New chest pains are realy scaring me

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I am new to forums so hope I am doing this right!

I am sure you will have all heard a similar story but there seems so many conflicting answers I don't know what to do. My doctor s useless and offering no support let alone answers.

I have chest pains that feel like I'm having a heart attack and I get stabbing pains that feel as though they are underneath my ribs. My back constantly aches even when I sit or lie down. I get stabbing pains and can barely sleep in the early hours.  I bruise so easily and the slightest touch feels so painful.  My hands and feet go numb all the time and sometimes I get what feels like hot pin pricks in them. When I walk sometimes or am lay down I get shooting pains down my legs.

It's the chest pains that are scaring me most of all and I get them even sitting in car or trying o sleep at night. I find it so hard to get to sleep as I am so worried.


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    Hi Lyn I have chest pains all the time too and the pains in my ribs back and chest keep me awake! Try not to panic cos that will make them worse! Change your doctor until you find one that is sympathetic, rhomatoligists are normal the ones with answers! Hope you feel better soon
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    Hi Lyn,

    I have a friend with fibromyalgia ( I also have it ) who got chest pains like this. It turns out she also had a condition called costochondritis (think this is the right spelling). It's a condition that is more common in people with fibromyalgia. As far as I know it is treatable. My friend got treatment for this and is now fine again. When I heard your symptoms I immediately thought of this. Maybe this is what you have? You might want to look into it?

    Best of luck,


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    the cause is in the brain ,its constantly sending pain signals as its not working right its not life frieghting just bloody painful .in the reall world theres no such thing as pain ,its the brain interperting infomation the information sent by the nervous system . when the information is wrong it keeps sending the pain signals .

    the plus side if there is any plus side to fibro iv had it for 10 yrs

    , is there is a condition thats the complte oppersite where the body feels no pain at all ,for the same reason the brain gets the wrong signals ,this is life threating ,because people arent away of injuries ,so they could bite rigth thru there tongue with out even knowing. 

    you have to find ways to cope everyone has differant symptoms and everyone reacts differantly to meds .i take none except supplements , because i dont want the side effects . of meds .but some people cope well.

    stress is the major enemy of fibro ,because when your stressed you release more of the chemicles that causes your brain to react to the flight or frieght stage ,such as adrenalin and loads of other chemicles so hence your making things worse. 

    start looking for a good self hypnoses cd and start destressing an hr an day . this will help in a big way . and stop any stimulents like drink or cigs these will just agrevate the condition we need less stimulus not more .


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    Hi lyn,

    Sounds like it could be a pinched nerve. I had similar problems and it turned out to be a buldging disc with the numbness and tingling. Ask for a X-ray of UR back.

    For rib pain that's could be sore muscles strain from back issues or tissue surrounding the ribs pulling and bone on bone rubbing on ribs. I had taken antibiotics for that.

    Also could be gallstones had that too.. It's hard to breath the ribs hurt sooo bad.

    Ask UR doc for muscles relaxers see it that helps. Continue to bug UR doc. Don't give up. It took me ten years & 8 docs to discover the gallstones. Very painful to say the least. They thought I was having a heart attack because it mimics one. 

    So continue your search to help find what is causing the pain. 

    Kind Regards,

    HOPE confused


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    I have costochondritis and it causes stabbing pains under the ribs but not chest pains. I would change to a more sympathetic doctor and ask for tests on your heart, just to give yourself peace of mind. Think about it, if your doctors not being supportive I assume hes not getting you diagnosed with fibro... so, what does he think the chest pains are? If its not fibro, is he seriously just fobbing off a patient with these potentially life threatening symptoms? You hold all the cards here, if hes not committing to getting you tested for fibro, he needs to get your heart checked out. I also get chest pains but I put mine down to the fibro and im sure yours is also part of the syndrome that is fibro, but if youre losing sleep you need to talk to your doctor again and get him moving!! Fingers crossed for you xx
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    Get a referral to a Rhumatologist, he will sort you out, there's just sooooo many symptoms, this one I don't have...but I was rushed to hospital 20 odd yrs ago with the same, then I was diagnosed a few weeks later, they thought it was my heart blessed. and keep on this blog site...amazing info and lots of encouragement... Also can you change your doc..? to one who knows about Fibro...I always ask a doctor I first see. when I move, if they know anything about Fibro first....nothing worse than a doc not knowing anything, then tell us, its all in our blessed..:-) xx Australia
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    I have costochondritis also, and before it was diagnosed I spent a night in the hospital having a heart catherization done. Very scary!!!! I feel pains mostly in my chest where my breasts are and slightly above my breasts. It is crushing pain and if I lean over to pick up something, I feel it in my lower ribs. It gets worse with stress ( thus the hospital visit, the more upset I got the worse the pain got) I wouldn't say it feels like it's in my ribs so much as my chest. It is inflammation in the cartlege of your ribs. Mine eventually felt better, but does come and go. I also have pins and needles in my hands, and they are tender if bumped, but always sore. You have the same symptoms I had before I was diagnosed. The medicine I am on helps with the worst of the pain but doesn't help with the "weird" symptoms. Skin sensitivity, sensitivity to chemicals, vision changes, ear aches and sore throats with no cause, my hair follicles hurt if I try to wear my hair up and many more strange things that make my life miserable. I hope you find s knowledgeable and sympathetic Dr.
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      this is a strange one i have fibro and althose symptoms including your chest pains i have , mostly because iv got an old injury there.3 broken ribs ,and 3 epidurels wish i had know more about them before i agreed to them .

      i cant where my hair up even brushing or combing it hurts 

      i have tingling and pins and needles in my arms ,sore throats that come and go .i am tender all over if a bash myself it hurts like hell fire but strangely no bruise . god the body is strange.

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    Hi Lyn, you have definately got Costochondritis by the sounds of it.

    I've suffered with Fibromyalgia for 10+ years, and have always been able to "manage" the pain up until January 2014 when I began with severe chest pains. I went to the Drs who sent me straight to Admissions to get checked over. I spent 5 hours in hospital being tested for all kinds of things, chest xray, ECG, as they thought I had had a mini heart attack...blood tests to see if there was a clot anywhere & other things. They were confused, but as I hadn't changed & the pains had died down they sent me home with antibiotics & my usual co-codomol & pregabalin. Things didn't get much better, the pain was so bad in my rib cage, I couldn't manage a full sentence, struggling to breath.....the outcome, Drs then straight back to admissions. Finally saw a consultant that told me it was a myalgic pain. Then I had a light bulb moment, I said well I do suffer with fibromyalgia. After a referral to the Rhemy, she told me the diagnosis of Costo, an inflamation of the cartilidge of the ribcage....I was relieved as I finally knew what was causing the pains & discomfort. She put me on ani-inflams.....which I still have to take from time to time. She did tell me it would clear up all being well......but unfortunately, mine hasn't.

    A year on....I am just about able to manage it now with Tramadol & Paracetomol, Pregabalin & the anti- inflams when I feel I am clogging up again. I have been having a course of Accupuncture, which has helped. I also invested in an infrared lamp which really helps the pain & I also practice yogalates when I feel upto it as it helps open the chest wall up.

    I will be going to visit the pain clinic for the first time in a couple of weeks, so I'll be interested to see what they suggest. 

    I really hope you get to the bottom of this, & that you get the help you need.

    Sorry for going on, but I thought it might help you find some answers.

    Take Care smile

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      Thank you very much. Still having tests done. Had a first response vehicle out last week as doc was woried when I rang them. Going on a 24 hour heart trace just to make sure all ok (goodness know when mind you) but feel happier now after reading all these responses that it is to do with fibro. Doc seems to be taking it more seriously and not just fobbing me off so fingers crossed.
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    i also have Costachondritis.... its really painful i was rushed into hospital a few weeks back cos they thought i had gallstones but it was this horrid costrachondritis.

    im now on 900mgs of gabapentin to help and it does go.. but it also keeps coming back.. 

    see your GP xx

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