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Hi, I have read this forum with great interest. So many helpful posts. My problem is I don't know if I am in Peri or not. I am 47 in 4 weeks time. About 2 to 3 years ago, I had a phase of hot flushes which lasted for about a year (maybe 1 or 2 a month), then they stopped and I seemed fine, then about a year ago I had real anxious feeling and feelings of doom, and felt like I was a bit crazy. That stopped and then I had a few months of mood swings, one minute feeling fine, next minute really irritable. That seems to have stopped now. Over the last two months, I wake up feeling like I have been hit by a truck overnight. Hurts to put weight on my feet when I get out of bed, but these aches and pains get better once I am up and moving around. When I sit down to watch tv after dinner the aching comes back. I am also having heart palpitations and heartburn and reflux, sometimes feeling like food has not cleared my throat and gone into my stomach, which can only be relieved by sicking it back up (litterally only a very small amount) then it is relieved, but I have near constant tingling feeling down throat and a dry throat. Caffeine really makes this worse, so no coffee for me!

So my question is, when in peri, do symptoms tend to come and then go, to be replaced by other different symptoms? Do all my symptoms sound peri?

Periods are heavier and approx 5 - 6 days long, over the last 2 years and some have been a a few days late, but more recently they are a few days early, my last 4 periods have only been 25 days. ~I started my periods at 16 and had always been a regular 28 day cycle on the dot with light bleeding for 2 - 3 days! I have a doc appointment but earliest I could get is 2nd week on November!

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    Hi Sharon

    I guess yes they all could be peri and lots do sound common, we are all of course different.  I too am 47, my cycles have also got shorter recently (from 28 days to now anything from 16 to 31 days but usually 23/24 days) and a bit heavier.

    I too have reflux but no aching, I'm also often very anxious, overwhelmed, tearful but other days am absolutely fine.

    I was anemic and low on B12 but since taking supplements feel less tired.  It is good you are seeing a GP, tell them everything and ask for some blood tests.

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    Hi Sharon 

    sure sounds like peri 😄. Sounds much like mine was ..

    up and down ...

    thing is if your periods are still pretty regular the the FSH blood test that determines menopause wont help either as that always comes back in normal range while periods still regualar and hormones still eractic.

    when periods decline to about 3-4 a year then the FSH blood results will be more accurate ,, doesnt mean your not in peri menopause .. Sounds you well and truly are.

    Jay x

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    Hi Sharon 

    treat yourself to some busy B tablets or Mega B 100 complex

    ( containing 100mg B6 ) that helps no end 

    i had a ten year peri and i am post meno now age 50.

    For a woman going through perimenopause, B-vitamins can be essential for effectively managing symptoms.   

    Adrenal fatigue, for example, is a common secondary condition for many women going through perimenopause. B-vitamins support healthy adrenal function, along with calming and maintaining a healthy nervous system.

    Many women also suffer with mood swings during perimenopause. Both B12 and B6 vitamins aid in the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, a key brain chemical needed to stabilize moods and promote feelings of wellness and contentment.

    For women who suffer with brain fog, and memory issues in perimenopause, low levels of B6 could be part of the problem.

    Depression, confusion, and an inability to concentrate are all associated with B6 deficiency. Vertigo, dizziness, and heart palpitations are also common complaints from women going through perimenopause.

    All of these symptoms have been associated with (among other things) a B12 deficiency.

    Vitamin B6 can also help with stubborn weight gain in perimenopause. It is key in the breakdown and utilization of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in our diet, and is necessary for a healthy metabolism - both which can help manage weight. 

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      Forgot to say 

      Holland & Barrett sell those if your in UK 

      as for taking anitibiotics .. Always take a probiotic with antibiotics more so.

      i take acidophilus mega daily for keeping good bacterias in order 

      also from holland and Barret

      menopause is menopause so always good to get some good vits and supplements ..😃 

      jay xx

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    Thank you so much for the quick replies. Much appreciated x
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    Yes it does sound like you are in peri. You have a lot of the same symptoms that I get. It is hard to determine what symptoms you will feel and when and for how long since this time is so unpredictable. If only it were that easy to know what you were going to feel and when then these symptoms could be managed better and it would reducea a lot of the anxiety associated with it. Hope you're feeling well soon.

    Take Care,


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