new symptoms and dr gave me hrt

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hi i went to see dr today iv had blood tests estrogen low then i had swobs negative then womb scanded no fibroids or what ever then smear negative, now dr wants me to go gyno cos of bleeding when having sex . but she asked if i was still bleeding i said sort off like it just starts randomly everyother day or everyday just wenever and then somtimes night sweats not sleeping that good and now yesterday and today the worst agression ever just want to punch holes in doors cant cope with my teenagers and hate everyone

i keep shacking and my stomachs in knots ­čś×

the dr told me to take elleste duet 1 mg a day, is anyone else on this and whats the side affects if any you have had.

she said it will make my periods come back normal monthly again.

i realy not sure wether to take them after reading all the possible problems on the booklet in with them its all a bit scary she wants me to stay on them till im fifty prob is she still dont know why im bleeding like i am and sendi g me gyno to have someone look in side my cervix and what ever. so should i be taking the pills if they still not sure?

i havnt had this agression like im feeling since i was younger and my grown kids were small. i had period paisn other day and no proper period after. i was so dry and then gradualy i got a tiny bit betetr not much then today i bled again just not like a period then i wiped earlyer and it was like snot then after that seems im all lubricated normal again. god its doing my head in ow and earlyer wile out lost dark blood in tiny clumps with snoty look.

is anyone else having any of these symptoms im having. is all this peri? i still think iv got cancer dont help shes sending me gyno at hos when smear says normal.she makes me think iv got somthing.

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    Hi I've had a lot of similar probs to you I've got some small fibroids but it's not them causing trouble I've just started on elestte duo and I've got to have them til I'm fifty and at least if it gives me a normal bleed or no bleed at all it's better than what I've had in last 3 years and night sweats and anxiety might go
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    Have they looked at possibility of endometriosis. It doesn't show on scans and causes clotty periods and discharge. Have a look on line at it and see if it rings a bell. It normally gets better as estrogen drops though so I may be way off mark but your other symptoms sounded like mine??
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    Sorry you are going through a rough time. I had bleeding due to HRTs had to stop. Mssed up my thyroid and diabeted and blood pressure. 

    I was scared when i saw the blood because i am in menopause. 

    I also have mood swings and i get angry at times 

    This is all part of menopause it will get better and do not think the worse about cancer 

    Just pray to God that this is all menopause related 

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    well im still not sure wether to take the hrt dr gave me.

    the reason is iv stoped having the night sweats and im not so dry and iv stoped bleeding. the thing is i do keep geting stomach achs last nigjt had it most of night keeping me awake, and feeling tierd. but i do t feel so bad thats i should take the hrt. the anxiety i had other day which made me feel angry and shacky has gone, its all weird how it just comes on then goes.

    when i went to dr i had spotting and meno symptoms and then day after it just went, i dont no wether to take hrt befor it comes back or see how i go.

    indont know when my periods are due now and so i dont know wether to wait se what happens seeif i have one befor end of this month then start taking if i dont. she mainly wanted me to take the hrt to sort my period out get it coming normal and for the other 46 and i dont want to start taking it if im not properly in meno and then in five years if i get to 51 and then have go stop and be loads worse.

    iv got an apointment through from hospital to have a look in side my cervix. with magnifacation. to see why i bleed when i have sex but its stoped now gosh il prob still go make sure its allfine anyways but now i feel like im wasting everyones time.

    im thinking the pains im having ar like period pains that arnt bringing a period on. 

    the hrt is a worry for me. i need advice on wether to take it. anyone else started to take it even thoe there symptoms sudnenly changed after seeing dr?

    the only symptoms im having as of today is tierdness  period like pains that just come on  not got it at this moment, and just get sweaty when cleaning and walking to school.  so just sweating more with when doing something  but not at rest. last week i was bleeding for no reason on and off having night sweats and tierdness like i was dying from a rare desease and angree for no reason dryness so bad my skin was sticking together thatall went on for about 5 weeks and now its all subsided. is anyone else had this then felt better for a wile?

    i dont know what to do hrt or herbal pills.

    i might go make another apoinment to see dr shel think i. a hypocondriac but dont want to take pillsif i dont feel bad enough for them.

    im such a pain. ow the other prob i have is pain in my sides and peeing il go loo have a pee and 5 mins later need it again i feel i must not be emptying properly. i was up and down all night just feeling need to pee. 

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      hi well its been a wile since posting well my symptoms all started to go back to normal and i never took the hrt the dr gave me, but thn i started with another prob i got a tumor in my ear behind ear droom so been worried more about that anyways, good job everythi g else wasnt so bad stoped havi g dryness and all the rest until the last two or so months its started again but not the symptoms i had last year this time i missed a period then came on and i havnt stoped since i had a period for around 8 days then it tailed off to a salmon to redish brown discharge that hasnt stoped sine this has been going on ver a month now. anyways im due an op this month for my tumor which isnt cancer they say, so iv been having other probs with that and i mensioned about my period to mt dr and i had bloods do e for homones and then swabs done cos he said bloods ok, i rang up today for my swab results and they said normal so i said im still bleedi g what is it the receptionist went to talk to a siff dr who was on and he said its prob homonal and taht was it i said to her how can it be if other dr said its not.gosh now i think i have cancer of womb or somthi g geti g so fedup. should i go see yet another dr juat in case ir shall i just go on bleedi g and think owell its homonal.
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      iv also got the period belly so i duno whats wrong. its only light like when i wipe or have sex i just wear a panty liner and a small tampax when i go out but i dont soak it. its mainly a discharge of blood steaks and salmon colored fluid and sometimes brown anyone else have this prob and been drs for them to say bloods say ok but then another dr say its homonal?
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    I had small fibroid and I had remove few years sgo I'm also on HRT was told I could have few bleeds but so far nothing I've been on it 18 days my periods for this year one day bleed and that is before I went HRT so waiting to see what is coming to happen I'm hoping ivwouldnt get no bleeds fingers cross,we all think something is wrong with us it's just hormones hope we all feel better soon.
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