New Found Chronic Anxiety/Multiple E.R. Visits

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About 5 months ago I was walking through a store with my girlfriend (laughing, talking normally, etc). Then all of a sudden got light headed kind of faint feeling. By the time we left and got to the car, it worsened. I felt I couldn't breathe and my hands started tremoring and my arm/hand tightened up. I was quietly freaking out. With the words I could mutter, I told her to take me to the emergency room.

EGK test checks out

Blood sugar is fine

Blood pressure is fine

Blood test is fine

CT scan turns out fine (minus a little inflamation in my sinuses)

I had a panic attack when I was about 20 (10 years ago) and went to the hospital, but nothing like this over the years. Months prior to this first attack (about 8 months ago), I developed a bad Stye on my right eye. It swelled up, bursted and went away, then small styes kept popping up only in the right eye and going away. About every week. Then, I developed a chalazion in that eye (like a syst on the eyelid) and it has been there ever since. No more chronic styes, though. Although I have a tiny one right now on my bottom lid currently. I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS RELATED. But this was happening before any anxiety attacks.

Back to the attacks - Long story short, after that first attack about 5 months ago, which felt like my nervous system was under attack by something, I've been to the E.R two more times (total of 3 E.R. visits within 5 months). They always check out to show me as being ok. Then I was getting DAILY anxiety right before I was moving into a new place, but not so bad that I had to go to the hospital. So I booked a doctor's visit and he put me on 30mg paxil 2 weeks ago. I haven't had any anxiety attacks per say, but I have felt like one was coming on, then I get this INTENSE dizziness and this burning/pins & needles sensation overwhelms my body and I start sweating and turn pale. Like, I'm about to FAINT. But then it's over in a couple of minutes. This has happened about 3 times. My anxiety attacks were lasting at least 45 minutes.

The doctor says it was anxiety, so that's why he put me on the Paxil. But I can't help but wonder if it's something else. He tested my thyroid via blood test and said it was okay. Is there anything else I should be tested for with these symtoms?! I don't get headaches, I don't drink coffee, I quiet drinking alcohol weekly and only drink water. I just want to feel normal again and not have to worry about my body having an attack, or getting this intense fainting feeling which I feel like is the Paxil colliding head on with a potential anxiety attack (that's my best guess)

I feel like I'm not any more stressed about life than I have always been, but this is all new to me within the past year.


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    I forgot to mention a detail about my last EXTREME dizziness with the pins and needles burning sensation throughout my body. I was watching my girlfriend was getting her blood taken when it happened to me. A ringing happened in my ears and I started losing my hearing. Like I was underwater. She said I lost ALL of my color and was very pale. Never been that dizzy in my life. This the paxil?
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      That's my best guess! I didn't think that would happen, but I guess it affected me more than I expected. This extreme dizziness and pins and needles feeling in my body and losing all color in my skin didn't start happening until I started Paxil. And it only happens when it feels like an attack is coming. Then goes away after a couple minutes. I assume the Paxil is doing something with my brain receptors when I'm trying to have an attack, thus causing these symtoms. I prefer this over a full blown anxiety attack, but I gotta be careful not to faint while driving or hitting my head on the floor. Haven't fainted yet, but close!

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    Since noone else has really helped this all sounds like anxiety to me. 

    You're actually lucky they gave you the time of day to do a CT scan

    I've been dealing with anxiety that sounds just like this for the past month (in the last week the dizzyness, lightheadedness and brain fog has been WAY better so i'm lucky for that) 

    But this all sounds very similar to what a lot of people experience with anxiety. 

    You got all the right tests done. 

    If this continues to be a problem I'd work on getting to a therapist to get it resolved. 

    I've had health anxiety for the past few months as well and am convinced I have a brain tumor or something. I'm almost to the point of requesting an MRI or CT scan to rule that out. 

    Try not to worry and relax, all the right tests were done. 

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      Thanks! That makes me feel better. This whole situation has definitely caused me to become more of a hypochondriac. I've worried about having a brain tumor myself or some other serious undiagnosed disease. There have been a couple of days where I felt EXTREME depression and didn't know why (this was a while back before the doctor visit). I had no reason to be depressed. Like my best friend died or something. So I'm thinking WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. This is all new and came out of nowhere. I'm better now, but still anticipate daily what weird thing might happen to me next or when I might get that Paxil dizzy spell or feel anxious.

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    I have had that exact thing happen where I feel dizzy or something and then it snowballs into a big attack.  Anytime I feel slightly not right, I can spiral into one of those moments, but it is just that, a spiral of anxiety.  Now that I have my meds all striaght (I was being very forgetful and not taking them from time to time which actually can cause panic attacks) I havent had that in a while.  But I know it.  See if you can get some Ativan for in the moment attacks like that. I take Lexapro daily and have Ativan on hand for those moments.  Just having it is helpful and knowing its there, and i rarely take it.
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