New to mirtazapine and worried sick!

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I was prescibed 15mg per night,took my first one last night and i feel dreadful today.

I am already on 22mg diazepam per day, i do not feel at all ready to reduce that and the gp who prescribed mirt said i don't need to worry about having both together.

Anyway i took the first 15mg tablet last night, took ages to get to sleep, had lots of vivid images when i was dozing off,like dreaming but half awake.

I still woke very early and my co-ordination was awful, i could not even put my make up on properly because my hands would not co-operate, my anxiety is always sky high in the morning but it rocketed until my diazepam kicked in.

After that i felt like a zombie, in the supemarket i had my usual anxiety but i felt so whoozy and faint that i had to leave, sit down in the car and then go back, it is terrifying.

I have panic and agoraphobia and was really hoping i could tolerate this med until it started to help me but this is just awful, i am scared to take it again tonight but desperate fo relief because anxiety is literally ruining my life, now idon't know what to do sad

I am horribly phobic of new meds as it is and this is so hard, first time i have tried anything new in 15 years and this happens.

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    Keep going the first few days r always the worst! If u dont u will have no idea if its gonna help from wat i hear mitraz is the med with least side effects they should settle in a few days/weeks i know how scary taking new meds can b post here theres some great folk on here!
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    Hello Bella, I've been on mirtazapine 15mg for around 2 years Now. When I started on these it took me 2 weeks to get the courage to take my first tablet as I tried sertraline before and had the most horrendous side affect after just one tablet. For my first dose of mirtazapine I also took a 15mg and I was so anxious about taking it that It made me feel really bad and I didn't sleep the next day I felt really hung over, groggy, felt sick and I just couldn't think properly. The next night I took 1/2 a tablet and felt not too bad the next day just a little tired but relaxed which to be honest I enjoyed as I'm usually so tense and anxious. My advice to you would be take the smallest amount possible maybe chop one 15mg pill into 4 pieces for the first 3 days then increase to half a pill 7.5mg for a week and so on until late your up to 15mg. The good thing with the slow increase is that you may find your best dose for your anxiety without getting up to the full 15mg you've been prescribed. The doctor has told me to take 30mg every night but my body doesn't like this higher doses I found 15mg for me is perfect plus once you get over the anxiousness of taking your first few you will really find them helpful. I get very tense, anxious sore chest in the evenings i take my 15mg around 9pm by 10pm I'm relaxed and feeling tired I usually full asleep within 20min of bed time which is really good considering I had extremely bad sleep before taking mirtazapine. Start your dose low and slowly increase untill you feel that they are helping obviously no more than 15mg. Remember they do take around 2 weeks to really start working. Any sides affect should past within a couple of days. Although if you start low like i did you may avoid any side affects altogether you may have a few dreams on the nights you change doses although the dreams are nice smile hope this helps

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    Hi Bella.

    Are you taking the mirrazapine to help with sleep with your anxiety?

    I had terrible insomnia with my anxiety so mirtazapine definatley helped with this. I took it for about 7 nights but was still having the early morning waking and anxiety throughout the day so the doctor increased me to 45mg. This dose was perfect for me and kicked in in a week it was gradual I wasn't better overnight but I could gradually sleep a bit longer, get out of bed without trembling and crying etc etc.

    I still had the odd bad day but it was on a normal level.

    I would definatley stick with it you have done well leaving the house today I couldn't leave the house for the first two weeks until The 45mg kicked in.

    This medication brought me back to myself and I could deal with anything for 2 years. I have since had hormone problems so had to add on another med and I'm going through another blip now.

    Anxiety is just the most awful thing. I really feel your pain but your not alone.

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      Lauren did u use mitrazapine on its own at first i have crazy insomnia and i have lost alot of weigh due to anxiety so thought mitraz might b a good option for me
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      Yep. Mirtazapine started at 30mg then up to 45mg it is amazing for sleep.

      I had the worst insomnia I was getting about 2 hours a night then went through a stage where I didn't sleep at all for so many nights and my whole forehead was twitching.

      The doctor initially put me on citalopram with zopiclone for sleep but that didn't help me sleep. Then she suggested mirrazapine and said to me 'I don't know why I didn't try you on this sooner'

      Mirt was perfect for me for 2 years until I tried contraceptive pills that sent my hormones so crazy the mirt stopped working.

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      Im happy to hear a success story from it, but for me it was the worst med ever good luck. I understand ur insomnia i have been up 1 time almost a hole month i get a great mix of 2 pills thats awesome for me. Its 300mgs of seriquil & 100mgs of trazadone, if u dnt like wat ur on im not even tired wen i wake up try it havent had any side affects or bad reactions even wen they didnt give it to me in the hospital.

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      What is seriquil? Is it an anti depressant?

      I'm on mirtazapine 45mg and venlafaxine 225mg. I have to keep increasing due to hormones and now I'm at the max dosage.

      Hoping to hear from a psychiatrist soon to discuss things as I feel like I'm running out of options. Do you get bad anxiety?

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      It is a anti-depressant but also for sleeping. I started off at 100mgs. I would take it n sit at my desktop to play a game, like 5 mins later would feel ok i think im tired lay dwn n out like a light best sleep ever no screaming loud in my sleep and if i had my recurring nightmare never remb a thing. After time as all pills it increased then they took it away my mom was feared i was cooking at night but i was hungry. I gained not much weight and much needed it so super skinny so wen they saw i wasnt sleeping again also was screaming profanity and loud too again they gave it bck with the trazadone. After my pshyic dr stopped having his practice i had to find a new 1 was added a ambient but that quack almost killed me with a bad combitantion of meds ( latuda) really messed me up i had to detox off my meds im proud to say from about 20 bottles i have mayb 11 and 2 are vitamins...i have one of the worst anxieties they say from my old pysic dr i was getting 6mgs a day of xanax wen i got my new dr they tried to wean me off n tried every anxiety med out there finally the gave me back my xanax only 3 mgs a day still wasnt enough then so i got 1 more 1mg now im prescribed 4 mgs a day of xanax but proud to say only taking 3 mgs a day we dnt change the script for a emergency day and also have heard they r trying to take them off the market as well as opiates so we hide the extra 30.
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      Wow you sure have been through it. I am on venlafaxine and mirrazapine and def think I need something to boost them as I'm at the top dosages of both.

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    Im srry it affected u that way. On my first dose i was sent to the er it was that bad. Plz stop that med dnt want wat happen to me happen to u. I almost died from that med..good luck. Talk to ur dr about what happened but plz dnt continue but u can look up that med on webmd ir just google it...
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    I started taking this a few weeks ago, the first day I was sorry shattered all day and felt like a total zombie and this unbearable feeling which was horrid! I took 15mg the first two nights then halved it the next I was OK the next day but still feeling depressed and a bit anxious after a few days I was fine so stick with it I'm on top of the world now a couple of weeks ago I was severly depressed and anxious! I sleep so well with this too!

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    Thank you to everyone who replied, things got really bad and I was hallucinating so I had to call an emergency doctor who told me to stop taking it immediately, I pray this is out of my system soon, it's a terrible experience for me.

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