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Hi everyone!!! Hope your all well and doing better. I've been doing pretty good, thankfully.

I did go to VRT today and the therapist has released me as I'm doing better and have progressed very good she said, I'm feeling 90% better on most days. Knock on wood. I hope it continues. I've been doing the VRT everuday, taking 400mgs of nagnisium daily, started in sudafed daily coz if congestion but it's helping to, testing when I have off days not getting anxious so much, when it gets started in the bad side I take a half a Xanax instead of driving myself crazy. I'm doing good I think.

I started a new VRT exercise today coz the store isles and looking side to side still coz dizziness, so she started me on the letter on the wall and walk toward it looking side to side then walk backward looking side to side, well as usual first time doing it and feeling dizzy. It's odd isn't it how when starting a new exercise the dizziness comes back for a few days. You guys noticed this with your new exercises?

She also told me to continue the exercises for months if not oermenantly to keep this from coming back and that is what I'm doing.

I thought all these foods could cause this to get worse but I've added chocolate back in and seem ok so far. I thought about it and I never had anything from food before so I don't think it will start happening out of know where, the migraine part yea but not food. Of course I'll pay attention to the foods and if I find it does anything I'll stop that food. I think a lot of mine is stress and anxiety, I know when I'm stressed or anxious I feel it.

It's nice after 4 months of VRT that things are better, I'll take it. It's been really rainy here for the last week and I've noticed before the storms the dizziness starts but after the storm it gets better. Guess weather can mess with some people

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    Hi patty I'm glad you are getting better did they find out what was causing you to be dizzy. Can I ask what exercises are you doing x

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      I was diagnosed with MAV And slight MDds. I've had it for 13 months. I started V RT about four months ago. I started with the first exercise which was standing in a corner facing out from the wall with my hands down my side and my feet about 3 inches apart I wouldn't have to close my eyes and stand there for two minutes and each week I would put my feet closer together until they were finally together and be able to stand there with my eyes closed for two minutes. Then I started the gaze stabilization exercises sitting in a chair looking at a letter on the wall I would put a letter on a Post-it note and stick it to the wall and I had to do those slowly I would look at the letter I move my head from side to side for about one minute and each week I would go up to 20 seconds and as I went up each week it would add more times that I would do it like for 100 and as I went up each week it would add more times that I would do it, The goal was to get to two minutes going side to side and doing 180 repetitions, but after doing the first set for one minute going side to side then I would do another minute going up-and-down focusing on the letter and the goal is to get to two minutes again doing 180 repetitions up-and-down so you would do a total of four minutes by the time tou got to the goal. Then I started standing in the corner again facing outward closing my eyes but my feet are normal distance and turning my head to the right for three seconds back to the front for three seconds to the lab for three seconds and doing at least 10 of those three times a day. Then I did the gaze stabilization standing up focusing on the letter on the wall again had going side to side for one minute and going up and 22nd intervals per week reaching the goal of 180 a minute also when I finish the one minute so I decide doing one minute up-and-down with the same goal. I did these exercises three times a day every day now I've started the new exercise with the letter on the wall standing about five steps back from the wall walking towards The wall looking side to side and then walking backwards looking side to side. I just started those and I'm having a little bit of dizziness afterword but I will keep going until I reach 10 repetitions each time and the dizziness will slow down and come to a stop. I also had to deal with my anxiety that was causing I saw psychologist for that and that is helped the anxiety is down to about 5% per episode.

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    Hi patty thanks for getting back in touch glad you got are getting better try them exercises. Did the magnesium help you with the dizziness
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      I can't say if the magnisium help the dizzienss, but its helped my anxiety and my sleep, which I believe contributes to the dizziness, so I guess it has.  

      I think my bigest problem was not excepting that it was MAV, I kepted thinking they where wrong, until I would notice when I moved my head to much I got dizzy, bending forward to much I got dizzy, and mostly when I took the amitriptyline for about a week and it stopped it, but I had a reaction so had to stop med.  But the ENT said taking the meds is really the only test for MAV and since it stopped everything that proves it is MAV.  So at this point i had to accept it and thats when things started to change.  I still have dizzy days but they are more managable without the worry and fear.

      What diagnoses have you gotten?  What are your symptoms?

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      Hi patty sorry I did not back to you. They say I've got vestibular neuronitis I have trouble turning my head to the left I lose my balance I feel like I'm walking on sponge. If I go in supermarket I feel weird I do not like people round me. When I seen the ENT he said I've got a weak balance system. When I do the exercises my vision at the sides gets blurred does that happen to you? I also feel like the walls move up and down

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