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Hi all

Have been on citalopram for 10 weeks and things not moving quickly enough really. Still feeling pretty low and having very bad days of suicidal thoughts from time to time. Today prescribed Mirtazapine. Do need to put on a few pounds as have lost weight. Is it just eating wrong things and over eating that puts on the weight or will I put on weight any way. Start med tonight and am quite nervous as I went downhill in the first 2 weeks of citalopram. Am still taking 40 mg of this and 15mg of Mirt. Feeling like a right drugie. Just want to be able to look forward and enjoy life again really.

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    Hi Arial

    mirtazapine just makes you really hungry so with a sensible diet and exercise you should be able to manage weight gain sensibly.15mg will make you really drowsy at first which is great to sleep but can make you really groggy in the morning for the first week or so.I used to take them together but developed tinnitus which i thought was due to citalopram so my GP stopped it and addd something else!

    hope this helps

    JOx smile

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    Hi Jo

    thanks, I have slept all night and most of the day. I feel absolutely awful and can't face taking another pill tonight. My face is just all screwed up and doesn.t feel like mine and my mind also. I just want something to take me away from all this. I wish a had never started taking any medication at all even though I was getting desperate. I wish someone could help me I feel I am deemed to dye young and won't reach my 50th. My husband says he is not goig to let that happen. I don't feel strong at all.


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    Hello Di,

    I am sorry to hear you're struggling a bit. There are many experiences regarding Mirtazapine on this site with quite a variance of personal response to it. Personally, I am on my 2nd month of the drug having increased to 30mg 4 weeks ago.

    The last 10 days or so have seen a big improvement for me, sleep is pretty good at about 8-9 hours, but motivation has taken a big step forward and I've got going on D-I-Y at home with some success.

    Do I feel my old self, no, I don't. It feels like I'me thinking through treacle at times and my irritability fuse is a short one... A big plus is my migraine headaches have reduced immensely .... (12 days and no big attack!).

    Are you working Di? If so Mirtazapine must be hard to graft into everyday life, if not, take the opportunity of an afternoon nap when the occasion arises.

    Mirtazapine for me has been a big step forward, but as we are all so different it's not for all. But I am glad I've persisted with it and I did get a lot more benefit when the Doctor agreed to up the dosage to 30mg.

    I hope some of the other people on this site will be able to help you.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi Di you are certainly not a druggie. Unfortunately the first few weeks of taking the mirtazapine are the worst especially for the tiredness. I remember feeling very spaced out and hardly being able to lift my head up. It does get better and the benefits will hopefully outweigh the annoying side effects.
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    thanks for your support. Have decided to stick on 40mg dose citalopram for time being as I am so scared of changing drugs especially after yesterday, and I have only been on this dose for a week. Saw my GP today and she didn't have a problem with that and we hope that it will begin to have a better effect soon. I havn't worked since before Xmas, but I work for myself anyway and fortunately don't depend on the income. At that time I was totally disfunctional and I couldn't comtemplate working at the moment especially as I think it was my job that got me to this point. I only wish I had made changes sometime ago and then I may not have been in this situation. I just long for the day when I actually want to do something and am not forcing myself to do things in order to get through the day. I thank you again.


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    Pooh bear

    Hi and thank for those words \"it does get better\" been on Mirtazapine for a week.I have gone from sleeping round the clock in the first few days to now just feeling just spaced out but at the same time my mind is kind of active so i've been staying up till the early hours.I was on citalopram before that since Nov which despite increasing the dose just seem to \"wear off\" This seems to be the general rule - as I have tried many diffrent kinds.Been off work now for months.To be honest I've now lost all track of time and since being on Mirtazapine it's the first time, apart from the tiredness,groggy,spaced out,appetite increase feelings, that i am very aware of how unlike me ( whatever that was, along time ago) these are making me feel.Like a stranger, not just to myself, but to those around me.Totally zombified. Just want to be left alone ,have zero tollerance.And then ofcourse, there's the added pressure of no income and understandably comments like \" atleast try to be a part of the family\"

    Just totally lost and drowning in the whole situation.Guess I've lost even the little hope I had of doing anything.Even when things have been better I'm tired of forcing myself to do the everyday stuff.

    Seeing the the doc next week when I know he will raise Lithium again.Can't rem the last time my body was free of these chemicals.

    Take care J

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    Hi everyone

    Its really helpful to hear lots of peoples experiences because it makes me feel that I am at least just starting to feel better,because a lot of the horrible feelings that come with depression are starting to go for me and it takes a lot out of you but I am hopeful that we can all pull ourselves out of the mire in the end.I feel a bit like a (rubbish!)pilot who has just managed to pull out of a nose dive at the very last minute.Its taken such a long time but posting on here has and will continue to be a massive source of support and advice.Im sure there will be bad days still but at least I have a bit of hope that some times I feel like my old lost self and will be OK,we all will hopefully

    Take care


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