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Having been on 5mg of Amlodipine for 6 weeks I began to be overwhelmed with a variety of adverse symptons. This episode culminating in being rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack.

Thankfully all tests proved my heart was fine.

The consultant put it down to a sudden drop in heart rate and blood pressure. The only thing that I could imagine was the Amlodipine.

The event reoccurring last night despite the fact I stopped taking the meds three days ago.

I have a natural slow heart rate of 45 resting.

Any similar experiences out there.

I am 63 overweight but was very active.

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    Sorry about your problems but glad all was found to be OK. 

    I don't take Amlodipine or any other calcium channel blocker for all the many side effects that they can bring about and I would have thought your 'suspected heart attack' was one of them.

    I do know they are standard hypertension medication for anybody of 55yrs and over and I imagine your dr was following standard procedure. You don't mention how high your BP was initially. If you really need medication and have tried natural ways first then ask him/her if you can try one of the other types of medication.

    Ace inhibitors work for a  lot of people but Ramipril which is the usual one prescribed first is known for giving a nasty dry cough. Then they often change you onto one of the 'Artan' meds, Losartan for example which doesn't seem to have nearly as many side effects. 

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      My readings were 139/70. Not so high as such.
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      That doesn't seem so very high to me [I'm not a medic] - mine was 163/90 and the dr scribbled 'stage 2' across the pagecry. I was 70 yrs at the time and if I was really truthful I think the BP had been rising steadily for some years. I'm 73 now and only take the small dose of Losartan and there are no side effects.

      You don't say how old you are and I don't know if it makes any difference but I do know that to give an accurate diagnosis of hypertension before going onto medication you need more than one reading. Were you given a 24 hr monitor and/or do you have your own home monitor? White coat syndrome in the drs surgery is common, it certainly happens to me.

      Did your dr or nurse suggest you give up salt, take up exercise don't smoke and lose weight?  That's only of course if those things apply to you. Other than smoking which I've never done, I did all the other things but still had to take the meds so I do wonder what my BP  would be now if I hadn't listened to them.

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      I've decided to have four months of lifestyle changes. Planning to reduce weight. I don't smoke and love walking. Will review with Dr after this and start with a clean sheet. See what meds I need then.

      I am 63. Intend to make at least 83!!!!!

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      Did you know there's a growing movement among medical professionals (starting in the US and moving to Europe) to put all over-50s on BP meds regardless of their BP if they have any other risk factors for cardiovascular disease? If you're overweight you'd fall into that category.

      Of course, I'm quite sure the fact that this started just around the time doctors stopped automatically prescribing statins for the same group regardless of cholesterol levels has absolutely nothing to do with this.twisted

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    Amlodopine gave me incredibly swollen ankles.  I really struggled to get my shoes on & went straight back to the doc for a new prescription.  Next up was Rampiril which did nothing at all to reduce my BP.  I am now on Telmisartan which seems to be working & I appear to have no nasty side yet.  If you are unhappy with your medication, get it changed!
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      Trying a lifestyle change. Weight loss etc. Desperate to avoid any meds if possible. Intend to return to Dr in four months to start again hopefully med free. The Amlodipine was awful. For ME. Good luck to everyone else.
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      Did the ankles swell up quickly after you starteed taking the Amlodopine? I have lymphoedema in both lower legs and about a year ago I was prescribed Amlod for my high bp, and in the last six months my legs have swelled v badly, so much so that having difficulty walking.
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      It took several weeks before I noticed my ankles were swollen. I was on holiday & struggled to get my ski boots on. Upon my return I went back to the doc & asked for another tablet without this side effect. I had the option to take a duiretic but declined any additionaI drugs. I am now on Telmisartan without any side yet!
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    I also developed chest pains after being on Amlodipine for about two weeks. I was hospitalized overnight and found not to have had a heart attack. The pain discontinued after I was taken off the drug.
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      Sorry to hear about your symptoms. Out of interest what was your BP and average pulse/heart rate at the time you were put on the drug?
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    I was on Amlodipine for almost a year. I had been on Losartan Potassium for four years before that and I couldn't believe how wonderful I felt after stopping taking it. I realised the Losartan was physical dragging me down. It wasn't until I stopped that I realised the affect it was having on me. So, I switch to Amlodipine. It was great at first, but the symptoms creep up on you very slowly. About a year after I started taking it I was feeling dreadful (tired, lethargic, depressed, itchy skin on arms, and other things), but my ability to rationally put it down to the Amlodipine was much diminished, due to the drug. The last time I took it, I was in a taxi in China on my own and I felt like I was going to pass out. For some reason I immediately stopped taking the Amlodipine. Within two days I started to feel better. I didn't go back to the doctor for three or four weeks, because I feeling so great and didn't want to change anything. Anyway, eventually I went back and the dr put me on Ramipril. So far so good, aprt from the occasional dry cough, which I hope doesn't get any worse.

    Amlodipine was far worse than Losartan and it diminished your brain capacity to the point that you can't think rationally. Horrible stuff.

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