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Hello all, 

About 2 months ago I had 2 severe panic attacks,.

After that I started getting pretty much every anxiety symptom. (most of which I've never experienced before) 

Spells of dizzyness that turned into almost constant dizzyness, brain fog, tingles, derealization brain zaps, ears ringing, etc. 

It was to the point I had to start cancelling work and daily activites. 

I went to the ER and was assured this is all anxiety related. 

Then started the constant health anxiety. Worried I had ALS, MS, and the biggest concern a brain tumor. Towards the end of all these symptoms I started getting little "Ice Pick Headaches" and head pressure all throughout my head

Something that was VERY worrying due to me thinking I had a brain tumor. 

I scheduled a Doctor appointment and was once again reassured, but still did some blood tests (all came back normal) 

After this my symptoms pretty much went away but I was still dealing with the health anxiety and still worried I had something wrong or had brain cancer. 

The Doctor told me the things they usually look out for when looking for brain tumors (head pressure on one side, one side of the body being weak or going numb, severe headaches on one side of the head) 

I feel like this triggered a new worry for me. 

After that I started feeling like one side of my body was lighter than the other. 

Almost as if someone drew a line straight down my body and one side was just off... (No muscle weakness, No numbness,)

The feeling came and went but was more present than not. (Just like all my other symptoms)


Now I have a new worry, 

I've been feling pressure on one spot of my head (sometimes the pressure moves but is mainly in this one spot) nothing debilitating. I almost have to clsoe my eyes and focus on it to really feel it. 

I've also been getting these "Ice Pick Headaches" in the same area/spot. 

They last a few seconds (0.5 second to 3 seconds at the most) then stop a lot throughout the day. (Once again nothing debilitating just more worrying) they barely hurt. 

I feel like the more stressed I am or the more focused on them I am the more I feel them. (Felt multiple while writing this) 

My big worry is I've never dealt with headaches. (only when I got a cold or something) and they seem to be in the same area/spot. 

I feel like if I mention these to my Doctor (which is VERY hard to get a hold of or get a response from) he'll blow it off as anxiety/stress again.

I'm worried if I keep getting these symptoms blown off as stress they'll never request an MRI to make sure I'm okay and I'll leave a possible tumor to keep forming and getting worse to the point I can't get treatment. 

Are these types of headaches normal even if I haven't gotten them before? Should I be worried and request an MRI/CT scan

Does anyone get headaches in one spot or pressure in one spot? 

I know health anxiety plays tricks on you just like this but I feel like I'll never know for sure without getting an MRI or something... So sick of the constant worry. 

Doctor prescribed me Lexpro but after reading the reviews I didn't want to take them, he prescribed me Prozac instead but I'm just so worried about taking a medication and getting hooked on it, getting awful side effects, or it making my anxiety worse (which I've read has happened to many people) I'd rather deal with the current symptoms then get a bunch of new ones and risk loosing progress or making things worse. 

Would love opinions on the headaches/pressue 


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    You might have graduated from headaches to migranes. Migranes hurt! And they do lots of crazy weird things as well. I will tell something really cool i just fell upon. Melatonin, i started too High  and got jiterry in the morning from a sugar low so now i know eat before bed and start lower dose and work up. 1mg would be the start. They sell 5mg but thats like coma level lol. I dont know how people take that much. Start at 1mg use at night. It also relieves migranes so it a double win. If you find it effects your sugar levels eat an avocado and a banana before bed. Google this and read all about it,  i did for three days and im good now. Better then any xanax i ever used. You cant use it more ten a month straight at a time. But a few days is a nice break. I had zero clue this could do anything. Thats the truth. I was told not to use motrin for tinnitus weird thing that popped up and i wanted something natural and read about melatonin. Use a reputable brand that dissolves in your mouth. You can break thise into smaller dose if you need to as well. This wont allow the brand i used. It was a purple bottle with some dissolvable fruit flavor. Go research this yourself so you can see. 
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      I will certainly look into this. 

      As I said I've never really dealt with headaches before all these issues and even so the "headache" feeling came later after my issues were going on for a month or so. 

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      Not looking for a solve to the problems. More looking for reassurance that having these issues like mine a reregular. 

      It's really worrying me it's starting to only effect one main part of my head. 

      I still get the Ice Pick headaches all around my head but MOST of them are in this one spot/area. 

      They come and go. 

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      The only reassurance that you can obtain is knowing everyone on this forum is in the same or similiar boat as you are. You are not alone at all in this mess,
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    I've never had to deal with headaches... hey presto... sudden onset of anxiety/fear... and now I do. They come and go but are never severe. And now I'm thinking about it... here one comes!

    I was also scared of MND/MS (that's what seemed to trigger my HealthAnx, so it's comforting to read that other people have been through this thought. Something as simple as a blood test, to test for menopause, with 'all good but ever so slightly low on Vit D' triggered me thinking MS! Health Anx is awful; but it sounds like that's all That you've got 😊

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      You're certainly not alone. 

      Glad there are others with the same experiance. 

      Just super worried mine are in this one area most of the time. 

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    You are not alone mostly all of my anxiety is head issues sensations and pains and pressure I've had so many different head sensations and pains and soreness tingling zaps burning scalp apt of weird things haen and still happening to me daily I go through this almost everyday once in a while I get the whole heart attack sensations in my chest like tightness and sharp pains there also but for the most part its the head symptoms

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    Thank you all for your kind words and reasurance. 

    Now the headaches and pressure are gone and the brain fog is back. 

    Having to re-read sentences, feeling like I'm not intaking any information. 

    it all sucks so much sad 

    But it's very nice to have a forum where we can all talk and vent to eachother. 

    It's a rough thing to go through but we'll make it! 

    Godspeed to you all for staying around and staying active on posts like these.

    The reassurance is one of the most important things in my opinion, 


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