New to sertraline, in need of advice please! :)

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Heyyy, finally went to my doctor today about my anxiety! Its gotten to the stage where I am having such bad panic attacks I'm nearly passing out and end up lay on the floor sad earlier last year I had hypnotherapy and used herbal remedies but over the last few months it's just escalated and I feel like I've lost myself sad my doc has given me sertraline 50mg to try out but after reading the side effects I'm so scared!!! My jobs demanding and I'm on the edge already without getting any worse. And with regards to driving the box says it'll effect my reactions? Getting really worked up about taking these and some advice would be wonderfulllllll.


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    Hi Laura,

    You may start to feel a lot worse when you start these. These made me a lot worse before I got even better.

    RE: driving, My reactions weren't really impaired or effected... But they may do to others.

    All anti-depressants have side effects, I moved to Sertraline after a few weeks on Fluoextine, Fluoextine really did not go down too well with me, Had every side effect.

    I guess really it depends on the person, I've had some side effects, and a lot of discussions here I've seen people that get a lot worse before they get better.

    Try and get some time off, relax, do some things that make you happy, try some new things.

    It helps a lot with someone around you most of the time.

    I've had issues with depression and anxiety, so my side effects may vary to yours.

    After being on them for 2 months +, I can feel a little change. Not a big one, but it's improved a lot.

    These things take time, and there's no miraculous cure within a day (believe me, I wish there was).

    I hope you find yourself again soon.

    you'll find a lot of useful info on these forums smile

    Things do get better...

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    Can you get a week off? Or even a Mon/Tues and start on a Friday?

    The side effects aren't great at the beginning, but the worst is over in the first 2 weeks. The first 3 days you will most likely find hard but it was on & off after that for me .

    Like someone else said, try and spend time with someone supportive. Distraction was the best thing for me initially. I have a great family who were happy for me to just sit within their company & force me on dog walks etc.

    I don't think I drove for the first 3 days but it didn't effect my driving at all. Actually I liked driving as it was a distraction and I felt safe!

    Sertraline was life changing for me and I am very pleased I went through the initial crap time to get back to 'me'!

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    Thank you for the great advice guys!!

    It's just scary feeling so lost, and thinking about it now I should have asked the doctor more questions! Haha

    Good idea about getting some time off, I think I could get a long weekendthen start them then and see how I go smile any recommendations on the best time to take it?

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      I took mine in the morning - that worked for me.

      Good luck hun! Feel free to ask any more questions :-)

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      You could try getting something to help if you get side effects.... perhaps diazepam or propranolol..
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      I didn't personally think diazepam was helpful but only to sedate, plus very addictive stuff.

      Having supportive people around me helped much more.

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      Absolutely correct about the diazepam, very addictive but for some it's really helped. True also that having people around that care and support you at time when you feel so down is a great comfort 😃
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    I liked having diazepam there incase I needed it, but decided not to mix. I knew it was there if I needed sleep or had horrible thoughts tho.

    As said above, family & support is the best way!

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    As hard as it can be, you to try and give it as lil mind as you can,the more you think about being down the more you will feel it. be with people you enjoy being with. Do things that you enjoy doing and surround yourself with good things. 
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    Do not read side affects, not a good idea with any drug, as you could imagine you have everything.  I have been on Sertraline for over 18 years now, never had any serious side affects, other than in the first few weeks.  Once it settles in you have no side affects and a better life, so stick with this.  Do not worry re driving as it would take a lot of medication fo affect your reactions.  Calm down, take the medication but please stick with it for at least five weeks, by then things will have sorted themselves out.
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    Hi Laura,

    I'm in week four of taking Setraline. You are very welcome to read my other three posts. I went ''detailed mad'' on there about this medication for the soul purpose of educating people who are just starting, because i was just as afraid in the beginning and could't really find answers anywhere.

    Getting some time off work is a GREAT idea, even if its just the first three days. You must also know that some people experience NONE of the side effects, like really none of them. Lucky folks lol!!! I experienced quite a few, But in my fourth week they were almost completely gone and i'm without a doubt feeling the benefits of Setraline so it was all worth it for me.

    I have a friend who gave me advice that i never took, she suggested that i take one half of the pill early in the morning, and the other half three hours before bedtime. So its 25mg in the morning and 25mg three hours before bedtime. Just for the few days so you can introduce your system slowly to this medication.

    You may have side effects or you may not, everyone is different. So take a few days off and test it. Please keep us posted on how you're doing. And please reed my posts, i think they will be very helpful to you, goodluck and much love,xxx

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    Thank you so much everyone, you've all been so helpful!

    I've managed to get the weekend and Monday off so I will have at least the 3 days to adjust smile

    I wish I'd never read the side effects to be honest haha

    The doctor didn't give me anything to help with the side effects so I'm just relaying on support and hoping they won't be too bad! Fingers crossed!

    ChristineRoss I will deffo check out your posts, thank you! smile

    Once I start I will stick with it, determined now that I won't be beaten!

    And I shall keep you all posted smile

    Thank you again everyone xxx

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