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I am new here but finding the group very useful. What a relief to find others who feel like I do!

I am 53 and started with hot flushes at the beginning of the year and periods stopped. I started using a ladycare magnet which seemed to help but then my cycle went back to normal and the hot flushes stopped again.

My sleep patterns have suddenly gone wrong, in the last 2 months or so and I am suffering horrible pain, mostly in my hands, feet and lower arm/legs.

Oh and a constant headache? Does anyone else have a background headache nearly all the time? Feel really heavy and tired? I have put on weight round my middle now too sad. Periods seem to have stopped again, well I have missed one anyway.

My Mum was 60 when her periods stopped and that was it, no symptoms or anything.

I have just started taking kelp/alfafa as I read this may help. I tried black cohosh earlier in the year but didn't feel like I benefitted from it at the time.

Thanks for reading.

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    Hi Janehj

    try some B6 100mg .. or a good Mega B 100 complex with 100mg B6 in it..

    also Vit D & Calcium..

    theres many for peri menopause that help 

    headaches may be hormonal .. but best to see the doc and get a check and have some full bloods done, check all is okay..

    Vit D defiency can cause pains etc too.. best to check ..

    jay xx

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    Welcome and love jayneejay she has loads of useful info
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    I too am having the same symptoms. My sleep patterns are off and I've had terrible pain in my right hand, wrist and arm. Also get random pain in my left knee. I still get my period although have skipped 3 months this past year. I am just 52 yrs old. My periods come late now and after it ends I will spot for about 5 days. My pain is random. I have maybe 1 good week a month now. I take 2500 mg of B12, 200 of B6, 1000 of Vit D, 400 mg of Vit E and a multi vitamin. Can't really say I'm better taking them although I haven't stopped so don't know if I would feel worse either so I will continue taking them. Hard getting through the day at times but I can tell you from this forum, we are not alone and it will get better once we are through this. I'm just getting inpatient! lol


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      hi nancy

      sorry to hear your supplements are not helping .. 😥

      have you had bloods checked ?

      i take it you take 2500mcg of B12  not 2500mg 😳

      what about Magnesium ? 

      do you take Magnesium ... 

      I now take the Solgar Chaleted Magnesium daily 

      and use the Magnesium oil spray .. For pain ... Luckily my pain has all subsided now.. 

      i take alsorts of vits and finally after 9-10 peri, now post menopause age 50 Have found what works for me..

      hope you find what works for you too.

      jay xx


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      Peri and menopause useful info on magnesium, calcium and Vit D 


      This is an important mineral for your bones at the menopause so it is important that you have enough in your body.

      Magnesium is also known as ‘nature’s tranquilliser’, so it will help with symptoms such as anxiety, irritability and other mood changes.

      * i take Solgar Chaleted Magnesium.

      also use magnesium oil spray ... Transdermal ..


      Not only do we need good levels of calcium for our bones, teeth, nails and hair, but also for healthy heart rhythm and blood pressure. It is also needed for normal blood clotting, for muscle contraction and relaxation and proper functioning of the nervous system.

      Vitamin D

      We know that Vitamin D is required for calcium absorption, but it also plays many other important roles including prevention of cancer, especially breast cancer, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

      As well as all of these benefits, it is now thought that having good levels of vitamin D can help slow down the ageing process and low levels have been implicated in autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and inflammatory bowel disease

      * i take Natecal a chewable tablet of both Calcium and Vit D3 in one .

      there are many different sorts to choose from ..

      jay x

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      Been out of bed for a couple of hours sitting in a chair by it. GP has re-juggled meds so hopefully be able to gradually cut down morphine. Aiming to have cut it in half by Tues or Weds.

      Seem getting better as can concentrate on things more.

      Thanks for asking and how are you?

      Big hugs

      Taz xxx

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      Hi Taz

      oh thats good news.. On the up arent you... Soon be your old self again ..

      did the doc give you anything for the menopause symptoms that will kick in ..

      I am good thanks Taz ..

      root canal has eased and calmed today.. So nice to rid that constant upper tooth pain i was having 24/7 .. For months on end ...

      i feel really good, energy fine, 😊 i am doing the chores ..

      enjoy the afternoon... And take it easy... 

      big hugs Jay xx


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      No but got to see her next week or the week after dependant when feel up to it. Think she wants to wait and see how severe and what they are. Not hit yet and not sure when will.

      Is looking at osteo side though as my epilepsy medication is also a risk factor for this.

      Glad to hear tooth better as one of those pains cannot 'get away from'.

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    Hi Jane ,yes it's the absolute pits ,all of these symptoms ,have a look at the thread Jay placed for meno symptoms ,unbelievable what she found .im an older one still having problems ,your mum was lucky ,some are blinking mystery as to why .think my daughter could end up like me though .My mum and her sisters had it bad . 

       Go have a look at what others say ,and try ,don't wait for a dr ,your be waiting forever .Am I right or not  Jay and Taz .Hope yours is short lived  Jane.

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      Hi Marlene 

      how are you 😃

      i wasnt like my mum marlene .. My mum started menopause at 42 and all done by 44.. No HRT either..

      me... Started at almost age 40 and had 9-10 peri .. post Menopause at 50.

      so maybe not always follow mums pattern..

      cooler here now thank goodness..

      still nice thoough - 28 degrees 😃 thats cool for us .. Hehehehe

      hope your feeling abit better today with your ears ..

      my root canal is fine today.. All calm .. glad all that upper tooth pain gone now, and ear is fine, it was all connected...  ( deep filling touchin the nerve) yes.. Good to get a second opinion after my first useless dentist said all was okay... When it wasnt ... ( Twit ) 😃

      same old story with the other problem i had .. Feeling unwell and blaming menopause .. And having a missed infection Cytolyic Vaginosis not told to me by another useless doctor - suffered like hell, not treated .. Hence the intenses hot flushes .. ( that was the infection not menooause)

      all that gone now .. Upset tummy gone .. All that was connected ..

      sorry state of affairs when some doctors are not on the ball..

      and you have to see another as you just know your not well..

      jay xx


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      Hi yea thought of your mum all done and dusted ,nice one .

         Glad mouth all sorted ,between Drs and dentist don't stand a chance lot of the time .

      ive been doing bits and bobs ,my ears are the pits ,so trying to keep on going,trouble with mine I get this b.....y balance upset with having tinnitus ,quite common apparently .Live and learn with this condition .

          Oops had to stop for couple sneezes ,but that's always good for me .

         Had my shopping delivery from Asda ,first time I've done on line shop ,really good ,daughter put me on to doing it .High light of my week .Sad or what ! 

         Weather getting cold here ,open up door you breath in cold air ,love it ,with my sinuses may clear my ear tubes out more I can sneeaze .

          Both of us using that spray ,pretty good .Good tip Jay .

       Your fella home soon ? xxx

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    Hi Janehj - I also suffer from painful joints & muscles and I take Osteocare(Calcium,Magnesium&D3) I take this evening time, I get mine from Morrisons £2.50  I also take extra D3 10ug in the morning Holland & Barrett. I have read that D3 really helps bone pain & magnesium helps muscle pain. I have been taking this for about 8  weeks & after about 2 weeks I started feeling less pain. I am so amazed & really hope it continues to work. I also take B6 100g to help with energy!
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    Hi janehj, I also find my sleep pattern is not what it used to be and I too have a constant headache , sometimes my bad headaches last for 4 days solid then other times just there one minute then not the next but i've always got a background headache daily, they get you down don't they. Do they make you feel of balance? and as if your heads too heavy for your neck?.  I'm 51 and just starting with peri symptoms, Anxiety, tingling all over, off balance, tired, missed periods, freezing cold and bloating but to mention a few. I've not had a hot flush yet.  I just take multi vits recommended for women in menopause and extra B6 and B12 and Evening Primrose capsules, I've just been told i am low in vit D so i'm taking those for 3 months until I'm checked again. Keep in touch this site is so much help, snding you a comforting hug.
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