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A few months back I was diagnosed with gastritis and my dr has now referred me to a G.I. Specialist because I have lost 40 pounds, had some blood in my stool, and have had severe constipation. I have had several rounds of bloodwork done, as well as stool samples taken twice. All blood work comes back normal and it's been negative on h pylori. Recently I have been constipated for about 3 weeks with only a few bowel movements of just small "little pebbles". Last night my stomach began cramping severely, felt hard, and was burning, and also making "bubbling" sounds. I went to the restroom and had a lot of bowel movements over the course of about an hour. I went to bed, stomach still uneasy but slept somewhat ok. I'm back up this morning and I'm having more bowel movements, and still some burning pain in my upper stomach area along with a few cramps down by my pelvic area. Could all of this just be from the "back up" of 3 weeks finally coming out? Could that be causing the discomfort? Any help would sure be appreciated. Thanks :-)

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    Constipation lasting three weeks can make you feel sick, loose appetite and weight and feel lethargic along with stomach pain.  Once the back log is finally released it can come out all at once. I had these symptoms after being constipated for a week.  I lost a good half stone which was very noticeable because I am very slim anyway. 

    However, if you have passed blood, this needs investigating. It maybe you have haemorrhoids and/or fissures from straining. Have you had any bowel scans done to check for inflammation? Has IBS been mentioned?  Try keeping a food diary to check for food intolerance.


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      I forgot to mention that I do have hemorrhoids and the dr said the blood was from that, I'm sorry, I was typing so much I didn't realize I left that out. The bowel movements I've been having last night and today do not have any blood in them anymore, hoping that's a good sign. And I haven't been checked for IBS, how do they check for that? Also, I have noticed a difference in how I feel when I have dairy, it upsets my tummy pretty bad lately.

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      Have you ever woke to the sensation that your blood is boiling through your veins? From being constipated? I don't know about other people but when I got bad bloating it would affect my head/eyesight (like my brain is swelling) and I never see anybody else saying the same.

      I always put it down to toxic gas poisoning my system and once released the symptoms go away.

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      My eye sight has been awful lately and I've even caught myself having trouble concentrating sometimes. I wonder if it's the same thing as you are experiencing?

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      To diagnose IBS, other causes that mimic IBS need to be ruled out first.   That is why you have had blood tests and stool samples taken. Have you had an ultrasound, a celiac test and a bowel scan?  If all other causes are ruled out, IBS can be diagnosed. If dairy is causing you trouble, eliminate it from your diet and see if your other symptoms disappear.  Some people with IBS have lactose intolerance.


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      I haven't had any sensations like blood boiling with constipation.  I have only had headaches, dizziness. nausea ,lack of appetite lethargy,and stomach pain.  I have never had bloating.


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    Gastritis causes all sorts of lower abdominal issues which are like IBS symptoms. Cure your gastritis and your guts will sort themselves.

    I personally preferred Zantac to ppi but each to their own. Healthy diet is key to healing gastritis. No alcohol, high fat food, dairy, acidic, fizzy and be carful with veggies as they are hard to break down. Cool your veggies thoroughly. Nothing raw. In a few weeks you should feel much better if you eat well and take your meds.

    Good luck

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      Thank you! These are all very helpful tips and I will for sure try them. My dr prescribed me an antacid, can't remember the name right off, but ice had several people tell me to try Zantac instead. I may switch to that.

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      PPI's (the ones that end in 'azole'wink are OK for some people, but I found they made me very bloated and were very strong. Zantac isn't as strong as ppi but reduces the acid enough to take the pain away (as long as you eat OK of course!).

      If you can't tolerate ppi then try Zantac and stay on 300mg per day for 8 weeks. Then try 150mg for 4 weeks. Then come off. If you are eating right then you should be feeling ok.

      Also reduce doesn't help as makes lots of acid. And if you stay on ppi seen off them, don't just come off them cold turkey as the acid will pour back in for a week or two and damage your stomach again.

      Anything else you want to know let me know.

      I had gastritis for months but now I'm about 90% back to normal. My two main aggravators are alcohol and dairy. I have to be careful with them

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    I have noticed white mucus attached to my bowel movements now. Should I worry? Or could that be from being constipated for 3 weeks and now everything coming out?
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      I'd say from my own experience that constipation does result in mucus.. The harder the stools the more mucus.. 

      Try and get your system back into a semi functioning state where you're passing more normal stools and see the difference.. Take a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil 1st thing in the morning and it will coat your intestines making it much easier for stools to pass without irritation to the intestinal walls.

      Another thing i'd suggest if you get stuck is milk of magnesia.. 30-40ml..It says before bed but i've done it in the morning even and make sure you drink plenty if you do this because it draws water into the bowel which can give you a headache if you are dehydrated.

      If you have issues getting things out but you know they are read to come out then buy some gylcerine suppositories (4g adult size).. They sell them in all chemists and supermarkets. Easy to use.. Just dip one in some warm water and insert and you'll be going in 20-30 minutes.. Sometimes even sooner.

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      Thank you so much! That information is very helpful. I do feel a little better now reading that. I was very concerned when I saw the mucus, but knowing it could just possibly be from the constipation, makes me feel better. I made the mistake of googling mucus in stools and it scared me terribly!! But I really like this forum, it has become very reassuring and helpful.
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      Trust me.. Googling things and seeing the worst it can be is our own worst enemy when it comes to seeking answers about our health... Why do we do it? We get a pain somewhere and then google it then all of a sudden we're pacing around thinking we've got a tumor? Why do we only see the worst and not the simplest thing it could be 1st? I imagine doctors are well hardened against this behavior which is why a lot of people feel they aren't being listened to.

      If you consistently get mucus or you start getting more of it and there is blood present as well then you should see a doctor and try and take a record, photo it (I know.. sounds nasty right?) but it will save you so much time and unnecessary tests later on. Also write down what you ate and what meds you took.

      Try softening up your stools, eat apples, baked beans, drink more water etc & the bowel can function normally. Do a search for foods. If you're constipated because of your diet then adjust it, if it's because of meds then you must compensate by adding things to counteract.

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