Newbie here, can't quite pin down this uncomfy sensation...anyone know?

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Hey ya'll.

So the past few days or weeks have been odd and not so comfortable for me.

I was out of the country visiting family for over a month and noticed my loose/watery stools about 2 weeks ago. At first I didn't think much of them as they didn't cause any discomfort but they've been strange ever since Saturday. 

It started out when the area below the arch of rib cage/upper abdomen/esophagus? area started getting tight. It would tighten but I wouldn't really feel bloated or anything. Id arch my butt up on the floor to pass some gas but it wouldn't do too much to relieve it. And then I started noticing a general sense of weakness in my abdomen and bouts of constipation. Like I'll take my morning poop followed by another watery one few hours later, but I'll always left with this sense of unease and weakness after taking them, as if reliving my bowels actually made it feel worse...

And ever since this week started I've been getting this sour/sometimes warm feeling around my anus whenever I feel like I have something in or some sensation in my rectum. I'll feel constipated and not be able to let anything out. Last night I had a bowl of chili before bed after getting off my flight but today in the afternoon after going to the gym, I let it out at home...and even though it wasn't diarrhea, it felt kinda spicy and it had a pretty dark brown shade to match it. I get this pretty uncomfy feeling left in my gut or rectum or wherever else I can't seem to pinpoint and I needa walk around or go outside for air to ease it. My lower back started aching too but this was also after going to the gym for the first time in months. 

I'm also going to mention I had some vitamin deficiences going on for 2 months before all this. It started with B12 and my neuropathy so I supp'd that but since 3 weeks ago I've been getting bouts of lightheadedness, shortness of breath, mild heat flashes, dry/blurry eyes and mouth. I tested for CBC and I'm not anameic nor low on iron/b12/folate, but I was deficient in VitD so I assumed Id be deficient in other vits as well so I'm taking a multi. 

Anyone have had this peculiar condition? I feel like it could've been a SIBO thats been dormant for months and not starting wreak havoc on my gut. That or I'm led to believe I'm celiac or have some sort of IBD...

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    Other symptoms: Gut "nipping" on certain small sections of my abdomen. Not painful but random and kinda annoying. 

    Loss of appetite, especially when dizzy/short of breath or rectum/behind is feeling off. 

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    NOTE: Oh, and I notice my food goes through too fast maybe. They're usually like a cross between a type 2 and type 5 stool when they're not a type 6 diarrhea. I had a burrito bowl this 8 hours ago before the gym and I just sat on the toilet to ease my bowels, let loose 3 fluffy pieces with bits of corn and beans inside. 

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    Sounds like IBS.  Does your pain move all over your stomach?  Avoid spicy foods.  Ask your doctor for a fecal calprotectin stool test to rule out IBD and a blood test for celiac.  Maybe ask for a colonoscopy as well.
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      Yeah it does. It started with the diaphragm, then some gut grumbling/discomfort, and then some rectum discomfort..and ofc the little "pinches" all over the gut. 

      Yeah definitely requesting a calprotectin and occult blood test tommorrow and the celiac as well. 

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    Turns out I couldn't even properly digest the Chipotle I had for lunch. I had 2 bouts of letting it out through squatting, pieces had corn and beans in them. Usually I have no problem with Chipotle. I'm going to try a greens/fruits/meats/fish exclusive diet for now

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    Hi paul 02113

    You should completely change your diet to gluten free, lacto free, dairy free, sugar free, caffeine free. Also have chicken, fish, lamb and some beef. Plenty of veggies and fruit. No spicey foods or fried, plenty of water, no fizzy drinks or too much citrus fruits. Stop eating late at night eat before 9pm.

    Regarding B12 you can now get B12 and folate transdermal patches (sent private message as to where to get them. They have been researched with good results). I dont think they are in pharmacies yet......bedt wishes.....

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      Hey there. Yeah Im trying to implement all those dietary changes right now.
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    Sounds pretty similar to symptoms of ibs.

    I agree with lower posts, change of diet.

    Worked a treat for me.

    If symptoms persist after change of diet then you probably do have ibs in which case

    You can either use diet to treat or there are medications for the condition to lower the symptoms, although there is no cure it can be maintained to a copable level.

    Good luck

    (Try probiotics, good for the gut! Gives back the good bactiria needed for healthy digestion. I can't have dairy but I can have activia yougarts)

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      If symptoms sieze after change of diet, sorry typo.
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      Yeah thats what im implementing right now. Something like fodmap or paleo.

      Ive heard divisive things about antibiotics and probiotics, guess i gotta do some experimenting with them.

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      Hi paul02113

      Adding probiotics to your new diet is an absolute must!...bon appetite and best wishes on your journey to a healthy eating regime and digestive system...

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    It may have simply been due to traveling. It doesn't honestly sound anything serious to me unless you have cramping or blood in your stool (of course, I'm not a doctor). You could try by starting a probiotic to try to get your gut settled out. The diarrhea could be causing the feeling in your rectum. I have a few internal hemorrhoids that act up and can feel like that when they're irritated. I've also gotten sort of a "sore" gut feeling after having a bowel movement. It usually doesn't last long. The symptoms you listed at the end do sound like a vitamin D deficiency. You didn't get a prescription for that? Taking a multivitamin will not get your levels up alone. I'm taking 50,000IU/wk for 12 weeks to get my levels up before I can just start taking a low dose of vitamin D every day. It doesn't sound like your bowels are moving TOO fast either. Some things can go through you faster than others, but when I eat beets I can see red in my stool anywhere from 4 hours to 24 hours afterwards.

    I hope you start feeling better soon and it obviously never hurts to get some tests done if you can!

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      Welli l was feeling symptoms of b12 deficiency long before i went out of country, so im guessing there musta been something going on in my guts before that i wasnt aware of. Eating out of country mighta exacerbated the problem. Is a warm kinda burning sensation on my abdomen usual as well?

      Ill try to extra supp D as well then.


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      Oh, and is it normal to feel odd gut sensations even when my bowels are empty or close to empty? 
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      I'm sure it is. There is probably always some sort of food in there and your gut it always moving.

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      What if I find myself feeling WORSE a little after I poop? I tend to get that in the mornings/early afternoons. 
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      Ask your doctor about feeling worse after you have a bowel movement.  Maybe ask for a colonoscopy.
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      Im currently visiting a free clinic over in the US right now. Registration period is november, but only activates in january. it'll be a hassle waiting so long, unless i fork over thousands for a colonoscopy right now. 

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      Can you get an appointment put forward if your symptoms are bad?  
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      I don't think they make exceptions. You can get coverage if you qualify for one several conditions(unexpected child, laid off, etc.) Unfortunately bad symptoms isn't one of them. I actually have crappy coverage, but there still are doctors in my network. Its just they only cover portions of consultation and those big tests will probably cost me lots. 

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      This is most unfortunate.  In Britain, although our NHS is in serious debt and we have had some dreadful incidents, it is free at the point of use.  When I was waiting for my NHS ultrasound. I was told I could bring my appointment forward if my pain got worse.  My pain stayed stable but I was so worried I was unable to face the wait so I went private.  It was expensive but it was worth it to calm my anxiety.

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