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I'm not sure this is where I should post this

 I've had 2 THR's The last one was 2 years ago. Short story...It didnt work and I ended up on crutches permanently. Anyone with chronic pain of any type knows that there are different kids of pain. 

About 3 weeks ago I was at the GP's for something else and I mentioned to him about pains in my legs. Not arthritis or any other kind of pain I've had over the past 12 years or so that I've had arthritis.  He said we need a blood test for that.

By the way I have OA, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis etc

I had a blood test middle of last week. I rang on Friday and was told that they were back and the doctor wanted to see me.

That particular doc is on holiday now so seeing someone else.

Dont know about anyone else but I have had loads of blood tests and they never want to see you afterwards.

The fact he wants an appointment makes me wonder have they found something?

I'm not overly worried because if they have found something they may be able to do something to help the pain.

Anyway the appointment is today so wish me luck.

Sorry for the ramble



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    Hi Eileen, I'm so used to being told the dr wants to see me that if she doesn't, I assume the tests are not hack yet hehe. I understand how you feel though, especially when you are not often called back, but it may be something like raised inflammation markers, or some sort of deficiency. Please let me know how your appointment goes?

    All the best


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      Hi Gizmo and Sallyann

      Well I went back to the GP today and the one that ordered the blood tests was on holiday so saw another one.She had no idea why I was sent back.

      She checked the blood tests  and said the only thing she could see was I was anaemic so wrote a prescription out for Ferrous Sulph

      I asked if that had anything to do with the pain in my legs. Could do but she wasnt sure and I needed the iron anyway. So check with the original doctor when he came back from holiday!!

      One other thing......I was on Naproxen 1,000mg {full dose} a lot I know.

      but this pain in my greater trochanter bone was so bad!!!

      The GP talked me into going on to a small dose of did helped....thank goodness. BUT then he said I should come off the naproxen.We ageedI would try to come off 500mg [half of it} to start with.   Pain wasnt too bad but not great then when I ordered my next prescription instead on 500mg he had given me 250mg!! That was a large drop in a short time and i was in agony. I went back to 500mg.

      I saw the pain clinic {first time in 18 months} last week and mentioned the pain to him. His attitude was that my bloods were OK I was tolerating it well enough so why did I need to come completely off it it left me in pain?

      His suggestion was that I should be on 750mg and if I could decrease a bit after a while go ahead. He said that he was going to put that in his letter to the GP.  I thought when I got home...goodness knows how long it will take for a letter from the pain clinic to get to the GP so I put myself on 750mg. Well that was his suggestion.

      I thought I better tell this doc today because I would run out of tablets.

      She said NO must come off them. 250mg is the max you should have. She told me about the dangers {as if I didnt know} then said you are anaemic so that could be an ulcer in your stomach that is bleeding out. What would thou think if it bursts, you collapse on the floor and die....You wouldnt like that would you? Those were her words.

      Anyway........that made me mad. I said I'm staying on 750mg {still less than I was on} until I see Dr Avaal and if I run out of tablets I'll worry about that then.

      By the way I'm anaemic quite frequently.

      Sorry for the ramble but she just made me so mad


      Eileen UK


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      Hello Eileen, I am sorry that your suffering from so much pain and i can relate to that myself. I was on Naproxen for about six months and was taken off them because they are not recommened for long term use. Is there an alternative you can take. I take Gaberpentin, Nefopan and at night Codeine. Years ago i took a drug called Vioxx for arthritis and it caused severe itching which was affecting my liver. A Neuroligist took me off them and within a couple of months it was taken off the market as it was causing heart attacks. I was so grateful that i was ok. Ask your GP when he comes back from his holiday for a alternative that won't affect your stomach and cause ulcers. The GP that spoke to you in that manner was unacceptable. Wishing you the best.


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      Hi Elizabeth

      Thanks for your reply.  I was on them 16 years!!! I remember vioxx I was on those at one time and taken off them as well. I take lansoprozol {spelling} for stomach protection.

      Lets see what you take  lol

      Gaberpentin   cant take that because among other this its an anti convulsant. I have epilepsy,,,,,,,,,well controlled now. {35 years} since my last seizure but still have to take tablets too many anti convulsants.

      Nefopan I dont know? What family is that? I'll look it up

      I was taking codeine 2 x 15mg  at night but the GP talked me into taking a low dose of morphine which seemed to be helping before he started knocking the naproxen down so quickly, Codeine and morphine dont mix

      Sounds like we were both lucky as far as the vioxx was concerned.

      I will ask him when he comes back.....certainly dont want to see that other one again.

      Thanks again



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      Hi Eileen, I too used to be on naproxen but was taken off it as I suffer with acid reflux. Are you taking lansaprazole or inept axils to protect your stomach lining? I too suffer a lot of pain and am on a cocktail of drugs and unfortunately we do become dependant on them. I found naproxen worked better than diclofenac but felt safer to come off them. I have had a bad week so have tried everything this week but I have resorted to rest now as in 10 days I will finally be getting many injections and radio frequency denervation. Also fibro playing up. I hope you are able to eventually able to find another drug for inflammation that is equally as good but meantime you need to take what works best fort your pain.

      Paula xx

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      Hi Paula

      Thanks for your reply

      Yes I'm taking lansaprazole as a prevention.

      How much were you on and how quickly did you come off it?

      I was coming off it.....1,000 to 500 at a stroke. then 2 weeks later he tried to put it down to 250.  I think if he had left me on 500 for a while I would then have gone down to 250. Surely after 16 years.....nothing wrong with me {as far as that was concerned} I couldhave been left a little longer on half the dose I had been on?  Then this different doc. Her attitude was what got me. Shouting at me and asking if I grot an ulcer and it strated bleeding and I dropped down at her feet how would I feel? 

      Thats what made me dig my heels in and say I was going onto the 750 the pain clinic suggested and she could put a note on my notes if she liked saying it was my choice.

      I do hop[e this other doctor can find something to replace it even until I come off it.  I do know its dangereous, ulcers etc

      Thanks for your reply


      Eileen    UK

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    Hello Eileen,

    Dr's ........... Arrrrrgggg !!!!     So sorry to read you are having a bad time,  hope that Dr you normally see  ... who is on hol,  has a good hol and comes back happy so he will give you lots of great support and sort out the drug dose and what is causing you this new pain,  heck you have enough Eileen without adding more,   I have heard of something,  compartment syndrome ??   or  intermittant claudication ...   cramp like pains,  connected to the blood supply system and the valves etc,   hope he gets to the bottom of it when he comes back anyway.

    Hpe you get some decent sleep tonight, and things look better tomorrow,  you take good care of you ...


    Jessie xx

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    Hi Jessie

    That was a surprise to see you on the forums  lol

    I've got a private message waiting I assume from you so I'll answer you there.......I'm out this morning so it will be late afternoon evening before I do it. This is the last day for Avon so its a bit mad but I will answerbiggrin

    You take care and keep warm. Hope your weather is getting a bit better




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