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Hi all, I have been posting on here for a while about my many problems.

My appointment has been bought forward to see the gastro. It's now on Tuesday. I'm very nervous and scared. I really want answers but I'm so scared of what the answers could be sad

The last 3 days ive had pain mostly in my back on my right side. The pain goes up as far as my under arm area. I've also had pain on my left side in my back.

Still have loose stool that smell of chemicals. Pain before and after eating on my left side front. Pain on my right side front after eating a large or fatty meal. Chocolate/cheese sets its off.

I've also been diagnosed with fibromilga and I currently have an outer eat infection and a cold sad

I am just wondering if there are anything specific I need to ask or mention whilst I see the gastro?

I have written all my symptoms down. I'm gonna ask about endoscopy and colonoscopy. Also a Hida scan and possible EUS.

I really don't want it to be chronic pancreatitis sad

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    Hello Gem

    i was thinking it could be pancreatitis but also gallbladder. Ask for an ultrasound to see if this could be. I also have FM and it is difficult sometimes to know if this is making it worse. I had an ERCP to determine ongoing pain in this area but also blood tests to see where your liver enzymes are too. I hope you feel better soon and that your appt with the Dr answers these symptoms/ questions  for you.i got some  relief from warm castor oil packs on my liver area and back....My heart goes out to you..  

    Take good care and I wish you well for your appt.


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      Thank you for your reply jannie.

      I have had bloods tests (full blood count, liver function tests, amylase, lipase, Tumor markers, thyroid, diabetes, trypsin, hiv, hepititis, auto antibodies and rheumatoid arthritis) all were Normal.

      I have had 2 x MRI scans and 1 MRCP and 2 x ultrasounds that she everything as normal.

      My pancreas, gall bladder and liver are all normal.

      I saw the surgeon (who has refered me to gastro) as he said he doesn't think its my gall bladder and is possible my pancreas? He couldn't answer me when I asked why everything was showing up as normal hence why I'm now going to gastro. I'm so scared sad

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    From what you say you sound like I was before I had my gallbladder out.

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      Thank you for your reply holly, I really hope it is my gallbladder! I know that sounds odd but I really don't want it to be my pancreas! sad
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    Gem a diagnosis is what you need I agree with Holly I was told I had the flu, it was a hard journey but don't give up tests can be a long process I hope you get relief soon and a diagnosis very soon. I wish you well 😄
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      Thank you again Jannie, I know I need a diagnosis. It's been a year next month since it all started. I just everything to go back to normal.
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    Oh Gem so sorry you've been in this for a year.....wishing back to normal soon....
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    So ive just got back from the hospital and the Dr has diagnosed IBS. He said of I had chronic pancreatitis then something would have shown somewhere in either my blood, stools or on my scans. He said all my other symptoms and the fact that I'm bloated point to ibs. He had agreed to do a colonoscopy and well as an endoscopy. He wants to check for stomach ulcers and I wanted him to check my intestines (due to loose stools)

    I am happy it's not CP but I'm still not convinced on IBS but I'm willing to go with it for the moment!

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      Hope you get sorted soon and start to feel better.I went to see a specialist and he said I had NAfatty liver .I am having another scan on Thursday.he said the best way to go is to lose some weight I used to weigh 8 stone now I am just over 9stone. I am cutting out sugar. he said I had nothing to worry about,it may right it self.I will be seeing him again when he as the scan results.

      I'm also going to ask him to do a endoscopy .

      I'm fed up of not feeling well and hope I soon get things sorted

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    Hi, just something to consider. All of your symptoms could be the result of Celiac Disease... There are over 300 symptoms. Ask your Dr for the blood test and load up on gluten prior to taking it. 

    I was misdiagnosed for many years bc the Drs didn't connect the dots but rather treated the symptoms which can manifest in almost every system of your body. I was once diagnosed with IBS, lactose intolerance, even misdiagnosed with an ulcer at one point. Before my endoscopy, they had diagnosed me with diverticulosis & I experienced quite a bit of pain in my abdomen as a result. Loose bowels, sharp pains on my left side, & inflammation were a constant problem. 

    Hope you get to feelin better.


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      Hi Gale,

      I think I've already been tested for celiac disease. I think they were one of the first big load of bloods that we're done in October last year. Thank you for your suggestion.

      Just gotta wait for my endoscopy and colonoscopy for hopefully more answers.

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    Hi Gem

    Glad you have ruled out cp. You must be relieved.

    Good luck.

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      Hi busabasher,

      Yeah I am relieved although I'm not convinced at IBS at the moment. A lot of my symptoms don't fit IBS. Like flare up of pains on the right side that make me sick and my pooh lighter? That's not IBS, well none that I can find anything on the Internet about.

      But Im glad he's doing colonoscopy and endoscopy. Hopefully will get more information from having some eyes inside me!


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