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Hi everyone.. I woke up a week ago, sat up in bed, and the whole room started spinning.  One week later I have been to the GP who thinks it's Vertigo (Benign Positional), and put me on a med called Sirc.  I also went yesterday to a physiotherapist who specializes in dizziness.  He did some tests to confirm that he also thinks it's positional vertigo, and then performed the Epley Maneuver.  Since this procedure yesterday I have progressively gotten WORSE!!!  Used to be that I was mostly just dizzy if I moved my head into specific positions or stood up or lay down. I now can't even walk to the bathroom without feeling unstable and like I might fall over.I called the physio and they said it's not uncommon for someone to feel worse after the Epley before they feel better.  But in all the reading I am doing everyone talks about it going away pretty much right away.  Can anyone shed any light on this for me?  I am SOOO frustrated at being so incapacitated.  

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    Unfortunately BPPV can take an awfully long time to settle. I was diagnosed in December 2012 and I'm still not right. I had the epley done and it dif help the rotational vertigo but the background wooziness and off balance feeling persists.

    It does get easier and some people are totally better in a few weeks but it can persist.

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    The epleys will make u feel worse it's designed to move the crystals (bppv) into the right canal u have learnt very quickly not to move your head in certain positions which only hinders the problem

    I have been dizzy 6.5 yrs now and will never not be I have BPPV and vestibular damage once the damage is done its done but 3 years of physio and the best consultant I on a good day will be 90% dizzy free but next day can be so off balanced and dizzy.

    Some people just have an epley and they are done some like me and others are not.

    My advice to u is keep moving when u r dizzy keep going so the brain can re learn the new signals and also get plenty of sleep.

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    Hi Brett

    Unfortunately, in some cases, it can take some time to see an improvement. You will need to persevere as a week is not a very long time to see an improvement.

    I was referred to a physio after I collapsed with migrainous vertigo five years ago (I've had migraine since childhood and vertigo on and off for twenty years) and it took several months before I improved enough to go out alone.  I was unable to drive for two years.

    In saying this, don't dispair. Every case is different and it may be that your dizziness is caused by an infection that once cleared up will improve your condition.

    All the best


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    Brett, there IS one YouTube demonstration of the Epley Maneuver which says it works after one use. Not so at all. My Physical Therapist says that doesn't happen. He also said--very important--you have to know for sure which is the "bad ear", because that determines in which direction you do the maneuver (he gave me sheet with drawings.). Otherwise it makes it worse. But it sounds like you have had this a very short time. Some on this site have had it a year! Not to scare you, but I've certainly never heard of it going away in a few weeks.

    Also, when you actually do the maneuver it can make you wildly dizzy. So you may feel worse. But I've had my vertigo for 6 weeks, and I've been doing the Epley every single day, sometimes twice. I am much much better---it's almost gone. Maybe I'm just lucky.

    By the way, I get migraine headaches and that is often usual with vertigo. I was given meclazine for the dizziness and nausea; it's like

    Dramamine but you don't get sleepy. It doesn't cure you, but it does ease the symptons. I never heard of Sirc, but I'm going to look it up.

    My doc and physical therapist said it DOES go away. But everyone's time is different. Hope yours is shorter. People on this site HAVE said that have anxiety attacks; I haven't experienced that.

    I know this is a pain, but have you thought of going to another doctor who specializes in ear--otalaryncologist --that's a head and neck doc but there are some who specialize in the ear. The point is, it's important to get the right diagnosis.  


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    Sorry to hear about your vertigo issues. Know you are not a lone in your feelings of frustration. We all feel that way especially in the beginning.  Positional vertigo can take some time adjusting too. The fact that the Epley did affect your vertigo is a good indicator that your diagnosis is on the right track though. If it wasn't, you probably wouldn't have noticed any difference (good or bad). For some it takes several days/weeks of preforming the Epley before the crystals move away and you begin to feel relief. The medicine for the dizziness is often helpful getting through this stage but hopefully won't always be needed since it won’t actually cure your vertigo. Did your doctor explain any of this to you at all or tell you that you may need to repeat the Epley? Some people do get relief right away, and it really just depends on where the ear crystals are at the time and how lodged they have become. Also don't be surprised in your vertigo goes away and then comes back. Hopefully this won't be your case but a lot of us experience it off and on the rest of our lives. Finding what works for you will help you get through episodes. Some just preform the Epley each time others use different devices. My friend for example uses a pillow designed to help with bppv and finds it very affective. Hopefully yours won’t be ongoing though!     
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