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Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anyone could answer a couple of questions for me.

Is fizzy juice allowed? i notice there isn't any fat in irn bru or diet coke.

Also if your diet isn't high in fat - will it still work?

I am struggling to lose about a stone & half of baby weight and have been given orlistat to try and get me back to normal. I have joined curves aswell smile

Does anyone know how to work out the fat content? eg if I have a bowl of special k with semi skimmed milk roughly how much fat would be in it?

I must confess - the side effects do worry me - I am in a shared office at work altho I only do 3 days per week now.......

Thanks so much


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    Welcome :D

    Yeh fizzy juice is allowed (diet).I know everyone says waters better but i hate water haha.I stick to diet juice :D

    Your supposed to stick to a low fat diet but your diet has to have some fat in it so as the pills can work.

    Curves will be good :D I was gonna join that but i was too embarrassed.Well Done :D

    I don't know how to work out the fat content.Usually i just look at the labels and it should tell you.You can have up to 15g of fat per meal.

    Think the side effects worry everyone,lol! A few people on here have had no side effects.Hopefully your one of the lucky ones :D

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    Hi Clare, thanks smile Curves is great - its only 1/2 an hours work out and they recommend 3 times a week. I wouldnt worry about being embarrassed - i have found that no-one really pays u any attention - prob all in the same boat!! There are lots of different shapes and sizes of women - the biggest \"loser\" in my place has lost 29 1/2 inches of fat from her body :D

    Good luck


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    Soz - just wanted to ask again, but how do u cope at work??
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    Just fart away to your hearts content :lol:

    I'm pretty lucky as havent had many side effects!

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    My birthday is June 28! smile

    Diet pop is fine but make sure you drink plenty of water too so you don't get dehydrated - the pills can give you headaches unless you drink too much water (and sometimes even then!)

    I haven't had any side effects really tummy-wise, just a few evil farts at nighttime sometimes, so work has been fine, thank god!

    As for the cereal, I'm not sure about with semi skimmed, but if you switch to skimmed milk, Special K has next to no fat in it, I usually skip the pill when I eat cereal with less than 1g fat (which is a lot of kelloggs- rice crispies, frosties, etc). It's also good because if I'm feeling peckish on an evening I'll have a bowl of cereal.

    Good luck!!

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    well only been on a week but only side effect is change in colour of stool and they seem more smelly. Everyone is different. I am eating three times as much as i would normally but of some good stuff. I must have be suited to it i am on blue ones and lost 10lb. I suppose if you have too much fat in your diet then the symptoms would increase too little fat and it wouldnt work properly. i must admit my new doctor has been great not only given me the tablets when ya ring the drug compnay they give you great advice call backs and diarys etc. I have also been ref for exercise so have intructor too everything there up to me now.
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    Hi and welcome.

    I tend not to drink alot of fizzy juice coz it gives me gas.....something which I don`t need more of... :lol: :lol:

    Eat low fat, but watch out that u don`t make the mistake of eating low fat but high sugar/calories.

    I know! Pain in the butt! What can we eat huh? Thank god for muller lites... :D

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    Hey 28JuneMummy

    Welcome to the Gang :!:

    You need to have a look at the fat content on the box of cereal as for the semi-skimmed milk I worked that out to 1g per 60ml.

    Here are a few tips:-

    1. Look to eat [u:48c6ffaef8]50g[/u:48c6ffaef8] of fat a day split EQUALLY into 3 meals of roughly [u:48c6ffaef8]15g [/u:48c6ffaef8]each.

    2. When I say 15g of fat this is [u:48c6ffaef8]TOTAL FAT[/u:48c6ffaef8](good and bad) So aim for roughly 10g or more GOOD fat but no more than 5g BAD fat per meal.

    3. If you have a meal with [u:48c6ffaef8]NO FAT[/u:48c6ffaef8]then u don't need to take the pill!

    4. If you feel peckish between meals at all have some fruit or veg to fill you up or a fat free yogurt etc.

    5. Drink PLENTY of water this keeps you hydrated (headaches can be a side effect at first) and helps you lose weight anyway!

    6. You only have the Orange Oil incidents when you REALLY OVERDO the BAD fat. If you follow the guidelines you should be fine.

    7. You can expect headaches, bloatedness, WICKED FARTS, changes in the colour and texture of your poo, but also remember that everyone's different and you may not have many side effects at all.

    8. If you're worried or have a question don't hesitate to ask and we will try to help. If we can't we will advise you to see your GP. We are very sensible like that.

    So there you have it :!: Have a read through the posts even if they don't help they'll make you laugh!!

    TTFN Kal :wink: [/b]

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