but the bloating and cramping had me very stessed out. Eventually I went to use the rest room and noticed I was having to push much more than I normally did. When it finally came out( after a couple minutes) I looked and noticed there was mucus in it. Not a huge amount, but it was deffinately noticable. I came to the conclusion that I must have been constipated, even though I was going everyday. So when I got home that night I drank a cap full of Milk of magnesia and waited for the explosion. Nothing happened.

After about a day or two The bloating had gone and the cramping had gotten a bit better, but my stools seemed to be very inconsistent. I was a person who usually only went one or twice a day now I was going three or more. There was still mucus in my stool but not nearly as much. I also noticed at this point that there was chunks of undigested food in my stool, tomatoes, onions, carrots, and corn(sorry if its TMI) My stools went through many different textures sometimes looking as if a bunch of tiny balls were stuck together, sometimes it would be soft with undigested food, and sometimes I would have both in the same movement. Now at this point I began to grow extremely conserned and stupidly turned to google for answers(Yeah I know huge mistake.) Of course the worst case scenarios popped up Ulcers, chrons disease, Inflamitory bowel disease and of course the worst of the worst colon cancer. Naturally I went into full blown panic mode.

The next day I decided enough was enough and that I would try one last time to clean myself out and If that failed I would go see a doctor. So after work I picked up a bottle of Magnesium citrate(which I heard worked much better than milk of magnesia) and a case of water. The moment I got home I drank the entire bottle of magnesium citrate, two bottles of water, and some unsweeten tea. With an hour I was sitting on the toilet. after about two or three hours of jumping up to run to the bathroom I fin ally felt as if there was nothing else in me, and I felt pretty good. Until a couple days later.

After a good couple days, I thought I was back to normal, my bowel habbits still were a bit off, and there was still some mucus, but the cramping had pretty much gone away. So I was feeling pretty hopeful that I was in the clear. Unfortunately something else started happening. My stomach began to rumble constantly, and I felt as if I had large gas bubbles moving around inside me. When I pressed on on them my stomach would make a large gurrgling sound. And sure enough the cramping had come back, more so on my left side about two inches to the left of my belly button. I decided enough was enough and It was time to make a doctors appointment.

Now I was at the doctors about a month ago and had blood work done. The result came back normal except for slightly high bilirubin, which the doctor said wasnt high enough to cause any concern. At the time I had just got over having a massive panic attack so my blood pressure was sky high. This time when I went, my blood pressure was great. The doctor had checked my throat, felt my neck, and listened to my lungs, before having me lay down. As I lay there she pressed on my stomach in a bunch of different locations. Asking as she pressed if it hurt. I told her it pretty much only hurt in the one spot. She asked how long it had been going on, and I told her the entire story. She didnt seem concerened at all. She came to the conclusion that I was just constipated. I told her that I had taken Magnesium citrate a couple days before and felt like I had gotten it all out. She told me to try again. 

So to make a super long story short, I drank some magnesium citrate and again I felt fine for a couple days. Now last night I started having pretty bad cramping and discomfort in the same spot as before. I was also using the bathroom alot more these last couple of days. Yesterday I went probably 4 times, and today I've gone about 4 times. The cramping is pretty bad and seriously irritating me. Its been about three, almost four, weeks since all of this started and still hasnt gotten better. Im starting to really get worried. So my question is, has anyone else gone through this? What should I do now?  What do you think it could be?

Here some other info about me:

1. 24 year old male

2. I do suffer from anxiety and depression

3. I have asthma


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    Thanks for all the support. I'll continue to keep you guys posted over the next couple weeks smile If anyone is having similar symptoms I would love to hear about what you are going through.
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      No more mag citrite its an irritant, thats hiw it works to make u go. Was wring of ur dic to say do it again. You probbly have gastritis and that is worst thing for it. I did it also and later was told same. Bland diet
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    Hello everyone, Just thought I would give a quick update on my situation. So not much has changed since the last time I posted. Its been over a week since I saw the doctor at urgent care. I was put on a bland food, clear liquid diet. I followed the diet for about four days before I became frustrated. I have still been drinking clear liquids but I have began to eat other foods again, as I feel like the bland food diet is doing nothing but making me malnourished. I was put on Dicyclomine Which seems to help with the pain but only temporarily . I've still been switching between Soft and hard stools, still seeing mucus in the stool, and still having abdominal pains. I dont think my symptoms have gotten worse but Im pretty sure they havent gotten much better either. My anxiety seems to be getting the best of me and my imagination is running completely rampant. I'm not sure if I should go back to urgent care or go back to my primary. This situation is beginning to really drive me crazy. 
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    Hi Mike, I read your post, and if I didn't know better, I would think I wrote your original post myself. I have nearly identical symptoms, but without the anxiety, depression, and asthma. I am 32, male, from Canada, and very healthy (work construction, gym 3 times a week, no drugs or booze, mostly organic diet, non smoker, etc). I literally only signed up to this site to say that you are definitely not alone lol. From the time I was born, until November 2015, I had a steel stomach, but beginning of December, until today, I've had what doctors thought was an ulcer, with the exact symptoms you described, almost to a T. Only problem is that since December, I've had blood tests, urine tests, a urea breath test, stool samples, ultrasounds, an MRI, food sensitivity/allergy tests, and as of this morning, an endoscopy, to confirm the ulcer, but nothing came back positive. I'm clean as a whistle. Mine didn't get better for almost 5 weeks, even with the bland diet, cabbage juicing, PPI's, etc, but then it seemed ok for a few weeks. It does come and go periodically, and can get really bad (as I'm sure you're aware of), but don't be worried. Both my GP (General Practitioner), as well as my ND (Naturopathic Doctor), are both looking for a solution, but I think it might boil down to Non Ulcer Dyspepsia. Read up on it, and tell me if this is what you've been feeling?

    Like you, I feel like hell has frozen over, and could use some answers. I can keep you posted on any answers I get as well :-)


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      Hello steve, and Thank you for your replies. It does help a bit to know that people are going through similar situations. The problem with stomach issues is that they all have pretty similar symptoms. I could be dealing with anyone of them, which is the scariest part. It is extremely frustrating to know that I'm 24 years old, I work out, eat fruits and vegies, dont drink or smoke, and can still be dealing with these issues.  That being said I'm going to set up an appointment with my doctor and push for some more tests.  Please keep me posted on your situation!
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    I should add, I've been taking zinc chelated with carnosine, supposed to enhance the stomach's mucosal defenses, providing significant improvements in gastric ulcer and dyspepsia symptoms, slippery elm root (used as a mucilaginous herb internally to coat and soothe mucous membranes while also absorbing toxins which can cause intestinal imbalances), Magnesium glycinate (Magnesium is used in the body to help active digestive enzyme reactions in your body as well as regulate the proper transit time of your bowels, and the glycinate form is one of the best quality Mg's, and the best choice for digestive problems), high quality omega 3 (anti-inflammatory, among other things), and digestive enzymes.

    They seem to have made a moderate improvement for my symptoms, but I haven't been on this supplemental regiment for long enough to give any discernable conclusion as to its efficacy. I'll keep you posted though.

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    Ok so just to give you guys an update. I started feeling better over the last few days. My stomach has finally stopped hurting and my bowel movements started to look and feel more regular. Color wise they are back to being normal shades of brown, they are long and solid, and all seemed to be finally going back to normal. That was until today when I went to the bathroom and discovered there was bloody mucus in my stool. Now im freaking out again. I just dont understand. Thinggs finally seemed to be going back to normal. Now this. I once again have to go back to my doctor. This whole thing is scary, embarrassing, and just frustrating. 

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