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I'm a 53 year old male and my family has history of hypertension. I'm currently taking medications. I use a Vive Precision BP monitor. When I do the breathing technique 5 minutes before measuring my BP (morning, noon, night) result is around 125/75. But when I don't do the breathing technique while sitting down relaxed, the result is around 150/85. Am I short changing myself by doing the breathing exercise before measuring my BP? I only do the breathing technique before measuring BP. I'm afraid the rest of the time, my BP is elevated.

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    Also, when I measure from my right arm the results are about 20 to 30 points less. I realize the left and right could be different but when it is that big difference there could be trouble. I've mentioned this to my doctor but because my overall health is good, he told me not to worry about it.

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    Well there's this, the 85 isn't so bad even at worst. The 150 is high, but if you can get it down just by relaxing, I think most doctors are going to wave it off, it's still not that high. Of course you might just try those exercises a little more often!

    But in general, BP is measured as low as you can get it, and then if it's higher at other times, then the problem isn't even BP as such.

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    I agree with the other comments - a diastolic of 'up to' 85 at worst is really not bad for someone in their 50's. If the breathing exercises are lowering your blood pressure, do them more often. You may have anxiety and they seem to be helping.

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      No anxiety. As I said on my OP, my family has history of HBP so what I have is hereditary. I'm not too worried about diastolic. Its more the systolic that is high when I'm not doing the breathing exercise. And when I do it, it is temporary.

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    hi , im sorry but im not really able to give you a firm answer to your question , blood pressure is different for everyone , and its something i dont check often enough myself ,,,until this last week ,,, i have high BP, i started on losarton 100 some years ago ,then a few weeks ago i was told i need to take another tablet as it wasnt under control ,i was given DOXAZOSIN ,,, unfortunately ive noticed quite a difference in my general health ,,,and through detective of my own ive come to the conclusion that Doxazosin is not my as the side effects were making me so weak aand debilitating and causing palpitions , as for numbers , this morning my BP was 125, over ? and then later during exersice at Pulmary Rehab the nurse took it again and it was 150 .? sorry i cant remember the lower number , i was told that between 120 and 160 is ok , but please check that with your gp . best wishes ,

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    Thanks all to your reply. Just a bit more information about me. I've been diagnosed with HBP since my 30s (i'm 53 now). As I said, it is hereditary. I've been exercising off and on since my 30s but turned it up since my late 40s doing weight lifting 4 to 5 days a week. So I would say that I've been really active during the last 5 years. I've been on a ketogenic diet for the last 3 months so I lost 15 lbs. I feel healthier and stronger than ever compared to my younger years but this HBP is keeping me scratching my head. Especially being on a ketogenic diet, I expected my BP to go down naturally. I know its not that high avg of 145/85 when I'm not doing the breathing exercise and 125/75 when doing it. Since I'm taking Metropolol, Amlodepine, and Hydrochlorotiazide as prescribed by my doctor, I would like it to be under 120/80. I know at 53 I will take what I can get, just wanted the #s to be right.

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    Current studies indicate that the experts suggest starting drug therapy only when the reading is 150/90 or higher, as you're already on substantial amounts of BP meds and your BP is not above this, really I would cease worrying. It's very very unlikely no matter how much exercise you do or how extreme your diet is, that with a history of high BP that as middle age approaches you will achieve such a low BP as 120/80 - even active people in their 30's struggle to maintain the 'perfect' BP reading. We have to be realistic as we get older. Just worrying about your BP readings is a form of anxiety.

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    I think this technique may work timebeing ,may arrses risk in future.

    Blood pressure is now very common for older age as well as youth also. High blood pressure is a problem that is spreading rapidly among people. It increases blood pressure in the arteries, due to which the heart has to work more than normal. This problem is usually due to eating more fried and greasy food and not doing manual labor. In such a situation, consuming sufficient potassium-rich things and following the right routine helps to keep high BP pressure under control.

    Sleep on time and wake up on time. Also, make walking a part of your daily routine. High BP is more common in people who do not do manual labor. Long-time sitting jobs are also causing this.

    • Those who have high BP problem should stay away from the tension-filled environment. Whenever you feel that your head is getting heavy or feeling suffocated, immediately go into an open space or sit in a ventilated space.

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