New to Orlistat - advice for busy people?!

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Hi, I've just been prescribed Orlistat by my GP and I'm planning on starting in the next couple of days once I've got a plan for what I'm going to eat! I'm really terrified of the side effects, especially as I work with kids, so dropping everything and dashing to the loo is not always an option. The idea of having an accident in the playground, half a mile to the nearest toilet is just mortifying to me!

My diet's generally quite good, but I read that Orlistat treats the fat from an avocado the same as the fat from a Big Mac so I think I'm going to really have to watch my intake. The issue I'm going to have is that I often have to grab food on the go and make do with whatever breakfast bars we have, or whatever I can find at a cafe, and I just know these things are not going to be Orlistat-friendly. Does anyone know any good foods I could keep a supply of in my handbag (that won't make me feel like I'm eating polystyrene)? Flapjacks used to be my go-to emergency meal but they are too fatty for Orlistat.

Also, if I'm in a situation where I really can't avoid eating a fatty meal (like at someone else's house, or a restaurant, or if I get locked in a nuclear bunker filled with cans of spam) is there anything that can be done to save myself from two or three days of gastro-intestinal hell? Does Imodium help? Would skipping the Orlistat for that meal/day help at all?

I'm really excited about the prospect of actually losing some weight (I have PCOS and absolutely nothing I have done so far has shifted any of this extra 30kg I'm carrying) but I am extremely anxious about the side-effects.

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    No more than 5g fat per 100g 15g per meal and 45g fat a day. If you look on my profile i have posted lost of helping tips/advice on the tablets.

    If your in a situation where there is fatty food do NOT eat it you will get the side effects either eat before/after of course unless there are healthy alternatives provided.

    To eat a meal high in fat you need to come off them 3 days before then go back on them 3 days after personally i would suggest not to do this in the early days as you do need to yourself to stay on track and maybe have a 'treat' day x weeks down the line.

    The tablets do not understand good and bad fats so olive oil etc is out of the question

    only cook with frylight and drink plenty of water

    How much do you have to lose?

    Good Luck

    and if you need any further advice please just post back x

    PS: no side effects if you eat right

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      I need to lose around 30kilos.

      There really is no let-up at all, then! I'm going to give it my best shot, but I have a feeling that it's going to be too much extra work for me to be checking every little thing I eat and preparing separate meals for myself. I don't have enough hours in the day as it is sad

      Any idea if anti-diarrhea medicines have any effect? And any advice for low-fat foods for easy, portable snacks?

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      30kg will be off in no time. That's the thing with these tablets you DO have to read the back of packets otherwise you get the side effects. For work i usually make up rice/cous cous/ with salad and quorn i don't eat meat anymore but add meat if you wish i would also suggest using your leftovers from the night before obviously a low fat meal.

      No cheese apart from laughing cow lightest tastes like a plastic triangle

      There are snacks you can have but they have to be within the rules

      mullerlights rice cakes tyvitas with a low fat topping

      if you go to my profile my posts will come up with meal/snack ideas

      You don't need to make seperate meals if you don't want to my husband basically eats the same as me apart from a few things. there is a lot of things you can actually eat but thought you couldn't

      You want to take immodium? doubt that would stop the side effects and your not allowed to take tablets that cause constipation with these

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    I have only been using it for a few days, I rushed out and brought panty liners like a mad a woman ,in fear of a  little accidentredface, but I have to say touch wood nothing awful has happened in that sense. my  toilet habit is normal, but I am following a low fat plan.

    I have experienced some belly cramps as if I need to go but nothing else so far. 

    So I would advice when ever possible try and stick to a low fat plan to help provent any accidents and help you loose weight. Good luck hun xx


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    It is a daunting process but trust me and @britneyspears when we say it is amazing what you can actually eat and how you will not suffer any side effects if you keep to the fat rule!

    Dont get me wrong i am new to this as well but focus on what you can eat rather than what you cant and you will suprise yourself! Good luck biggrin xx

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    Hi junipertree I am currently in the same situation about to start Orlistat just clearing everything remotely fatty and sugary out of the house (infact I am probably going to put 4kg on prior to starting them!!!) I also have a job that makes it difficult to follow a diet I am a nurse we have no set breaks and I sometimes I don't know what time I am getting home plus I can't just run to the bathroom!!! Still I really want to try and follow a low fat plan and hopefully see some results I think that will encourage me to carry on. Do keep us updated with your progress I think supporting each other can be a great help.....Good Luck xx 
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    What I decided to do was to wait until the 12th to start taking Orlistat, as I'm working 60+hours with 4 kids up until then and I need to have the option to just grab something quick to eat until then. I'll have only one child after the 11th, so it'll be much easier to plan my food and eat well.

    I've been scouring the shelves at the supermarket checking what snacks I'll be able to have and there are a few dried fruits and flavoured ricecake/cracker type foods that we can eat, so I'm happy about that.

    But I suppose the stress and inconvenience will be worth it if the pills work for me the way they seem to work for most of the people on here. I'm glad I found this place, though, because I wasn't really given any advice beyond 'eat healthily and avoid fatty foods and you won't get the side-effects' - no warning at all that 'fatty foods' meant healthy fats too! Especially considering that on the advice of the gynaecologist I've replaced my morning toast with eggs or yoghurt, so it would only have taken one healthy breakfast to mess me up!

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