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hello everyone

well finally i have got all my nieces and nephers and great nieces present i n just to get my niece sister and bruv in law and my 3 teenagers so i feel a lot better.. but i have been so scared in case im ill and cant get out...

anyway how u all doing today, hope u all are not to sore or stressed for any reason.. will come on tomorrow and check u all out

sweetdreams my good friends

di xx

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    HI there Di,

    So glad you have things sorted as that is exactly what I thought!! as the weather gets colder I/we get worse so theoretically I thought to get it over with so I am not stressed out!!!! Still in pain in the left hip..... nightmare :sad:

    Sweet dreams to you and chat to you soon xxxx

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    hi ses, and everyone

    ses im so sorry to hear ur still having so much pain in ur hip its not much fun when u wake up each morning and the pain is still there..

    im having so much difficulty getting to sleep still lying awake at 3-4am but im sleeping till lunchtime and then im forcing myself out of bed it then takes me about 2 hours to come to before i can even do anything, its this sort of thing that gets me so angry that i have then missed out on parts of the days.

    anyway ses cant u ask ur gp for morphine my best friend gets it for her back pain, i would try it if they would give me it.

    anyway hope u feel better as the day goes on..

    di xx

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    Hi Di and Ses

    Hope your hip is not giving you so much pain tonight Ses. My knees are playing up but not surprised after all the pushing and pulling with physio today :cry: Said good improvement with my back and have noticed no stiffness in the morning lately.

    Its good you got some of your christmas shopping done Di. You must feel a bit more relaxed now. I hope you get some better sleep again soon.

    My gp told me I could increase my ampytripline to 20mg when not getting a lot of sleep and go back to 10mg when i feel I want to. Took 20mg a little while a go for the first time so see what happens tonight. :lol:

    Got my little granddaughter tomorrow from 10.30 until midnight so that should be fun! Good job Stewart here to help me. She loves her mums breast milk and Amy has done several bottles for us. The only thing is she likes to suck for comfort. She wont take a dummy but she will suck on your little finger. Have to give my finger good wash and hold her close as breast feeeding so she thinks its a nipple lol :lol: See if it works for me as it works for Amy. Have done it once before and then my finger felt a little numb after though. :lol:

    Well hope everyone gets a good night sleep. :lol:

    Love Tess

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    HI there Di and Tess

    Well the pain is a nightmare still and the pain is going in to my knees as the doctor I saw last said this can happen with having OA in hip!!!!!

    Yeah I have trouble sleeping too, it is either I can't goto sleep until say 2.30-3.30 or I wake up 4.30-5.30 and as me and my husband take it in turns to get up with Ethan it is a nightmare when I have to get up with him if I have had two hours in the night :oops: but getting used to walking around half baked :lol: :oops:

    I do hope having the little one Tess is nice as babies are so cute and cuddly and especially how rewarding it is watching them with their new expressions xxxx I do hope you have a lovely day and your thumb doesn't go too numb xxxx

    I do hope everyone has a good night sleep and I hope the weather isnt too cold for everyone xxxx

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    hi ses,tess,linda and lindy and everyone

    well i fell asleep at 7am till 11am just cant sleep when i go to bed the pain keeps me up. my husband says he has the flu so he is off to bed.. i have heard him cough twice huh

    im havin to stay up and go for my kerri tonight as she is on a football funds night and i wasnt well enough to go.. but to be honest i really hate nights out now.

    got a letter today from dwp saying that my hospital appointment where i was diagnosed with fibro doesnt count at my tribunal on wed as it goes on how u were when u applied bloody stupid cause my gp letter was just lies as he only saw me twice as he is a part time doctor. so dont hold out much hope for my trip there on wed..

    hope u all sleep well tonight and speak with u later xx

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    Hi there everyone xxx

    Well Di, have you sent consultant reports or anything else as I have submitted further evidence, and I applied October last year, as every time I get more medical evidence I have forwarded it!!!!!!! I would predict it would be too late to send to the DWP but I would take it on the day as what have you got to loose? on my original application they took the notes from the doctor I do not see and they took his points in their decision!!!! and now it turns out that the way they dealt with my case was incorrect and not a point of law???? anyway I do hope you have someone to go with you as I took my daughter with me as I was very nervous too, I am not sure when my next appeal is? I do wish you success hun but my advice is fight them all the way as they want you to give up, so tell them how things are on the worse ever day!!!!! I even read that they even look at if you paint your nails for instance, daft really but I wouldn't put anything past them for decision making and yet people that are perfectly ok go in and win !!!! Anyway hun take care and thinking of you xx I wouldn't like to go on morphine due to me looking after a nearly three year old, but thanks for the thought hun!!!!

    I do hope you knees are better today too Tess xxxxx and I hope the Amitryptline is working ok

    I think maybe we should post on this page now due to the other one having 4 pages just a thought xxxx take care everyone xxxx

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    Hi Ses, Tess and everyone

    When my DLA claim was turned down, they actually said that although they appreciated the condition varied from day to day, I didn`t qualify because I could manage on the good days!!! I must get off my sopabox regarding this benefit or I will be writing for ever!!!

    Thanks Tess, Ray has improved some regarding wheezing and coughing. Blood test today in preparation for heart appointment tomorrow. He is still very down, but won`t go back to GP until all this weeks appointments are over. Says he wants some days without hospitals and docotors!

    Well going to get sorted now, need to help Ray get ready. Hope everyone has as good a day as is possible with this awful condition we have to bear.

    Love Linda

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    Hi Ses, Linda & Everyone

    Thanks Ses knees are not too bad so far. It always seems to be early morning when they are worse. :cry: I hope Rays blood test was ok and the appointement goes well for you tomorrow at the hospital. I can understand Ray wanting a day away from doctors or hospital. It must really get him down and you down. :cry:

    Well take care everyone.

    Love Tess x x

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    HI there everyone,

    Linda I do hope your hubby blood results are ok xxxx and I also understand why he is wanting to give appointments a break!!! bless him xxxx and I hope you are resting too xxxx

    I hope everyone is having a good day, my pain again is so bad it is literally hurting sat here typing and it is getting unbearable....... it feeels like is burning on the inside but there seems to be circulation from the hip to thigh right down to the knee.......... the pain killers are useless...... I got to sleep again around three or four am and Ethan woke at 7.45 a.m so again had a cr*p night sleep...... at the docs tomorow so hopefully he may listen and help ???? Prob fibro he will more than likely say but over three weeks now is a joke :oops: anyway my dear friends I do hope you are having a better day than me xxxxx

    Gentle hugs and kisses xxxx

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    Hello Ses, Tess and all my friends

    Well, thank you both for asking about Ray, appointment with heart specialist nurse went ok. Very thorough, did ECG, Echo, listened to heart and chest and took a full history. Basically when Ray had his heart attack 10yrs ago, he went into heart failure and had an angioplasty at Papworth Hospital. The heart is enlarged and is not pumping blood and oxygen around well. He is at the begining of heart failure again. Results will be discussed with concultant cardiologist and sent to GP with advice as to how its treated. We were told what to look for to watch things don`t get worse and everything was explained really well. Felt positive when we came out cause we know whats happening and what to expect.

    What a shame we can`t feel as positive about our condition and have things explained so well. Maybe we would all cope better!! Although problems with the heart can be life threatening and despite all its horrible symtoms, fibro isn`t life threatening, I feel so much better about this because I know what to expect.

    Hope your tribunal goes well, Di, you deserve some help. Will be thinking of you. You are braver than me I didn`t even appeal cause I couldn`t face it!

    Hope everyone else is ok and not in too much pain, etc.

    Love Linda[/u]

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    Oh bless you Linda xxxx how do you cope? I would say you are very brave coping with this and I predict that your pain levels are probably increased due to the worry xxxx, the only thing is in your situation is at least you know what is happening and so your dear husband can be treated correctly as like I had said I was told I no longer have asthma and to think if I hadn't had tests done I would still be taking medication that may cause troubles for me in the future........ I do hope Linda you are resting too hun as I can also guess that you are unable to relax xxxx A good thing that the doctors explained things to you both too xxxxxxxx

    I hope that your tribunal goes well too Di and I am thinking of you too hun xxxxx

    Tess, I hope that you are doing ok too and I hope today is a better day than yesterday for everyone xxxx

    Thinking of you all ...... hoping everyone has a good night sleep too xxx

    Take care x

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