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Hi over past 12 months have been having loads of palpitations and erratic heartbeats, last visit to A&E on Tuesday, heart was going from my normal 72 to 108 within seconds and I could feel constant banging in chest over the weekend.  Had blood work, ECG, chest X ray all normal. Doctor said she thinks it may be my thyroid and whilst waiting for results have been given 40mg propranolol per day to slow heartbeat.  I am also being sent for 24 hour heart monitor.  My question is will it make my heartbeat too slow, I already feel whoozy with heart racing so am a bit concerned to be taking this.  No explanation was given apart from that it will not hurt me, take it for 2 weeks and see what happens. I read the leaflet and actually cut the pill in half because it does say for thyroid related problems 10mg - 40mg 2 - 3 times per day so wanted to start on the low side.  You know what it is like, I took the pill 30 mins ago and am sitting here waiting for something to happen, especially after reading the problems with stomach as I suffer badly with GERD.  Any advice greatly appreciated. 

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    Hi there, I've been on it for almost a year and have never had stomach problems, so don't go into it expecting that said effect.

    Is it possible the erratic heart rate and palpitations could be anxiety? I know that I have those side effects when I'm having a panic attack.

    The propranolol doesn't slow the heat rate drastically, just a little. You really should feel nothing after you take it other than a little calmer and more relaxed. I wouldn't expect your heart rate to drop too much.

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    Hi young at heart 1

    First off, don't be concerned . Propanolol is one of the less aggressive beta blockers and generally has fewer side effects than others.

    It will slow your heart rate, which is what it's supposed to do. But like other such compounds it reduce the heart's demand for improves efficiency in this respect.

    Beta blockers also reduce the effect of adrenaline. This is why they're often prescribed for anxiety.

    I've been taking the slow release version of propanolol (half beta prograne) at 80mg per day for a month now. It has the same active ingredient but lasts for 24 hours.

    My heart rate varies from 46 to 52/ minute at present.

    All I found is that the pills make me feel tired but not too badly. I also found at the start that I was getting dizziness from standing up too fast (orthostatic hypotension). This is easily accommodated...all it takes is a little forethought.

    Remember, the pills will control your heart and nothing drastic will happen.

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      Hi, have now taken 2 with no side effects. Checked heart rate this morning, usual resting is 72 - 77 but was 62 - 68 which is just enough to stop the constant feeling I had of heart pounding. Will watch out for the dizziness, although did have a slight tingle in right hand when walking about. So far so good. Have a good day.
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    I am currently going thru exactly what you are going thru. I also get palpitations and axiety attacks and all my test are normal. (Ekg, thyroid, chest xray) i am currently awaiting the results for my 2d-echo test. I also suffer badly from gerd but ive learned to avoid food that trigger it and eat little so it doesnt affect me that much. I wanted to know, do u get chest pain too? I get chest pain randomly throughout the day and sometimes its scary because i feel the pain at my left chest, almost feels like a heart attack but not. And do u also get random body pains?
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      Hi sorry to hear you are suffering too. I have had this going for over 12 months now and have had so many tests, all negative that I am at a loss to know what is going on. I have zero heart disease, bloods excellent, x rays all clear, ecg's all clear. I am 56 and female and not an anxious person, so this is not anxiety. Imagine sitting down calmly reading a book when out of nowhere your heart jumps, making you cough, then you get a pain in your left armpit and stabbing pains all across chest, then your heart beats like crazy and all you can hear is banging in your chest and ears. I then go all whoozy and have reduced sensation in hands and arms, this can last a couple of days or just a few minutes. It is driving me nuts and I have been to A&E 3 times now convinced I was having a heart attack. Now waiting for 24 hour monitor, last week A&E doctor could feel heart racing and said it could be thyroid, but last time they said this the test was negative. I was then passed to another doctor, who basically said "sometmes there is no explanation for what it happening, it just happens", which is ok if it was not related to the one body part I really need to work nicely. With regards to body pains, yes I get them too especially in left armpit and across top of chest. I also get a bad headache when heart racing and lots of dizziness. I am only taking 20mg propanalol daily as too scared to get hooked, resting rate now between 62 - 88 which is still a lot higher than my usual 72. Will let you know what 24 hour monitor reveals. Take care
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