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Hi, wondering if anyone can help.

I went to the Drs and was Prescribed 15mg of Mirtazapine, (following the death of my mother and mother in law 18 months ago, i feel i have gone downhill)

Anyway, i took the first dose weds pm, and Thurs am i felt completely spaced out ! and same today, i can cope with it if i know its eventually going to pass, but i am not sure it will! It feels odd,(better than the anxiety) i was just wondering if anyone could shed any light,


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    My advice is after reading more recent posts, especially the one re 'mirtazapine withdrawal' - DON'T TAKE THEM. STOP NOW before its too late and your hooked. There are better ways to cope with bereavement, and other soul destroying experiences - time and talking to people in similar situations is the best and/or or just get away if you want/can.

    I have been recommended mirt after a few other ADs - all of which did nothing except cause more problems in the end. I suppose if you want to be on them, and other drugs for the rest of life, then you could give it a go but be prepared to change, and not necessarily for the better.

    This may sound a bit negative, but I've come off all ADs now. Still trying to get off buprenorphine (for pain) which is also a real baddun. Stay clean and positive. I thought life was bad after loosing job, loads of money, partners of 20 years, step mother and then may dad all in the last 2 years. But nothing is as as bad getting hooked on all these drugs. Time and support from friends/family/groups is the only and best way to live the rest of your life as a real person (the person you were and will be again eventually).

    Doctors sell drugs to make them, the govt, and drug companies rich. They don't understand what these things do to us as individuals - please stay away for your own sake.

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    Hey, Thanks so much for your reply, I Actually have not taken them since thurs pm, i felt so weird that i really could not put up with it, i felt like a zombie, and thats not what i want.

    My problem is Anxiety based, i get stressed very easily, and don't get an awful lot of help around the house, or with 2 kids(aged 3 and 6). And i think this is the Crux of the problem, i feel downtrodden, if we are not in an everyday situation, ie on the beach or away, non of the anxiety symptoms are there,(stress headache) and adrenaline up and down my legs,etc.

    Reading the feedback on here, i feel quite negative about the drug, i have just managed to lose 3 stones and don't want to put it back on!! I think i really have to look at why i feel the way i do and try and change it, by asking for help from people around me, the way i helped them when Mum died. It was a very shocking experience, She died very suddenly at the age of 57, and then 4 days later My Mother inlaw passed away after battling cancer.

    Subsequently My partner has had to leave his very stressful job, after a almost breakdown, he has been on meds for 4 years for panic and axiety, but is now not taking anything after deciding to work for himself, i think my brain has just had to digest so much in the past 18 months: just over a month ago i had to have surgery for my gallbladder to be removed (i waited 6 months!) and i think now i effectively now i have \"No one to worry about\" (ie my dad, partner,etc because they are ok now) my head is thinking \"aghh,.. what now) I am generally a very happy person, but have found lately i am quite negative about things,i just am not handling stressful situations very well., and i don't necessarily know that drugs are the right road. especially if it makes me feel like that.

    I was contemplating taking them again tonight, but i am not sure i will now, i have read that people say the zombie stage passes, but i am not so sure! i think i will try and think positively, not let things get on top of me, and ask for help, and see how it goes, and if i think i need medication, maybe i will go and see the Gp again.

    I also recall that just being able to admit to people i was struggling made me feel better in myself, so i will see how it goes.

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    Hi Natkinz,

    I'm glad your already changing your perceptions to the whole thing, its the most important step to a long but effective natural recovery. Your symtoms and life experiences sound uncannily similar to mine. It takes so long on this roller-coaster ride, but you CAN do it.

    I'm sure that if you do this day at a time and take it easy on yourself (and others around you), that you are the sort of person who will get through this without meds and be a lot better for it in the long run.

    Just hang in there, and use this forum if you've nowhere else to go. There's usually someone around who reads and cares - honestly!!!

    Take care

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    Life can throw some big ole piles of Cr*p at us sometimes eh!

    The more i think about it the more i know it's a route i don't want to go down, i am not saying they don't work, because i know full well they do, but i believe i can get through this as long as i don't expect too much of myself, and don't leave it all burdened on my shoulders,

    the thing is i have always been the strong one, the one that copes, so i think my partner has always taken this for granted, and its like he almost can't accept that i am struggling at the moment, i think each day i am going to set myself a target so i have something to focus on, and that way i wont get weighed down by trudgery of every day things, (this is the plan anyway LOL)

    I think talking about it has more than halved the stress i have been feeling, because before i felt almost ashamed to admit i was struggling, quite why i don't know, it's not like i haven't had a lot to deal with.

    If you want to chat then i will give you my Msn addy, it would be nice to talk to you x

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply x



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    After suffering depression now for almost 3 years,was on citalopram now I am on 15mg mirtazapine and 500mg lithium plus 10 mg nitrazepam(sleeping tablet) was on 30mg of mirtazapine but they didn't make me sleepy.Nitrazepam send me to sleep but then I wake up after 2 hours then can't get back off to sleep,been taking them since November 09.Does anyone take mirtazapine and lithium,my liver has suffered aswell.
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