New AFib no racing HB just irregular

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I was recently diagnosed (2 weeks ago). I seem to be in this constantly in that time. 

Im 37 - fit and healthy diet. 

I dont have have a racing heart and it still sits around 60 BPM resting. I only have the irregular heart beat. I've tried looking online and can't find anything relating to this. 

Would this change anything as far as treatment goes? 

Im currently waiting to see a cardiologist for consideration of cardioversion. 

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    I would get a second opinion pronto . if your resting heart rate is 60 - that does not sound like AFIB .Thats a rate all people with AFIB would love to have ! Good luck! 
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    From what I understand, you do not necessarily have to have a racing heart to have afib, which is an irregular heart beat
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      There are times when I go into afib and my heart rate goes very low. Then there are times it goes fast , either way the outcome is the sane for me I get short of breath , headache and just feel downright terrible .
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      I have been tracking my heart rate on my fit bit for a good 6 months. While I appreciate this is not the most scientific piece of equipment, even when I excercise it rarely gets over 160. 

      i can't seem to find another person that never goes into AFib without the presence of racing heart at least occasionally. 

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    If you haven't already done so, I suggest your et with a cardiologist as soon as you can.  They will run a battery of tests to see what's going on.  Good luck.

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    Comes to the same thing. I have paroxysmal afib (ie intermittent) and have a mix of racing heart one time, but then another my heart beats completely out of sync. Really weird and frightening. Cardio said it was all the same thing. I take Flecaine 150mg daily and so far so good. No afib since taking the drug. A bit wobbly to start with as had not very pleasant side effects to drug but, to be fair, feel fine now and am pretty much doing all I did before it began - I was diagnosed in June 2016, so all fairly new to me too. Like you I am otherwise extremely fit, never been over weight, no pre- existing health or heart issues. Just lucky I guess! Good luck with it. It takes a bit of getting used to but it's not the end of the world!

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    You probably have the good kind. I am like you - irregular but not 100+ like some patients. My resting rate is around mid fifties according to my fitbit. I suppose you will have to try five medicines and a couple of cardioversions but at the end of it all you may have afib and anticoagulants and live essentially normally. I've lived under those circumstances for forty years (I'm 78), still getting along well and planning that some other disease will kill me. Or, I suppose, a motorcycle wreck. Anyway, not afib.

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      What medications are you taking ? I take Tikosyn and Eliquis and they seem to be working although I have occasional fluttery moments which scare me . Thanks, Didi
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      I would have much preferred tikosyn instead of the amiordone I am currently taking but it was much too expensive. Do y get any kind of a deal on it?? The amiordone is the only drug I've taken in over the past year that has worked for me and thankfully I've had no negative side affects -- yet. I've been taking it since las October. I'm also on eliquis and have had no side affects. Pradaxa gave me indigestion very bad,y. 

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    Hi, I'm similar age, fitness and I had the same thing.  My resting heart rate was 65 bpm, but jumping around and thudding - never had racing beats.  Diagnosed as slow-rate afib through ECG by cardilogist.  No symptoms except feeling about about 15% off my normal self.

    I was chemically cardioverted in 3 days by Amiodarone then it came back 9 months later.  I then had electro-cardioversion in March 206 (amiodarone didn't work second time) which was a success.  I was then asked to consider an ablation as a preventative measure which in August 2016.  I felt a bit ropey for a few weeks then after 3 months started to have the confidence to do sports and now I would say i'm looking forward may come back in several years but i'll reass when and if it does.

    Personally I am really glad I had the ablation - it has given me back more than just maintaing my sinus heart rate but my confidence to do sports and I feel a lot beeter than when in Afib.  I hope this helps. 

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    You may have slow AF, it's not always necessary to have a fast heart rate to be diagnosed with AF. 

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