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Hi all, I was diagnosed this week with FBM after aching and stiffness since February. My doctor this week has started me off on Co-Codimal, this helps but only takes the edge of the pain, do you think I should stick with it or ask for something stronger. I take two last thing at night before settling down for the night, when I wake in the morning I am back to square and have great difficullty in moving to get up.

Also, I would like to ask does FBM cure itself or is it a thing for life.

Oh the joys of getting older :cry: :D !

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    I`m Linda and i`ve had fibro for just over 3yrs now, there are three of us on here who regularly keep in touch with one another, we talk about all sorts of things not just fibro. lol

    I take amitriptyline at night to help with pain and stiffness and also the poor sleep pattern that goes with all the other wierd and wonderful symptoms we get. I take extra pain killers if i have a bad flare up. As for fibro being for life or getting better i can`t answer that, there are lots of books on the subject some claiming all sorts of different things that will `cure` it, but i haven`t found one yet!


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    Hi Linda, thank you for the info. My doctor wanted to start me off lightly and has put me on co-codamol for pain relief, I have found they take the edge off the pain so that is a relief. I can cope with how I feel now, I am just praying it does not get any worse.


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    Hi Tess and Mrs SAS,

    Pleased to meet you Mrs SAS. I get the impression that Fibro has good times and bad times.

    I was diagnosed with Fibro 3 years ago and I also have autoimmune diseases. I do not take any pain relief apart from Dosulepin at night to help aide sleep and help with the mild pain I have.

    I do gentle exercise every day and I find this helps with keeping myself mobile.

    I find the more stress I am under the worse the pain is.

    Tess have you recovered from the Wedding and babysitting? Hows the new meds going?

    Linda hows life treating you? I hope you are feeling fairly well. Hows the depression?

    I'm back to see my Doc next week, as I have been on a really very high dose of anti-depressants and I am glad to report the low moods have stopped all together. The counselling seems to be helping as well.

    Wishing you all a good weekend.


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    hello there,, i am new to this particular forum as i am on one for cervical spondylosis.

    i have recently been diagnosed with fibro,, although i think i have had it for many years. i have been put on meds that americans are using,, it is called duloxetine,, a low dose anti-depressant.

    my neuro-surgeon suggested it as it has to be increased slowly and it seems to be doing ok in USA.

    could anyone tell me if they experience excessive sweating???? in this weather my scalp sweats like mad and is so embarrassing.

    has any dr suggested anything that can be taken??

    it was with the help of a member off here that i realised i was suffering with fibro,, it read just how i felt and it was amazing it really opened my eyes.

    apparently at my local hospital they have a unit to deal with fibro and a brilliant physio. we will see how i go.

    i appreciate any advice given to help with this new ailment.

    night to you all and nice to have found you,,,k chris

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    Ask your doctor to try Amitriptyline it sorted most of my pain for Fibro.
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    Hi Everyone!

    Does anyone else have fluid retention in their ankles or knees with fibro. What do you take for it or do to cure it.


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    Hi, Tess

    I have very swollen ankles, and GP has prodded and poked to see if there is fluid. I take prescription medication for my blood pressure which is a diuretic and that helps. I soon know if I`ve forgotten to take it! I think you can buy something over the counter called Aqua Ban but not sure about that.

    Hope you and the family are doing ok.

    Lizzy, I`m not too bad, depression is hovering! Caused by all the stress we`ve had over the past few months, no doubt! How is life treating you?


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    Hi Linda

    Good to see you back on the site. How are all your family! I have had swollen ankles and knees for a very long time now and have mentioned it to the doctor. I thought it was to do with my OA but dr thought might be fluid retention. Didnt put me on any tablets but didn't say what had caused it. I have been waiting for two months to see a Rheum about being tested for RA. Finally went yesterday but was not happy with the consultant. Saw a junior dr first who was ok and examined my joints etc. He then got the consultant in two see me who didn't really want to test me for RA. I had to fight with a different dr at our practice to be referred and think he must have put something in the letter not very nice about me. The consultant was going on more about Fibro and not the arthritis. I felt like I was being told off for not doing enough exercise and said I should be doing aerobics three times a week, or running or cycling. My knees will not cope with all that. He did send me for a blood test that should once and for all rule of RA one way or the another.

    Claire is now a qualified Paramedic and finished her exams in June. She has to wait for her paperwork to come through before she can use her skills as a paramedic. She has done so well. Sophie is nearly 4 now, Molly will be 9 in December and Poppy the youngest is 18 months now. Can't believe how quick the time has gone. How is your daughter getting on in her own place. Is Ray and Chris doing ok. Got busy time this month has got stewart's brother over from New Zealand for the month of August. Got my sons Wedding next year in April.

    Well take care and chat with you again soon.

    Tess x x

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    hi, all

    my name is trisia i am 33 years old and have been diagnosed with fibro and joint hypermobility for over eight years now. they have me on naproxin codamol, nortriptyline, and sometime diazapam for the pain in my back and hip in which the joints move, i also get horrendous pain in my jaw and am constantly tired. i have been on amilttiptoline but was hallosinating ( seein things) i know its not spelled right sorry. is anyone else in the same situation as me? i feel as i get older i am getting worse. i now take all sorts of allergic reactions to stuff which my rhumotologie dr says is common and will continue. suppose i just want to know its not just me out there.


    trisia xx

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    Hi everyone! My name is Annie and I have been diagnosed quite recently with FM but I believe I have had it foe a few years now, but it sure has got an awful lot worse over the last few months. I will bore you now with a list of my symptoms and see if any of you suffer with the same and if so what do you find helps these symptoms if anything!

    Irritable bladder

    Feeling freezing cold when everyone else feels hot

    Burning and pain in my shoulder blades, in certain areas in the back, upper arms

    Aching ribs... Really painful

    ankles swelling

    Hands feel like they are

    swelled but they don't look it.

    Feeling tired/ fatigue

    No strength in arms and hands

    I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them at the mo! Lol

    I'm on 20 mg of amitriptyline at the moment but that hasn't helped much apart from helping with the peeing a little bit. So I'm going to ask dr to be put on an extra 20 gm to see if that helps.

    Does anyone else take any supplements? If so what? And how has that helped!

    I have been researching supplements which help FM and I was going to check with dr that these are ok to t ake with the amitriptyline before I bought any as they all seem to say ask a Dr first before taking them.

    It would be great to chat to other sufferers of this condition!

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to read my message!

    Take care, hope to chat soon!

    Love Annie xx

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    Hi all, i am new to these forums.

    i've had Fibro for at least 10 years.

    I have other health issues as well.

    This is just a quick note to you all, as I'm having a bad day.

    Ask your Doctor about trying, Lyrica (pregabalin).

    I'm on, 300mg a day.

    Do some research about it.

    Hope that helps someone.

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    Hi all.... I am 66 and have had fibro since I was 20 years old - it was called fibrositis then ! I refuse to say I 'suffer' from it - it is just a condition which I happen to have, and I make sure I keep in control of it - it is possible! I also run an online support group, so if anyone is interested in joining us then please let me know .. we have ladies from around the world not just in UK ...

    I have had spells of good and bad over the years, but getting married, having a family and working all my life it has been a case of 'carry on' as I had no family living close to rely on ...

    It must be remembered that fibro seems to be caused by our differing perception of pain - there is no actual damage to muscles or joints - it just feels like it ...

    For me the mornings are worse because of the bad sleep pattern ... I wake up feeling more tired thasn when I went to bed ! but I also have back problem and hip probs (nothing to do with fibro) and these are always at their worse on waking ! I just take amitriptylene at night and if my back or hip has been a problem, then I will take a couple of co-codamol and/or diclofenac ...

    Someone once asked me what it feels like to have fibro and I replied 'like walking through deep wet sand' my muscles seem to burn and ache, particularly walkiing uphill .... then there is the 'two tee-shirts pain' often pain in arm muscles when hanging out the washing - hang out a couple of things and that's that for a while !

    I have tried to be positive all these years even when my muscles are screaming at me when doing something so simple ... and difficult sometimes telling friends 'no, I really don't want to go out for a late meal as I am just to tired to eat at 9 o clock at night' ... some friends understand, others never will ...

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    Hi all. I am new to this forum, infact I am new to the internet so please bear with me. I was diagnosed with fibro 18months ago and feel that I am just understanding my many different types of pain. One thing that I have found is that the drugs dont help, the pain is always there. I wouldn't advise anyone to take or not to take tablets but for me I can't see the point anymore.

    I hope that this forum helps because I am very lonely.

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    Hi Twiglet, in particular.

    Some pain medications work for some and not others.

    Some people couldn't cope without some pain relief.

    It's often, trial and error.

    To see if something can help you.

    They can also, help you sleep.

    Lack of sleep is the number one contributor to Fibro pain.

    Replacing the serotin can help a lot.

    The import thing is to try and find a specialist that knows about Fibro.

    Many GP's don't know much.

    I've had to educate mine, over the years.

    Like most things, knowledge is power.

    So, do as much reseach as you can.

    Lyrica is now a known medication to try.

    And you must learn to listen to your body.

    If you push yourself and over do things you will only suffer more pain.

    I have a nap in the afternoons, at least 2 hours, and find this helps.

    Even if you are just lying there, you are resting.

    There are many people who have not even heard of Fibro.

    I've found it very usefull to print things off for friends and family to read.

    So, they can understand how very difficult it is to make plans.

    Often, you have to let people down. it's jut one of those things we have to contend with.

    And, I make lots of lists!!

    A daily to do list and if I can cross off, just one thing per day, it's an achievement.

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