New gastritis dignosis, help please?

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Hey guys, so yesterday I got diagnosed with gastritis. Doctor said chocolate probably triggered it as that is what I had lots of last Wednesday and when i started feeling sick. I got prescribed Pepcid twice a day (morning and evening) and then a bland diet. Will this work and actually help me? My symptoms are nausea, stomach feels full and bloated, and I get a dull weird ache in my stomach middle area. Just wanna feel better soon but when does one start feeling better? Any other pills or diets you guys have even prescribed or tips would be great. Especially for the nausea! Is so annoying I can barely eat ugh.

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    Follow the advice of your doctor to control your symptoms.  This is the best way of finding out whether or not his suggestions work.
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    Have had it for years, i know what makes it flare and what does not, will give you some of my NO NO's

    No coffee after 10am, and not without food, no spicy fruit buns, or hot cross buns, anything with cinnamon or mixed spice, again can have for breakfast but not a good idea later in the day at all - for you I would give it a miss for a few weeks and then re-introduce to see what happens.

    No red meat late in the day, absolute agony all night and late into the following day, just seems to trigger angry stomach, instead chicken and fish, i also keep my fat, Ie cooked in oil as in deep fryed fish, keep the oil to a minimum, and use a canola or rice oil, spray cans work really well.

    I find if I have that feeling of discomfort with angry tum, a half glass of warmed skim milk, and sip slowly seems to shift the gasses and settles me tum down til the next time I do something stupid like eating something I like with spices at the wrong time.

    Amazing enough I can eat non-spicy curries, with just the merest pinch of chilli, crazy as it seems, flavoursome without the heat, like a really thick vegetable with chicken stock base ie minestrone, I call it my afghan curry, my family then understand what I am cooking, tumeric gives colour, and also great anti-immflamtory, cumin give nutty flavour, and coriander also another flavour that is not hot, heaps of parsley and not too much onion and garlic, must be well cooked down before adding other vegetables, onions can also trigger angry tum.

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      Thank you for this! Can you eat normal meals comfortably or do you have to eat small meals? It so how many hours apart? I find it difficult to eat a lot so I've been eating small things around 3-4 hours apart. Feels easier at the moment. I heard coffee and tea wasn't good for gastritis in general, is this true? If it is im not sure what to drink in the morning as I would usually have a cup of coffee or chamomile tea. Is decaf coffee okay or no? If you don't mind me asking what pill did you end up taking? I got prescribed Pepcid.

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      I have a small bowl of cornflakes probably less than a full cup, for breakfast usually with a banana, that then gets me through to lunchtime salad sandwich on multigrain with maybe tuna, chicken, or sometimes leftover smoked fish, watch for the bones.

      Dinner can be apricot chicken, buttered chicken, smoked fish in milk, poached slowly until it breaks up, add some mixed peas and corn, thicken with cornflour in milk and stir in, yummm, curried snags, again curry that is flavoursome rather than hot, with some fresh bread.

      Cups of tea, not very strong, with milk, one bottle of soft drink a week, usually lemon, my tum doesn't like coke, but sometimes have one small glass, solves the craving problem, unfortunatley love coke. 

      I serve most of my meals rather than on a dinner plate I use a bread and butter plate, have been trying to loose weight for years, and have finally cracked the puzzle, smaller plates, smaller glasses of fluid.

      In between water and or juice, takes me about a week to go through a 2 litre bottle of juice, very full of sugar, massive amounts, so have to be careful there too.

      Snacking dried apricots, usually takes me a week to get through a 1lb packet with my husband sharing, fresh grapes, peaches, apricots, nectarines in season, tum doesn't like uncooked apples, so stewed granny smith's the order of the day there. must be ripe otherwise very sour.

      After dinner maybe an hour later a mini pot of sugarless yoghurt, but not every night, about half a cup or less, used to hate yoghurt but have learnt to love it, considering learning make my own yoghurt, although I believe it is very simple.

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      Coffee a NO NO for now I would think while your tum is still very angry.

      Great idea to eat small meals below gave you some ideas from my diet. Milo in the morning, but I read you are sensitve to chocolate, so may not be a good idea, would give the de-caf a miss as well for now.

      Weak tea works for me, and doesn't upset tum.

      Dr started me on Nexium, but was able to stop taking about a month later, with bland food, I believe long term use not a good idea.

      Got caught out a couple of weeks ago when we went out to dinner, YUMMMM, but paid for it for the next 2 weeks, and still a little sensitive. Ate some cinnamon buns this last weekend, BAD BAD BAD ME, you gave no idea how much I love them, but they don't love me, still chewing on quikease even this morning, may have to take a few days even from the coffee in the morning, angry tum again.

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