Negative thoughts and Anxiety

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Hello every one Haseeb here again with another discussion.

So I have been fighting anxiety for 6 months now and from the begening till now I have learned a lot about it. Seen many doctors etc...

one thing that the most important I have Cohn out that may worse your Anxiety and believe me it happened to me nagative thoughts may bring you back to the worse conditions you had with anxiety before . I know it's really hard to not think nagative and I know switching your thoughts to something else will not help.

Anxiety is very bad if you keep it u see a nagative point of view. You see our brain is very powerful it could creat all most any type of chemical in our body for example: an experiment was done in America 3 years a go . There was this person who was told to be killed by the judge because he had committed crimes so the doctors said you are gonna die any way we are gonna kill you with a snake bite. in front of him they put a big snake. Then they blind fold him and they took 2 needles and slightly poked him with the needles instead of snake bite now our brain can't see it only can feel and the brain felt like the snake bit him and the guy died at the spot because his brain thought of that nagative point where it thought the snake bit him and it made a snake poison related chemicals in his body that led him to death.

So that's why if you keep thinking nagative about your self like I seen people with anxiety worry about their health I use to worry about it a lot i still do but when I learned if I keep saying I have a heart deseas or some other illness our brain can make it happen and even if you don't have it you will end up having it so please for my friends out there if you just get your self busy keep doing something physical and just be tired on the nights and sleep a good night sleep I can promise you that you will improve..!!! And fight it batter

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    I understand what your trying to say but your post has really upset me! Basically your saying if I worry about having cancer or a heart problem then I'm going to cause that just by my thoughts??!!!! People with chronic anxiety/panic find it very difficult to control their thoughts and by you making that statement some people are now going to worry that if they think about it then it's going to happen. That could make their anxiety worse, I know it's not made me feel good.

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      Now they worry if they think about it they are going to have it . Yup every thine they think about it they will know it got to stop now they are forced to not think about it you know what I am saying . Now they are not going to worry if they have a cancer or now instead they are gonna tell them self if they think it's going to happen and this way they are afraid to not to think about it and that will make all the difference.

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      they do this because they have symptoms and are trying desperately to find answers, btu docs will not look deeply for a cause. As diseases progress, the symptoms become worse and worse.  The anxiety is monster hard.  We are not making ourselves sick. We are already sick, we're trying to find answers.

      Try hard not to judge, it will onlybite you in the butt later.

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    I can only speak for myself, but I have diseases.  One is a very painful and progressive connective tissue disease; mind over matter will not make it go away. It has an unknown cause, but it is likely do to the many toxins I was exposed to, plus mom's poor nutirition, she smoked heavily, exposiur to mercury, lead, etc., when young, not to mention all the crap they spray our food with!  GMO's, DDT, roundup, etc. 

    I also have celiacs; if i continued to eat gluten it would kill me. CD causes malnutrition (not to mention chronic watery stools, stabbing pains thoughout the GI system, severe weight loss . . . Gluten in food makes a person with CD sick. It is not mind over matter, thinking happy thoughts will not make me well.  

    Docs simply said I was lazy or it was in my head.  I had to nearly die before anyone did anything. 

    The anxiety over chronic malnutrition is a real anxiety, People with CD are dying a slow and painful death and no one listens, docs don't test enough because they see most folks as making themselves sick, it is narrow and dangerious thinking.

    That is why I push so hard to encourage everyone with depression and anxiety to get tested for CD. Anxiety was my very first symptom, coupled with depression.  No matter how hard I try to think positive thoughts, the diseases are still in my body. They will not go away and if I get gluten in my food, it could kill me. If it doesn kill me, I wish it would because it is very painful.

    It is my belief that all anxiety and depression is a symptom of a greater health issues that is not being detected.  Because of thinking like yours, and many doctors thinking people are causing their own sickness, we will never find answers.  It is this kind of thinking tell me why people can't get any helpful assistance from the medical. They treat the symptom instead of finding the cause.

    How might YOU feel if you had a deadly disease and someone told you it was all in your head, "just think positive" and it will go away"?  We know somehting is going on, but we can't find the cause because docs and people like you think we are causing our health anxiety~~It is deadly, dangerous thinking. 


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