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Hello everyone, thanks so much for having me.

I had my GB removed 5 weeks ago due to gallstone pancreatitis.

I am very anxious because I am still having the same pain as before??

I have returned to hospital and have had xrays and blood tests, all have come back normal and the doctor sent me on my way with pain relief and omperazole to try.

I am still suffering this pain and getting very frightened, the pain is constant in my back and chest (like broken ribs) and also the occasional "gall bladder pain attacks" (though they last for a short time compared to before the surgery.

My pancreas levels are normal again and I'm keeping to the non fat diet?

Has anyone else experienced anything similar, and if so has it got better with time?

Would be grateful for any reassurance from anyone kind enough to respond.

Thanks so much

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    Hi, I'M Ajay,

    Welcome! I only joined this yesterday. So glad to find a forum.

    I am on the waiting list for the Gallbladder removal since March. Surffered the pain for 4 -5 years before we found out what the cause was.

    My last big episode was when I got Panceatitis due to a gallstone...

    I stayed in hospital for 5 days until the Inflamed pancreas reduced.

    Even after a month, I get the odd Pancreas pain here and there, I have not been diagnosed with Actue pancretitis but why do i still get the same pains during the nights, sometimes in the day, its the usual Pain in lower back, pain on left hand side of stomach, feel hot and like a throbbing pain, but lasts a short while.

    I am wondering if you are getting the same, . I think this is due to the gallstone that caused the problem in the first place. I need some answers for this aswell.

    It may be acute pancretitis, minor damage from the gallstone still being inflamed. I cannot be sure. I read that the pacreas can take a while to heal, so some foods or drink could trigger it to spasm.

    Lets see what the other forum users can advise. Alot of people have been through this so can help.


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      Hi Ajay

      So good of you to reply, thanks so much.

      So sorry to hear you are having similar trouble to me and are still waiting for the surgery.

      Thanks for what you wrote it really helps and yes hopefully others will reply and give us some advice.

      Thanks for your kind reply ajay, really appreciate it.

      Hope you have the surgery soon and all goes well for you.

      Polly x

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    Hi Polly,

    So sorry you are having so much pain. I have a friend that is having simular pain as you describe. She has nerve damage from the surgery. Not sure if this is what you may have but worth asking your Doctor. Best of luck.

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      Hi Wendy

      Thanks so much for replying, I have an appt Thursday so will be sure to ask.

      Never thought of that, so grateful for any insight.

      Hope your doing OK

      Thanks again

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      Best of luck to get answers Thursday, worse laying there worrying not knowing!

      I am post op 3 mths. My only issue now is being so tired still. No pain, only used Motrin first few days. Being gentle on digestive track so have been ok there. I know we will all get through this but does help to have people in same boat😊 atleast we can feel a bit better knowing someone else feels the same and we get past it in time.


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    Like you, I'm suffering with a lot of pain post lap coli surgery 11 months ago. I was fine for the first 2 days. Then the pain came back. All my pain is under my ribs on the right side. Ive never suffered the back pain like others. A scan showed several stones, and apart from a bleed during surgery, everything went well.

    I also have periods of vomiting and diarrhoea.

    It starts with sulpha tasting burps. My stomach becomes very bloated and I'll get stomach cramps. I'll them vomit for 24hrs. And the following 24hrs I'll have diarrhoea. It's been like this every 2/3 wks since surgery. I never had this prior.

    My GP days it's normal, and will take up to 12 months to settle following surgery.

    I'm now under the pain team.

    I was wondering if anyone else has suffered similar to this. And how they managed the pain and stomach upset. I'm currently taking codeine and diclofenic suppositories, I can't take them orally as I have a hiatus hernia. I take omeprozole for the h/hernia.

    I've been following the discussions on gallbladder surgery, but this is the only post I've seen similar to myself.

    I hope you don't have to go on suffering for 11 months like me.

    Any help and advice will be gratefully received. Thanks for reading. X

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    Hello Polly,

    ​ I can assure you that you are not alone but just keep in mind everyone is diffrent so many factors rely on each recovery.

    ​I hope my response to your question helps I am 4 weeks from having the GB surgery.

    ​I have the same pains as well in the right quadrant of the back but slowly they have been far and in betweeen.

    ​I am not doing any of the restricted diet eating and I am feeling back to normal with one slight imperfection the constant feeling of tired. Tired Tired .

    ​I am hoping over time that feeling will soon go away from what the doctor said this is a normal process of recoping at home.

    ​Keep me posted and best of luck on your recovery.

    ​By the way does your belly button still feel sore?


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      Hi Deb

      Thanks so much for replying it really helps. So glad to hear that the pain has improved for you it gives me some much needed hope. Yes my belly button is still quite sore and bruised. The nurse that removed my stitches said it was quite common because the surgeon pulls the GB through that incision. Hope that I got that right!!

      Thanks for what you wrote me Deb its really kind of you.

      Very tired a lot here too x

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      Hi Polly,

      ?You are so welcome it helps to know from other people and not just what the doctor says is normal and the text books of google. smile

      ?Wishing you a speedy recovery I am lucky I work from home don't have to fuss with the clothes of fitting sweat pants woo hoo..  smile

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    Polly hello sorry too hear this.Ihave my gallbladder.but I woke up gassy 9ne day and lots of pain under right rib. Gastro dr done a upper endoscopy found gastronitis hernia and that was it. Then ultersound that was normal.So i decided to go and ask a internial medcine dr for help. He ran blood work enzymes were high re ran them this round they came back midly high .Then he ran hepatitis a.ab and c test .The A came back positive. Iwent back today he is re running the hepatitis and checking for anemia .The pain under my right rib comes and goes. Ijust thought you might would want too ask your dr what blood test he has ran and keep copys. It can get stressful researching .Try and stay on top pf your dr .and make sure they are not going by the first blood test .It is all going too work out.Just may take time. I will be getting a gydia scan next thursday also. Iwant too make sure i need my gallbladder put if thats what they suggest.
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