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Hi all,

I have been reading up on alternatives to some of the prescription medications for BPH and I think (in general) most of them are not worth a hill of beans.

However, I came across a fairly positive study using Pumpkin seed oil for helping with BPH prostate issues. Some of you have probably seen it. Pumpkin seed oil is also supposed to have some anti inflammatory properties plus promote hair growth. I have not investigated those claims as that was not my initial interest.

The study involved either taking: a placebo, or pumpkin seed oil, or Saw Palmetto, or pumpkin seed oil and Saw Palmetto. The study showed positive results for all but the placebo. And the combination of pumpkin seed oil and Saw Palmetto showed a reduction in the PSA score as well as improved (reduced) BPH symptoms.

So, I decided to start a dosage combination of 6000mg/day of pumpkin seed oil and 320mg/day of Saw Palmetto. My first dosage was February 18th so its been about 15 days.

My results, so far, are minimal but positive. To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect to see any results yet and I’m a little skeptical but I have seen a slight but noticeable improvement. My flow seems slightly better and I feel like I am emptying my bladder better. But what really got my attention today (and prompted me to post) is that my pelvic pain is gone. I have no explanation other than the pumpkin seed oil and Saw Palmetto as I have not changed any other lifestyle habits.

This is not a scientific experiment so I’m just reporting my experience and not suggesting others pursue this path. I really didnt intend to post anything until my next PSA test but the pelvic pain being gone is just astounding.

I will continue to report my progress (or lack of progress if that is the case) as it unfolds. I will also report my PSA score which is not scheduled until June.

If you have questions or want to share your experience with alternatives to prescriptions please feel free to post.

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    Several years ago I bought pumpkin seed oil in 10 Oz metal bottles from Trader Joe's.I spread it on toast in the morning.I did not notice an improvement, but it tasted good. I think Whole Foods might also sell bottles of it. It is much more economical to buy it buy the bottle than by pills.

    I also tried Beta Sitosterol, might have noticed a slight improvement, but it could have been the placebo effect. It did drop my cholesterol from 200 to 160 though. In fact it is sometimes marketed as a cholesterol lowering supplement.

    Good luck

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      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for your input regarding your experience. I agree, buying in bulk is way less expensive and it’s nice to know it tastes good. Lol.

      I decided to go with capsules because I needed a convenient way to space out the dosage throughout the day. 2000 mg in the morning 2000 mg at lunch and 2000 mg at dinner. Also, I felt it would be a more accurate approach to measure and regulate my dosage. Sorry you did not see any benefits from the pumpkin seed oil. Perhaps the amount you took each day was not up to the dosage required. Or perhaps it would have been more effective if spaced out as I’m am doing. (Or perhaps it still would not have made any difference). Anyway, I think it is important we share our results and experiences.

      I really wasn’t planning to say anything until after I had my next PSA test but when I realized my pelvic pain was gone, I felt I needed to start this post. I don’t think this is a placebo effect in my case as I was not expecting (or had even considered) the pelvic pain being addressed. I have had pelvic pain for years and now it is gone.

      I do have other pain such as joint pain and I was hoping that the anti-inflammatory properties might help with that but so far it has done nothing for any other pain issues.

      Time will tell if this is a placebo effect or real and I will report my results honestly either way to the forum.

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    Black magic and fairy dust. We (all of us BPH desperate men) seek any potion that we hope will give us relief. This runs the gamut from any of the medications to any of the numerous procedure options to any of the home-grown remedies. However, if at best, many seem to treat the symptoms and not solve the BPH problem, and maybe that is enough for most. I wonder what would be left if we took away everything that only treats the symptoms of BPH and we listed what actually solves the problem with BPH? Perhaps a rhetorical question, but one worth considering. If this was possible, I wonder again how short or long the list would be. If short, our decisions (invasive or noninvasive) would perhaps be easier to make. If long, we are no better off than we are now in the decision making process to solving/fixing our BPH problem.


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      Hello Dave,

      Well I would agree that in some cases it is more important to treat the problem and the symptoms, sometimes treating the symptom is all that is needed.

      I would hope you would agree that someone who has a perpetual dry eye issue would be better off just using eyedrops than surgically removing their eyeball.

      Two months ago I had a consultation with my urologist about my symptoms. My jaw dropped when He told me, based on my symptoms, he would not recommend any type of surgery or procedure at this time. He said I’m in the “top 10 percent” of his patients and...”I would be worse off if I had any of the procedures performed”.

      He did want to put me on a medication to shrink my prostate. However, I am not willing at this time to go down that road. I am 59 and currently on no medications.

      The point is, surgery and procedures are not always the answer. There are too many men who have regretted (to the point of s u i c i d e) going down the path you advocate. Your one and done approach is not the answer to every man's problem.

      I respect your opinion and welcome your input but please don’t act like your opinion is better that anyone else.

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      You are correct. My opinion is definitely not better than anyone else. My opinion is to provoke thought because many are here trying to discovery what is all out there and we need to get smart because nobody looks out for us than ourselves. In addition, my experience/procedure is one of the multitude of choices that BPH sufferers have. I am sharing both thought and experience.

      As an evangelist for the Simple Robotic Prostatectomy, I am now 7-months post surgery and I do not have one complaint about anything. In addition, the only side effect I have (if you want to call it that) is that I do not ejaculate any fluid with an orgasm. But, I...

      • still have orgasms
      • pee like nobody's business
      • get an erection
      • do not have incontinence
      • sleep through the night
      • do not have any urgency
      • have a long-term solution
      • do not take any medication, vitamins, herbs/potions
      • do not have to stab myself with a catheter
      • do not have any side effects
      • do not have a new normal - I have a better normal

      You are correct again. I am one and done. I will not have to address this issue again within my lifetime (I am 62). If I do, and this forum is still here, I will be the first to post otherwise so that I can continue to share my BPH experiences with everyone else.



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    When my BPH symptoms first started I took rye grass bee pollen. There are studies showing it helps. I definitely saw improvement. Was on finasteride at the time but that takes 6 months or more to work it magic.

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