New to mirtazapine, soooo sleepy!

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Hi all,

I've been on Mirtazapine for 3 days and already I am feeling unbelievebly tired. I was over and hour late for work Thursday and Friday because I couldn't wake up, then struggled to stay awake all day. Today, I literally got up about an hour ago and still feel very tired (admittedly last night I was out for a birthday and had 4 drinks, but didn't expect there to be such an effect).

Did anyone else notice this so soon after taking them? 

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    I should also add I'm on 15mg, taking it alongside Citalopram 20mg (reduced from 40mg to allow for the Mirtazapine)
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    It may take a few weeks for your body to adjust. What is your current dose?

    Also, alcohol and mirt don't mix well and will exaggerate your fatigue among other things.

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      I'm on 15mg alongside 20mg Citalopram. I'm not a big drinker, and never really had any side effects after having a couple when just on Citalopram, so I wasn't expecting Mirt to react with it as much! 
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      There should be a warning on your prescription to not mix with alcohol. There is one on mine.

      Yea, Mirt can hit pretty hard right at the get go, but, give it time, like sapphire says.

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      There's the generic warning in the medication leaflet, it's more that I just wasn't expecting it to work so soon. I'm at uni and have exams in 3 weeks so I really hope I get used to it pretty quickly otherwise I'll be falling asleep during them!
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    Yes, this is completely normal! I was extremely tired, fatigued and sluggish for the first couple of weeks on Mirtazapine. Every morning it was a struggle to wake up properly and get out of bed. Even during the day during my university classes it felt like I was in a daze, like I was half asleep and zoned out.

    These feelings of sleepiness shoud subside after a few weeks. You've only been on it for three days which is a very short period of time! Give your body time to get used to the drug.

    Good luck smile

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      Thanks, just didn't expect the side-effects so quickly as Citalopram took about a week before I noticed any side effects on that.
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    Mirtazapine has STRONG sedative effects ...over time not as noticeable.Generally speaking.

    Regards and best wishes...

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    Yes, doctor advised taking them at 6.30pm. If you take later makes you too tired. I was on 15mg but found side effects to much - foggy head wobbly legs - feeling of being out of it

    Now on 7.5mg much better. I get heart flutters sometime.

    Alcohol is not recommended - makes you more drowsy. One or two ok .

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      I was just told to take them in the evening, so have been taking them around half 10, perhaps I will try earlier and see if that helps. Thanks smile
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      In answer to your question ...

      [In my humble opinion]

      Short answer is YES

      longer answer is YES simply by virtue of the fact the drug Mirtazapine like ALL laboratory created and tested pharmaceuticals/meds they SHOULD have some kind of effect on 'the human body' (and needless to say the brain is part of the body). That said although humans are humans, we all differ what does is needed for Person 'A' might be totally different to what's needed for Person 'B' etc.

      Then there's the matter of the 'Placebo' effect and Medication dose threshold. Person 'C' might themselves be mentally not acknowledging/registering (maybe albeit subconciously or because dose is too low) any effect Mirtazapine may be having on them.

      A simple rule of thumb can kinda loosely described by the scientific fact ...'for every action there's a equal and opposite reaction'. Which I guess suggests if we put a pill in its gotta do something ..even if its not detectable for some reason.

      Anyway, all complicated thinking aside ..maybe once you've had chance to report back to your GP/Doctor he/she and you will decide upon the next course of action.

      Keep fighting are not alone!

      Best wishes and much peace 2 u..

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      Much peace back, I am not disputing that it would be detectable in my system, it most certainly would but it would take a beast of a drug I think to alter the way I ultimately feel and so to revolutionise my perspective. Not sure I'll even go back to my GP, I found him quite brusque last time and its put me off and anyway if they are all ultimately sedatives how does that promote good feeling? I think I lack the resources that these drugs are intended to enhance, like a life, which is quite lost it seems. And I hate that life must be a battle, then what are the spoils of this war exactly??
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    Hi Caz,

    I was on Citalopram whilst on Mirt for some time, I agree with Karl - Citalopram is a straight Anti Depressant whilst Mirtazapine has contains a strong slow release sedative, suitable to treat anxiety full time.  

    Your body will get used to the tired all the time and it will ease up within a few weeks.  However, I have found that as it says on the leaflet, the side effect "FATIGUE" hasn't really gone away, it's just a matter of degree day to day.  As for mixing it with alcohol - write the afternoon off and go to sleep!  Not to be recommended to mix tho', as alcohol just makes depression worse afterall.

    I wish you well and good luck with your exams.

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      Thanks, I need luck and more!!

      I think today is the first day I am feeling a bit less 'zombie' like, although as you say - the tiredness is most definitely still there. But if I contuine like this then it is tolerable, feeling like I'm constantly about to fall asleep, or staying asleep for hours on end is nice - just not all that practical. As for it's effects on my mood, I think it's too early to decide but so far it appears just to be mainting the 'numbness' that I was feeling when I citlopram alone.

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